Saturday, November 3, 2018

Watch B4 JEWTube Removes it: "The Lobby US/Israel P1 – Al Jazeera Investigations"

Jew Inc tried mightily to get this banned, and far.

Alan Dershowitz demands censorship of Al Jazeera Israel lobby film

Alan Dershowitz is calling for the government of Qatar to censor Al Jazeera’s suppressed film exposing the US Israel lobby.

In a letter on Monday he called for the channel to “reshoot and re-edit” the film before its release to add “pro-Israel commentators.”
"Pro-Israel commentators?" Translation, Pro-Israel propagandists.

What's the matter Israel, scared of the TRUTH that you control the USA getting out to your slaves?

The anti-BDS resolution passed and within hours, Swastikas suddenly appeared on Jew campus buildings? Gee, wonder who did that?

Khazars use all sorts of digital weapons to keep Americans dumded-down so they keep supporting Apartheid Israel, like Radian6.
Radian 6 Overview

What is it good at?

Radian6 provides social media monitoring and analysis, in an automated solution that tracks conversations across different online channels from social media to websites.



  1. greg,

    before i get way off topic, thanks for the work you do.

    maybe you know, has richard edmondson removed his archives from the internet?

  2. just noticed on your site
    after clicking fig trees and vineyards: is coming soon

  3. See gj-comment November 2, 2018 at 4:18 PM at:


    2 November 2018 at 14:13 at:


    Mother Nature responded in sync to the strange nature of the esp encounter with Angela M. in Berlin:

    CIA O

  4. GREG, as you will know darkmoon where I posted quite a lot till december 2013, is a controlled opposition site - at least the way I see it. Or to put the screws on the thumbs of the jews there a little tighter: a hasbara site pur sang.

    If you see the dm Merkel article a few days ago, you see that the Julien Romanovsky comments
    (´under cover´ gj-comments i/h of this very close comrade of mine and all the others, who are all used as agents - victims, but they get more&more victors of ´their´ yidz controllers - by the yidz against me and most of them have from babyboyhood first hand day-to-day experiences with these satanic pedo psycopaths, not only the satanic yidz but some of them the satanic Dutch royals, there are 3 to 5 in my direct ´inner circle´) took a few days moderation digestion.

    Btw it was the very first time that I threw a browse glance through the dm stuff, since 5 years. I have clear esp direct info about the central LD type but I will leave that for now.

    As the quite well known yid slogan goes: to control the opposition, you have to lead it.

    Well, I don´t see this dm site as a leading site. Perhaps in the past for a while when I posted there.

    They have not yet posted other JR-comments. One of them is that I say: Angie (I actually like her behind the controlled robotic person that she is / has to play out) has the blood of all the baby penises on her hands, because she is fanatically furious at the Germans who are opposing circumcision. By the moslims and the yids.

    As far as I know there in no imam sucking the dickies of muslim baby boys. Only the satanic rabbis. With the post traumatic life long twisted mind sets as a result.

    Her being furious about it should have made the objective watcher on the hill curious.

    CIA O

  5. This one i/h of Da Free John a ´fallen´ American Yogi whose Guru is Swami Muktananda.

    Franklin Jones born on the 3rd of november in Nova York.

    I had a strong link with him and with Swami Muktananda.

    It is a JR comment at dm in reaction to ´Gilbert Huntly´ who in the past stated, I take that to be true, was close to Eustace Mullins.

    In Dutch there is the saying soft doctors (healing masters) make stinking wounds. The following txt and its producer will be called by the average white American not healing but stinking, but alas, I don´t write, I read what is written by Paramtama, The Oversoul (a term of British writer Paul Brunton who visited Ramana Maharshi, google both).

    Paramatama is called in the Rig Veda the Author of Creation.

    @ Gilbert Huntly

    Adolf Hitler, called by Eustace Mullins in a indirect way the founding father of Israhell, had a great admiration for the way the ´Euro´ Americans dealt with the Native Americans.

    Hitler has devoured all the books of Karl May.

    His Lebensraum politics - a Greater Germany, his Plan Ost, with the ultimate objective the conquering of Ukrain as the breadbasket for this project- was based on the stealing of the lands of the Native Americans.

    Go West & kill them all (the American Natives) off! Actually a very talmudic policy by the white invading Euro´s.

    The Slavic inhabitants in his Plan Ost should have faced the same fate as the American Natives.

    All this criticism of white Americans (now- perhaps already from 1776- under the yoke of the yidz) of what has become now Israhell is the pot blaming the kettle game.

    I advise (see the jew ass hopkins reaction at JR, most probably a off shoot of whatever...) you to read: Hitler´s American Model by James Whitman

    And of course the Achilles heel is the holohoax taking as uh, is real.

    Here is quite a large (not the whole book) pdf version:

    Last not least: many todays black Americans are directly dna descendants of the Native Americans that C. and other European explorers saw in the Americas. And they are in the process of awakening to their Native American roots.

    So, unfortunately for you, they have not all been wiped out, yet. Did I hear you thinking, Huntly, we will take care of that...?

    And the majority of them don´t live in the few waste land reservations of what has become in the present era the USA. The majority live in the inner cities.

    Advise II: Read the works of Constantine Rafinesque.

    ´The only good Indian is a dead Indian?´ - karma is a boomerang, whether you have guns or not- will make people with mindsets like you land up behind the FEMA fence.

    Don´t worry, not for long : the polyesther coffins of the yids and their unterhorigen are welcoming you wholeheartedly.

    Don´t let it come that far, whatever colour of your skin, Americans. Karma does not have to be a boomerang but can be a lesson.

    CIA O


    (see also gj-comment at:

    Stumbled upon Chris Dorsey today. The vid with his comment is ok. Thank you for posting it.

    Nevertheless after doing more net search-re-search strong doubts about Dorsey arise.

    First of all:

    Dorsey ´dishing´ Dyan Rawson as zionist jew, 11 june 2018. And a y-tube comment on Dorsey (can´t find the actual place now):

    `We've been investigating Chris Dorsey after seeing just how incredibly suspect his behavior has been. Sure enough, it turns out Chris Dorsey is in with AIPAC and has been spotted at AIPAC conferences. He's paid by his Zionists controllers to attack and attempt to discredit those who expose Israel/Zionist control over the system, especially when it comes to 9/11. His real name his Eben Dorsowitz (They just switched Dorsowitz to Dorsey). Apparently, his grandfather worked for the Israeli Mossad in the 1960's through the 90's which explains his ties to the Zionists and Israeli. In the 80's, "Chris" would spend his summers giving guided tours in Israel which is called the "Holy Land Tour". He also worked with a contractor in Israel to help get sweetheart deals from the Israeli government which was paid for by the US taxpayers. He doesn't pay taxes because he's a dual Israeli citizen so he doesn't have to file since government agents don't have to file taxes. You've been warned guys. Steer clear of "Chris Dorsey" aka Eben Dorsowitz. Eben Dorsowitz is a Zionist disinformation shill just as we suspected.´

    The Dorsey-Dawson x-change to me is telling in itself. Surtout, why a light blue sweater when he was in front of the building where the AIPAC conf. was held in 2017. And that the black hat jew was all the time laughing his a. off while D. was reading his stuff.

    At his twitter account one of Dorsey´s crew shows a vid that Europeans are the 12 lost tribes. I don´t buy that either.

    Posted these quite solid sources here at Angirfan, some time ago.

    Everybody knows by now 911sraeldidit!! & the jews in todays Tel Aviv territory are not dna related to the types that lived in that area 2000+ years ago.

    Once in a prison cell for 2 days in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport East I saw a slice of Al Jazeera (in its beginning days). A former CNN reporter (quite questionable, now working for the new Al Jazeera) was showing a documentary with a interview with a Palestinian.

    The Palestinian said, of course I am homesick after 60 years. Just like the people in Israel were homesick after 2000 years.....

    Anyway, is todays world waiting for the real Hebrews to arise as the real Chosen Ones of the supreme being of the OT?

    Menothinkso. But it is good that this cultural ID theft comes to light, not in the last place for the real descendants of the real Hebrews.

    CIA O


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