Friday, December 21, 2018

Israel Admits They OWN, Run and Bleed America Dry. And NOw They Want More?

Are their any greedier bastards on the planet?
Ask the constantly under siege Palestinians. But don't ask brainwashed Americans, they'd get all tearful and ask what else can we give to Israel.

And don't believe it's only 38 billion a year. Add in the free 'used' military hardware, all the wars we've fought for those fucks--Iraq and Syria--and the 'loans', which never get paid back, the sweetheart trade deals and the constant Fuck-Proof veto at the UN and the cost is probably closer to 100 billion.

And NEVER forget what they did to US on 9/11.


  1. But that isn't a real article, is it? That is from the Jerusalem Postal, not Jerusalem Post. I mean, it is entirely accurate, but I don't think that Israel actually admitted anything. Unless, of course, this is a case of them having to tell the truth, but doing it in a way that gets dismissed (like a parody account). The cabal do seem to have some requirement that they must tell us the truth and they try to skirt around that with some pretty inventive ways (predictive programming, etc.).

  2. Israel and all its criminal minions are one gigantic criminal empire that is hellbent on raping the entire planet and killing every non-Jew. They aim to plunder all nations, rape all women, steal all the land, all the resources, and then fuck themselves to death until the entire planet is filled with nothing but Jews. Anyone who tries to hold them accountable for their endless crimes is murdered. Anyone who even hints at what they did to Christ, is blasphemed, smeared, besmirched, and sometimes imprisoned and fined. If these creeps aren't stopped, then all the rest of us will deserve the hellfire that is heading our way. What's wrong with us ? Why aren't we out there KILLING these creeps and pricks ? WHY ? Are we too enamored with the poor helpless suffering Jews ? WAKE THE FUCK UP !! It's time for REVENGE, and believe you me, revenge serves a great purpose, and we owe these fuckers total annihilation for the over 200 million white Christians they've murdered in the last 200 years. No more Mr Nice Guy. Get your guns, hide them before they are taken, and get ready to strike. This shit has to end by us killing high profile scum. They'll get the message real fast and scurry off to Israel like lightning, cause they're all cowards. The time is NOW to hold them ALL accountable.

    1. That seems a very un-Christian response. Sure, we could kill them all -- but that would require us to lower ourselves to their level. We would become that which we hate. If the end justifies the means, then what they do to us is justifiable, too, is it not?

      As a Christian, I want to change things -- but I don't want to become a psychopath just to defeat a psychopath. For what good does it do for a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

      We don't actually need to kill them to win. We simply have to awaken enough people so that the spell they have cast over us with their eternal "victimhood" no longer works and we can see them for who they really, truly are. Their power is in the deception. The truth shall make all of us free.

    2. "become that which we hate."
      Are you just a moron, or are you a jew injecting stupidity -- pacifism -- into this website and comment thread?

      * Did the winners in every battle and war in known history "become" their enemies?
      * When we kill every cockroach we can find, do we "become" cockroaches?
      * In the U.S. war against Mexico (so-called "Spanish-American war"), did Americans become Mexicans?

      Your "logic" is illogic.

      We need to exterminate the problem, once and for all. Anything less means that the problem will always always always rise again.

    3. As a Christian, I'm just waiting for the end, as it's told, praying as I'm told to pray and being who I'm told to be.

      Just lay back and watch, people. Help where you can, trust Jesus. Don't get caught up into the gaslighting/propaganda/lies.

  3. Triptique on the jew/SA inhabitants and all other humanimals ter land ter zee of in de lucht.

    Premier Fenetre

    A long thread but good for ´the boxed mind´ to tie itself (up?) with, a prresent

    It is not a claim, that´s why the question mark: ?¿ I mean do you really believe you are alive?¿ At the moment of death, you (everyone) will find out. Talking about higher perspective.

    End of last year, beginning this year I sat almost daily in front of a copy of the Black Madonna of Montserrat in Leida, (near Barcelona), Catalunya.

    What does Leida mean was a hammering thought that came again & again. Later that day I had an appointment at a ajuntamente (communal) office): three African young guys at a desk next to where I was talking to a social señora were explained by the social worker who was talking to them they had to leave if they did not find any work, he said that is the Ley.

    Then-I felt the social señor was in a sort of ´politically correct´ panic. He was talking in French to them and did not know the French word for ley. I only had the audio, was sitting with my back towards the tableau vivant. He must have been desperately grabbing his pocket jap (zak jappanner in Dutch for pocket counter, uh I-pod, to translate ´ley´).

    Le meme (with an accent circonflex)moment I of course knew that the meaning of ley had to be law.

    But I could not turn my back to tell. Or did not want to, cause I was fed up with my being stuck in L....

    I never ever sat in so many churches in my life: After whitewashing the image of JC the Vatican gave the Spanish conquistadores the green light to kill off the American Natives.

    The anti-Vatican AngloSaxon Protestants and some other Europeans like the Dutch followed suit.

    The socalled Kalergi Plan (demographic genocide by the jews of the white Western world) is ´the Empire strikes back´.

    That is what you mean of course, good to see that.

    Not only in Europe, also- even more so- in the US (& Canada).

    Btw, crypto jew Donald Strumpf is at best a European immigrant to what is now called the USA.

    to be cntd

  4. Deuxieme Fenetre

    Catch this short vid of Bobby Fischer after his jailtime by the jews (and the japs):

    1.53 The US is a illegitimate country just like Israel. It has no right to exist. The US belongs to the American Indian. It is actually a shame to be an American. Everybody living there is actually a usurper, a invader, is taking part in this crime....

    And then the cream on the cake: Fischer most probably will not have known these 2 moves of Paramatma´s Maya:

    First, the origin of the word Red Skin. More than a year or so ago I found that it is steno for the scalp of a Native American that the white European invader immigrant settler see Palestine, had to show to get his bounty. (But Fischer is aware of the bloody theft and kill off fields that were going on)

    Second: The majority of todays black Americans mostly living in the US inner cities- where they have the privilege of drinking irradiated milk causing cancer and many other poisonous blanket methods by the white Europeans- are direct dna descendants of the Native Americans before marrano Chris C. set foot on their land. (DNA tests to prove so) are of course manipulated.

    Sag mir wo die Redskins sind, wo sind sie geblieben? (vrij naar Marlene Diettrich)

    Happy X-mas (Oregon Osho via satanist Leon Du Pont – yes of that family - occult bookshop Au Bout du Monde, Singel 313 Amsterdam 1976 in a book: X=ten mas=month, the tenth month of the Vedic Calendar is decembre(dix, talk to the RotSchild Macron ass he talks English, he is real, in his embracing the French rainbow Worldchampion team, but he gives a jodefooi (in Dutch a jews tip) but he jews the French (also the ´new´ ones) down.

    No tax for the uber rich satanic rot schild circle interieure des voleurs.

    But the payday for them will come. They want me come back in january to les Pays Bas for the renewal of my post box adress, wrote me a mail that I was too early with a request for renewal of the pb adress, although I played by teir rules.

    The Sky is my accent circonflex.

    I know what I went through and saw beginning this year in Hotel Ibis au centre de Paris after the Leida holidays and so did the French (?) Intell. who faded out (or fainted) in a hotel elevator after they tried not excactly to make my day, with their sophisticated equipment.

    to be cntd

  5. They don´t seem to learn, all their poison / frequency (silent weapons) aimed at me, praying with their ´holy´ talmud above their hooknosed head and wishing me dead etc. have been echoed inmediato and resulted in their being dumped in their mass family graves.

    I´ll send them this today by e-mail.

    JC was a darkskinned prophet from the East. Why is hammering on that important, whites & the fake jews aka Kazars have hijacked JC & the Hebrews of 2000 orbits of Terra around the Sun ago, and collectively have a holier than thou attitude towards the rest of humanity.

    Happy Christ Mas. Elevatori Satori. After all we are all just ordinary men (PiFlo).

    Think I have to pee & poo / me, myself & I, all 3 to the loo.

    ´Always good to see it in higher perspective. And have more hope, and optimism, against all odds.´

    Hope and optimism may be ok, but are deadly in the end.

    The optimist,trekt wel op die mist (the fog will naturally disappear), the pessimist wat een pest die mist, what a pest that fog).

    Righteous people, all of them, will be equiped to fight back and beat the obscuras in the light.

    Kremlin crypto jew P. today is also heading the department of whitewashing the Russian Icons.

    Black Egypt, KMT is also killed in lasveGaschambers of the whites (Arab modernday Egyptians) and the fake jews (kazars).

    11 11 22
    22 22 44
    33 33 66
    Life path 1 (22/7 1952)

    Naguib & Nasser (´darkies´) removed Faroek (whitie), a fake pharao whose light did not burn anymore- that day. All happens by Divine Design, macro-micro-cosmic Leylines.

    Macron, never heard of him.

    I got aquainted (via via, later on) with another numerological system based on the I Ching (always call it the I Changing).

    7 May 2017 the day M. had his moment supreme in the Rat Symphony of the of course controlled elections.

    Google: I Ching hexagram 49 (read then line 1 of the James Korne or the Cafe au Soul version)

    The first line, dynamic, shows its subject as if he were bound with the skin of a yellow ox.

    The Economist run by the RotSchild bosses of Macron qui joue macro, don´t know this and it can never be manipuleted with.

    All is numbered, when their time is up they (also them j. money printers / debtslaveholders) get their wages. By MA-them-MA.

    S/He = I.T. (Immanent + Transcendent) is in charge of all the ever changing temporal forms that appear-dis-appear in the Bliss Space That S/He = I.T. IS.

    (Selbverstandlich thanks to Angry und Bacon)

    CIA O

  6. GREG,

    CIA O

  7. Hey Greggie !! Wanted to wish you and yours a fucking Merry CHRISTmas, Bro.
    Thankyou for all you do to keep the fucking truth alive, man !!
    Every fucking pusbag vomit-faced, fecal-breathed Jew POS can suck my dick, and Christ will have his way with these lyin' blabbermouthing no-mind, soul-sucking cockroaches when each one of them suffocates on his last breath, and Christ is there to tear his soul apart forever. FUCK YOU ALL, JEWS !!
    Anyway, Bro. Keep up the good work in 2019 !!
    Love ya !!

    1. I guess that's one way to put it. I'm not so sure I approve of the language, though.

    2. If you read the Bible, you'll see that, all throughout, God is against Israel when they are evil. But He always restores when they see and repent.

      I think Nuttyahoo should go ahead and read a real Bible. He probably wouldn't understand it though. What a douchebag. What a weenie.

    3. ...what an evil rectum in alignment with the U.S., whose entire government is dual citizenship with Israel. Hence the USrael moniker.

      I can't even. I CAN'T EVEN.

    4. My government IS the traitor. Everyone I'm supposed to trust ARE the liars.

      It's a terrible thing. It's a terrible thing.

    5. Please let me be clear. Media, government, corporations, are liars. Our history that we teach our children, that we've been taught, is a lie. We are lied to from birth to death. I really hate that.

      Just imagine, if there is a God of truth and goodness, justice and salvation and forgiveness, would He love that? Of course, you folks don't believe. But I want you to.

    6. Oh right. The propaganda says that it's Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

      Oops. I meant Russia, Russia, Russia.

      Stop it assholes. I am so sick of people lying to my face. I've done BEEN sick of it.

    7. Is the U.S. apparent enough yet? ISRAEL?

    8. I try to boycott Israel wherever I can. What a shit-hole.

    9. I guess I'm through for now. Ugh.

    10. Thanks again for letting me speak. I am highly pissed, fyi.

  8. Hitler could have saved the world! He had that right but forgot his history lessons. NOBODY has ever beat up the russians! If he would have saved the world starting in the other direction, I guarandamtee we would be in much better shape today

  9. Stupid Hitler had to jump on the russians! Bright boy, we need you now but leave the Russian people alone you can do the world good


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