Thursday, November 29, 2018

Monty Python Comedy "Life of Brian" Predicted the Current Trans Nuttiness 40 Years Ago

My favorite Python movie is about their quest for the Holy Grail, but this scene where Eric Idle tells his fellow freedom fighters he wants to be a woman is funny, all the more so if you compare it to the real madness of what's taking place these days, with men getting their balls and most of their penis chopped off, then a gaping slash is made in their body that continues to fester the rest of their life. Plus, they have to use what they call dilators--which are just fancy-looking dildos--and place them in their wound for so many hours each week to prevent the wounded skin, muscle, etc from growing back together, which is what the body always does to a wound; it tries to heal it and make it grow back together.
Doesn't matter to me if some dude wants to get his pecker and nuts chopped off, or that suicide rates for trans are WAY higher than the norm or that it's just plain fucking stupid to mutilate a body that way. It's their body, if they want to let surgeons play Dr. Frankenstein, fine with me, I just don't like having to pay for this madness, which is what's going on in the US military and in some federal prisons.

This movie got the Bible Thumpers madder than hell, they pestered the movie studio so much, they finally withdrew funding and no other studio wanted to touch what was being called a blasphemous movie.

"My Sweet Lord" writer and singer--the one who belonged to that group, forget their name;)--George Harrison finally mortgaged his mansion to fund the movie, not knowing if it was going to be a hit or he was going to be in debt up to his tremolo tail-piece.

Eric Idle plays 'Stan,' who states during a meeting of the "People's Front of Judea" that he wanted part of their manifesto to give rights to men to become women, and off we go into Monty Python land.

"Symbolic of his struggle against reality"


  1. I do think that there are genuine cases of the mind being hard-wired as one gender while the body is anatomically the other gender (note that there are still only 2 genders ... anomalies do not get classified as a new gender -- it is simply a birth defect). And for those people, I do feel quite a bit of sympathy. But, I still don't think that body mutilation is acceptable in those cases. No real doctor would ever agree to take a healthy body and mutilate it when the outcome leads to a decline in health -- both physical and mental.

    However, I think the social engineering aspect that we are seeing (with kids as young as pre-K being exposed to drag queens) is resulting in a lot of cases where the problem is not a birth defect but mental illness. It has become trendy to reject gender ... so a lot of kids who would have been emo or goth kids in the past, now are jumping on the rainbow train to tranny town. If we allow those kids to choose their gender, we are setting up an entire generation of people with some serious mental illness.

    I have a distant cousin who thought he wanted to be a woman, too. He cut off his own genitals in a hotel room one night. Luckily surgeons were able to reattach his penis and he did eventually get married and have kids (which is a tragedy because he is still very mentally ill). His grandfather was schizophrenic and spent most of his adult life in a mental institution. When his mother told the therapist this when he first decided he wanted to be a woman -- she was told that she just needed to accept that he was trans. They chalked up her questioning to homophobia. But, clearly, she just knew that her child was mentally ill.

    The percentage of actual trans individuals is incredibly small. Latest figures show that the percentages are climbing and rather than consider that it could be caused by social media influence or indoctrination of young children -- "scientists" say they must have "underestimated" the percentages previously. That is because it isn't politically correct to come to any other conclusions.

    What really confuses me in all of this is how so many liberals (and I am a liberal myself -- so I'm not bashing them just because they are liberal) can say that gender is a social construct and there is no difference between men and women in one breath and then turn around and say that we have to let people change their gender because they were "born that way". Those two things cannot both be true. Either men and women are innately different -- or it is not a matter of life and death that trans people get gender reassignment because they can receive counseling to help them see that there is no difference between men and women so the external genitalia that you have is not important. You cannot believe both at the same time. It is logically inconsistent.

    1. the idea is to have nothings. "putting it in a box" another nothing in a box allows a little more free killing to go on, the nothing eradicating the something. I did a couple of short "parsley" skits on that theme.

  2. Travestites, in a way, are funny. Once beginning 80´s sitting in the DOK (De Odeon Kelder) in Amsterdam a then famous gay night club- situated in the cellar, souterrain of the Odeon building ´, I lived for 2 years in a former hotel next door- where some of the US founders talked with Dutch bankers who lend them pecunia to fight the Brits- I heard a drunk trava saying to the customer: Oh honey, I love you so much, but I am too expensive.

    Trannies are a diff. trip, all together, a drama indeed. Good that you show this xl ordinary piece of sexual education Greg.

    Not too many will know what happens in the satanic circles with private parts.

    In my esp xyz files the following close encounters of the 33+ kind came up. Beatrix of the Netherlands who is not at all dna related* to William of Orange who began the Dutch freedom war against the Spanish occupiers in the midst 1500´s- aka Satanic Dirty Tricks (SDT), a nickname I gave her, had the following hobby, which she shared (she may have dropped dead already), with some other higher up satanists.

    A black guy - whom I met 2-3 years ago in Amsterdam, I call him Scooter, for the simple reason that I saw him parking his black scooter somewhere- in my ´inner circle´ now in his beginning 30´s, became a ´page´, a part of the court of SDT. He was in and out of this Orange house during some years, so to speak.

    Through some miraculous way he is back in normal shape now.

    He became what I call a ´voorgehangene´ (someone with something hanging in front), he already had a large apparatus of his own but it got substituted with the dick of a horse.

    I know a white guy - a socalled leather gay - quite well who lived and worked as a salesman in a fashion shop the upper ten area in The Hague, who got also close to SDT.


    Other ´hobbies´ of satanists: during some rites the male satanists swallow an embryo and after a few months the male gives as if birth to a child from his ass.

    In other rites they are jailing the ´soul´ of some (fe)male they have ´sacrificed´ to their diablo entitity in a what they call an artwork, art object.

    It happens in the real movie of life by the satanic apex apes of the ´free& first´ western world.

    *Check out: dna oranje (and use the google translation machine to get a raw sketch)

    Liberal? Global Warming Joker Gore is called by many a ´liberal´.

    Check out:

    He is a Chabad Lubavitch satanist. Check as well the date that this vid got uploaded:

    30 april 2008. It is Walpurgis night/day of the ´Euro´ satanists. It is not only satanica judaica. They work in cahoots.

    CIA O


  3. It still disturbs me when I read Bradly Manning being referred to as Chelsea. I wish the guy was my brother, I would set him straight in that regard. I see nothing positive in coddling someone's ridiculous fantasy. They aren't doing him any favors and they makes themselves look just as ridiculous.


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