Monday, November 19, 2018

'Marching to Zion' Official Full Film AKA ישראל, נשק לי בתחת


  1. Check out:

    Some info about this apparently ´head-&-heart-less´ musician. Although I like his tune ´Happy´.

    ´In 1990, Pharrell started out in the heavily fortified military-intelligence complex city of Virginia Beach, Virginia with a R&B group called, the Neptunes. He is half Philipino.

    Virginia Beach is home to the large Naval Air Station Oceano that support the Navy’s Atlantic and Pacific Fleet Force of Strike-Fighter Aircraft & Joint/Inter-Agency Operations.´

    Ph. has a tattoo in his neck of an angelic figure with a magic stick that symbolizes the awakening of the Kundalini. Nothing wrong with that. It is only how you direct it.

    MTV the whole music industry like the Beatles & Stones etc. in the past is in the hands of satanic jews. Like Hollywood.

    In the Bible there is a saying ascribed to JC, who had clear connections to India*: New Wine in New Bags. When Kundalini rises it means Creative Fire within is awakened in a more refined tuning of the physical instrument of the artist, in this case.

    If the energy is directed in supporting satanic Talmudistan it will return as a boomerang.

    Bob D. who performs without any problem in Isra-el- . Read the text of his song the Neighbourhood Bully.

    Former Pink Floyd Maestro Roger Waters:

    ´American musicians who support boycotting Israel over the issue of Palestinian rights are terrified to speak out for fear their careers will be destroyed, according to Roger Waters.´

    Bob D. is too old, Ph. Williams might still see through his tunnel vision....

    * 3 Wise Men from the East, in the Bible there is a verse that says JC studied the works of his Father from 11-30. In India there are historical accounts on this. Between 30-33 mission Palestine. The Koran says that JC did not die on the cross, but his disciples brought him to a Happy Valley. In Kashmir there is a village called Pahalgam (meaning place of the shepherd). He lived in that area till the age112. (All of this is of course not approved by the satanic Vatican.)

    See: today´s desertpeace where this text goes through the ´zandloper´.

    CIA O

  2. Anything about the Hebrews has no connection to the evil imposters now. They learned Jewish black magic, that's the connection.

  3. And well, it's thanksgiving time. Time to remember the indigenous who had evil descend down upon them and feel bad for turkeys! Just like I feel bad for sheep on the Islamic EID!


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