Sunday, December 2, 2018

Israeli CRIME MINSTER Nuttyahoo to be Indicted?

About the best news from Occupied Palestine in awhile. The question to ask, who is the next fake Jew Khazar that will take that SOB's place? Another carbon-copy, more than willing to kill off the indigenous Palestinians so the thieves can finish stealing all of Palestine.
Israeli Police recommend bribery charges against Netanyahu & wife

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara should be indicted for bribery in a corruption scandal known as Case 4000, the Israel Police have recommended.

A statement issued on Sunday says that Netanyahu is suspected of accepting bribes in exchange for policy decisions that favored Shaul Elovitch, a media mogul that controlled Israel’s largest telecom firm, Bezeq, and the Walla News website...

If true, this would constitute bribery, as Netanyahu worked to set government policies that would increase monetary profits in exchange for positive media coverage. Police recommended that charges also be brought against Elovitch and his wife. It’s now up to the State Prosecutor’s Office to decide whether charges will be filed.

Firing back, the prime minister said he fervently denied the charges – but wasn’t surprised that the police had decided to go public with them...

The police have already urged that charges be brought against Netanyahu in two other cases: In Case 1000, Netanyahu is suspected of unlawfully accepting gifts from billionaire friends, while in Case 2000, the prime minister is believed to have negotiated favorable press coverage with the owner of the popular Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth (Ynet).

Both Netanyahu and his wife have been hounded by corruption allegations. In June, Bibi was questioned by investigators about possible graft and corruption that led to the purchase of three Dolphin-class submarines and four Sa’ar 6-class corvettes from German shipbuilding company ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.

A week later, his wife was indicted for allegedly misusing a total of 350,000 shekels (around US$96,000) in official funds to order extravagant meals at their official residence in Jerusalem between 2010 and 2013.
Once a thief and liar..........


  1. Check out:

    (+ gj- comments on Santa Claus)

    Btw, there is a medicine against- is there a medicine against talmud beasts like Meilikovsky aka Netanyahu?- the swine flu in Dutch called the crazy cow disease:

    CIA O

  2. hi Greg,

    how dare they?? Those anti-semites....that will be be Israeli police force!

  3. Oh please.....none of the rat bastards EVER get punished. Ever.

    It's the sheep that get slaughtered, NEVER the wolves.

  4. Going public must mean that there are some serious charges that they are trying to hide, so they air a few minor ones -- graft and corruption -- since every politician everywhere is guilty of that, so it hides the real evil he has done. If, and that is a big if, Nutty-yahoo, ever does actually get indicted I can't imagine he will get anything more than a slap on the wrist. I think it is more likely that Nutty-yahoo has served his purpose. Now that people are waking up to the reality of the evil empire of Israel, they will need to get a leader who can pretend to offer a "kinder, gentler" face for Israel. This is about PR damage control for Israel. They can blame their ills on Nutty-yahoo and pretend that they aren't as evil as they really are. Much like the US elections. One party pushes their brand of evil until people have enough and then you switch to a different flavor of evil until people reach their breaking point for that brand of evil, too. Meanwhile, both sides are marching us straight into the abyss. Since Israel controls the US elections -- I'm sure they employ the same techniques in their own politics.

    The only time a Jew takes the fall is when it benefits other Jews. Bernie Madoff had to take the fall so that the Jewish "victims" of his ponzi scheme could get federal reimbursement as "victim's" compensation. Harvey Weinstein had to take the fall to make it seem like the sexual exploitation in Hollywood was all about women being pressured for sex when in reality it is about the rampant pedophilia. Otherwise, they cover up Jewish crimes to protect the reputation of the Jewish people. If they expose a crime, you can bet it is only because they need to distract from something far, far worse.


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