Wednesday, December 19, 2018

“There will not be peace here until: All the Jews leave the land of Israel. "

I agree wholeheartedly. Except this was written by Israeli CRIME MINISTER Betty Nuttyahoo's son, Yair. Is he on drugs or is it just the TRUTH coming out?
The son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has defended a controversial Facebook post in which he implied that all Muslims should leave the Jewish state. The initial post prompted backlash on social media.

“There will not be peace here until: 1. All the Jews leave the land of Israel. 2. All the Muslims leave the land of Israel. I hope it's the second,” Yair Netanyahu wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

The 27-year-old defended his thoughts on Saturday, asking why the same people who have been calling to “evacuate the settlers and establish a Palestinian state free of Jews” were angered by his words.

Many on social media were indeed unimpressed with the younger Netanyahu's Facebook posts, with one person instead stating that he should be the one to leave Israel.

I prefer Yair Netanyahu to leave Israel. This place will be less polluted...
— orit perlov (@oritperlov)
Is it guilt for all the murders of the indigenous Palestinians, or is it just the truth from someone feeling what's been done to the native Palestinians is wrong, terribly wrong?


  1. Yah, like this could ever happen. We're talking about the nastiest people ever created in the history of the human genome. Did you forget Moshe's quote ? . . . "We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under."

  2. I think he is pissed that his dad is getting in trouble (and his protected status as the leader's son is in danger) so he has decided that if they aren't going to drop the issues with his dad -- he's going to embarrass Israel with his public rantings. And I'm sure they know he could say much, much worse. This is probably his own personal Samson option.

    This is a temper tantrum of a spoiled brat. Since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I'm sure he doesn't have a conscience. I'm not sure any Jew does, to be honest. Some give lip service to doing what is right, I suppose -- but I'm cynical enough to think that it is just so that people will say, "but it isn't all Jews ...". And even if they are sincere, the percentage of decent Jews is so small that they can't effect any change at all in their community. So, the vast majority really are like Nutty-yahoo and his morally bankrupt son.

  3. Sieg Heil, Greg, jawohl.

    Will be posted I suppose by Angirfan (I always had the associatio with Angriff, u know about Ein Nazi fahrt nach Palestine un erzahlt davon incl. the nazi-zio douchecoin)

    I had to be last week in Les Pays Bas for affaires pecuniaires. So had to leave Spain the only country as far as I know (?) in Europe whose govt. is openly anti Tel Aviv.

    France was all black, passed through the night. Not a single gilet jaune.


    De vallende scheermesjes, the falling Gillettes aka guillotines (in the metaphoric modus):

    Lilian Thuram number 15, one of the leading players in the 1998 French World Champion team.

    Lilian Thuram (here as writer) in vid (at 00.34)

    In the same vid at 6.44:

    Secret Jesuit Book by Abbe Proyart published in Paris, 1776 (!) : on the Loango, Kagoyo &

    In Dutch there is a saying (football) soccer is war. An old line of mine is: Voetbal is godsdienst. Soccer is religion.

    Don´t like the word soccer, too close to sucker. I take ´soccer´ very seriously.

    Thuram is not happy that what is called ´racism´ is still going strong in the European stadiums. The banana throwing and the jungle sounds are no reason to stop a match for a referee but as soon as the gassings sounds are produced then the referee blows the match off.

    (at least in Holland in case of Ajax the Amsterdam club, Ajax supporters have the yell: Joden, joden, jews, jews.....)

    Perhaps LT should point to the fact that JC – not a very unknown player in the West- who is said to have been born the 25th december was a very melanated man:

    Check out the sam hita & gj comments at:

    Happy X-mas & New Year, Lilian and everyone else.

    LT is only not yet jew wise. I just read that Sarkozy had offered him a position in his cabinet to become Secretary of Diversity. LT refused, but certainly not on jew-wise grounds.

    CIA O

  4. Mine is not a very popular opinion but all one has to do is read the Bible to find out what all will happen. There is no mystery. It's bad.

  5. ...or good, whichever side you're on.

  6. I seem to remember saying this before.


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