Sunday, July 21, 2019

Trump: Crypto-Jew or Full-Blooded Yid?

Epstein's Arrest: Rothschild vs Trump by sarz

Rothschild vs Trump. Will the new entry in the updated Jewish bible be Book of Trump or Book of Rothschild? The Adelsons are praying for the Book of Trump.

"Would it be too much to pray for a day when the Bible gets a 'Book of Trump', much like it has a 'Book of Esther' celebrating the deliverance of the Jews from ancient Persia?" [Miriam] Adelson asked. (Jerusalem Post)

While some who should know better, such as Philip Weiss, have taken the chief influence of the Adelsons over Trump to be the power of the shekel, probably Trump's main driver is his urge to be a Jewish hero of biblical proportions. The Adelsons have not bought him. They revere him. Heritage Americans, the Deplorables, are not even on the page.
It makes one's understanding of Trump much less of a puzzle if one sees him as a crypto-Jew and, by the very means of that disguise, a big big-shot of the Jews--like his father, Frederick CHRIST Trump Sr. The evidence in brief: Frederick Christ Trump Jr, Donald's elder brother who drank himself to death at an early age, joined a Jewish fraternity at Lehigh University, Sigma Alpha Mu, and told his fellow Sammies that, despite the name, his father was actually a German Jew. Some of those Sammies told the New York Times about it, as we learn from the Times background report on the new president concerning his late brother. Wikipedia mentions that the father, despite the outward goyishness was widely taken to be a Jew because of his large benefactions to Jewish religious education in Israel and his wide support of Jewish charities. Both husband and wife died in Jewish nursing homes. This sounds like a would-be macher (yiddish for big mover and shaker) crypto-Jew.
To what end the deception? Some sort of service to Jews that would be better done in goy-guise. Such as heading a manifestly anti-Jewish organization, such as the KKK, as several other crypto-Jews have done. During the campaign an NYT clipping from the 20s surfaced for a day, and was then quickly dropped by the supposedly hostile Jewish-controlled media. Frederick Trump, the head of the Bayside KKK, had been arrested in a riot. A Jew so dedicated to his tribe would marry a Jew or have his wife convert (as did Lord Rothschild's mother). The Trump family documentation has been fiddled with, as one would expect from the "Christ" middle name. Trump's mother's records have been so muddied that some accounts lead to the inference that she was her own mother. Two of Trump's wives and possibly all three are Jews. Four of Trump's children and possibly all five were born Jews, and all the adult ones have Jewish partners. Most notable is Ivanka, who pretended to convert to marry Kushner--to keep heritage Americans fooled about Trump...
That Trump is a Jew in disguise who intensely identifies with that role clarifies otherwise puzzling policies. From day one Trump has done all he can for Jews, be it the Goldman Sachs appointments or war, kinetic or via sanctions, on Syria, Hezbollah and Iran. Meantime, the Wall is nowhere to be seen. It's not five-dimensional chess. It's the work of someone who intensely identifies as a Jew and pretends to be a heritage American while continuing his family tradition of service to Jews through crypsis.
Ultra-Zionism is now, I foresee, turning out to be Trump's undoing. To be the biggest macher in Jew history Trump is doing everything he can think of for Israel. The embassy move. Golan. The Deal of the Century. Threats of sanctions against the whole world. And he's working at the obliteration of Iran.
From the beginning of his campaign Trump has aimed for the destruction of Israel's main remaining enemy, Iran, and the road he has chosen is opposition to the nuclear treaty with that country. The Rothschilds, through their Economist mouthpiece, have repeatedly strenuously opposed Trump scrapping the accord. What they feared has now come to pass and they are really, really annoyed. There is a battle shaping up that pits globalist finance against Likudnik Zionism...
Trump is a great con man, selling pipe dreams to Americans while looking out for Israel, as his recent tweet prove. Have you heard Trumpstein say anything about the tens and tens of thousands Midwest farmers who are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, due to the massive flooding?

I haven't, he's too damned busy kissing Israeli ass.

And who in the Hell voted for that failed slumlord, Jared Kushner and his airhead wife?

Thursday, July 18, 2019

President Trump: The Best POTUS Israel ever Had

Just a quick check of some of his recent tweets showing where Zion Don's heart lay, in Israel:
Obviously written by someone who really loves his country....Israel.

Say Zion Don, since you love America so much, which branch of the service did you serve in? I'll go first. Did my time with the 82nd Airborne. What's that you say? You were a DRAFT DODGER?

So STFU about people expressing their RIGHT to Free Speech, something you didn't think enough about to serve your nation...unless it was with the IDF.

Monday, July 15, 2019

A Look at Israel's Good Buds, ISIS AKA Israeli Secret Intelligence Services

Let's first look at their beginning...
And some of the help they got from real anti-Semites, the kind that kill TRUE Semites, and not the Jew impostors living on stolen land in Occupied Palestine.
Now on to the picture gallery:Israel is arming ISIS? With all that free loot they either get or steal from the West.
Thank G-d someone is watching out for those poor ME Jews Khazars.
When you're G-d's Chosen, any horrific crime is allowed. Don't protest, unless you want to be labeled anti-Semitic.
Gotta get those ISIS head choppers and liver eaters back in action!
It's bad form to attack your paymaster, arms procurer and medical aid stations.
One for the road. ISIS's favorite 3 Stooges outfit, the CIA/Mossad/MI6 backed White Helmets during a comedy routine in Idlib, Syria. Good luck finding or even hearing the Russian/Syrian jets they're babbling about.

Israel must be getting desperate to let BS like this to pose as news.

Friday, July 12, 2019

The BIGGEST Holocau$t ™ Lie Ever?

Fuck, this bozo takes the Olympic gold for bullshit.

Welcome Yari Rappaport to the Holocau$t ™ Hall of Lies!
Wow, his Mummy succumbed to the ZyCON-B gas, but little Yari, freshly born and very susceptible to anything and everything, survived? Why didn't Der Evil Nazis grab the baby by his ankles and bash his skull against the floor, like other holoHOAX liars have proclaimed?

Wait a minute. If it was a death camp, why didn't the Nasty Nazis leave little Yari in the Gassem Chamber until he died?

Naturally, this unbelievable piece of BS happened at Ausshitz.

While we're talking about the biggest FRAUD of the 20th Century, lets take a look back at some other Holocau$t ™ LIES:
Q. Who was the biggest mass murderer of the 20th Century?

A. It wasn't Hitler, but one of Stalin's Jews, Genrikh Yagoda. OMG, Auntie Semite will be PO to read this.
We cannot know with certainty the number of deaths Cheka was responsible for in its various manifestations, but the number is surely at least 20 million, including victims of the forced collectivization, the hunger, large purges, expulsions, banishments, executions, and mass death at Gulags.

And us, the Jews? An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name "Genrikh Yagoda," the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU's deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin's collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system...

Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity. We'll mention just one more: Leonid Reichman, head of the NKVD's special department and the organization's chief interrogator, who was a particularly cruel sadist.

In 1934, according to published statistics, 38.5 percent of those holding the most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses were of Jewish origin.
20 million Russians murdered, mostly Christians, who refused to bow down to the Commie Jews of Stalin.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Epstein's Black Book? Where are the Bodies, Jeffrey?

The bodies I'm referring to are the 12-15 yo boys and girls who were kidnapped, spirited away to Epstein's "Orgy Island" and forced to perform as sex slaves to the wealthy elite. They would've been sexually abused, raped repeatedly and plied with alcohol and drugs to keep them performing for those degenerates. A mind can only take so much of that abuse before it snaps and a person ceases to function.
Jeffrey Epstein, a Billionaire Friend of Presidents Trump & Clinton, Arrested for Sex Trafficking

AMY GOODMAN: Can you describe what happened to you when you wrote this piece? You spoke to Jeffrey Epstein.

VICKY WARD: Oh, multiple times, multiple times. He wheeled out, you know, all these important bankers and academics and financiers to talk to me. And he would call me all the time, but he would threaten me. He would talk, and then he would say, “You know, Vicky, if I don’t like this piece, you know, something is going to happen to your unborn children.” You know, and that way, he would sort of say it, you know, lightly, but I went to the magazine’s general counsel at the time.
At that point, the underage sex slaves would have become a liability. Too much at risk to just take them back to their home town, drop them off with a handful of shekels and let them go. Epstein and his handlers knew they couldn't take a chance on one of their sex slaves going to the police, finding an honest cop and a competent DA, who would start asking questions. Those kids that became a liability had to be silenced....permanently.

Jeffrey Epstein Shared a Plane With Dyncorp, State Department, and the CIA

So Jeffery, where are the bodies? On your Orgy Island or on the seafloor near your island of depravity?
“Jane Doe” alleges Donald Trump sexually assaulted her on four separate occasions, culminating in a rape when she was just 13 at Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion.

Her evidence?

Three sworn declarations – from her, a friend she confided in at the time, AND one of Epstein’s recruiters.
Epstein had to have some serious help, the kind one gets from so-called intelligence agencies, like the CIA or Mossad. Or maybe a newly sworn in POTUS?
So Jeffery, where are the bodies? On your Orgy Island or on the seafloor near your island of depravity? Were they sacrificed in your Orgy Island Temple/Synagogue?
Obviously some escaped, or else us peasants would have never known about this sordid shit.

So Jeffery, where are the bodies? On your Orgy Island or on the seafloor near your island of depravity?
Fire on Epstein Island Was it to destroy more evidence as found July 2005. . .dentist cart, disturbing photos

According to a 2006 court filing, there were 2 hidden cameras found in Epstein's home.

Also reported by various sources that in 2015, a lawsuit was filed by Jane Doe No. 3,” believed to be the now-married Giuffre, alleged that Epstein had secretly recording orgies involving his prominent friends and underage girls. The purpose being what is called the honeypot, to blackmail and control prominent people in government and various institutions throughout the world.
Only two cameras?

Why does the cynic in me think this is related to Israel wanting to keep American troops tied down in the ME, protecting ISIS in Syria and pimping the WH to bomb Iran?

So Jeffery, where are the bodies? On your Orgy Island or on the seafloor near your island of depravity?
Holocaust junkies demand their lies be made mandatory teaching in US schools? Sorry Jew Inc, you've played that card too many times, it won't work to cover this stench.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Hollywood: Pedophile Capitol of the USA?

That Hollywood appears to be the Pedophile Capitol of the USA is nothing new. This goes back decades and decades, to the time of the infamous 'Casting Couch,' which pervert studio owners would use to bed down starlets-male and female--with promises of fame and fortune, only to be discarded.

There's the lurid stories around Harvey Weinstein and how for decades, police departments from LA to NYC to London got reports of this mega-perv, but looked the other way. Until recently, and now 'ol Harv is looking at some kind of fine, instead of doing hard time. And even the 44 million he's been ordered to pay will not come out of Harvey's pocket, but by insurance policies. 14 million of that goes to the lawyers.
Think of that next time your home owners insurance goes up.

Why, put a Chosen One in jail for raping a Gentile? Whoever heard of such nonsense?

Then there's the Netflix 'cartoon' that explicitly shows kid genitalia and masturbation. Just the kind of wholesome fare kids should see. And Hollywood is also onboard with messing up kid's minds with insane tales of the trans-genderism BS, which should get people tossed in jail for child abuse, but hey, as long as the kids are Gentiles...
More recently, there's the story of former Disney star Bella Thorne, who states she started getting raped at Disney at the tender age of six.
“The transition [from child actress to adult], it’s definitely tough,” she said. “But it is what it is. It’s like anything in my life. If you read the book, you’ll be like, ‘Haha, transitioning from Disney to this was f***ing easy.’ I don’t know — getting molested for f***ing from when you’re 6 to you’re 14 seems like way harder circumstances.”

This is not the first time that someone has shined a light on the dark side of the Hollywood entertainment industry. Rolling Stone reported in April that Corey Feldman is leading his own crusade against pedophilia, which he claims is the biggest problem in the Los Angeles neighborhood.

I applaud Bella for her honesty, but not sure she knows the forces working against her to shut her up...permanently.

Who was in charge of Disney Studios during that time?

Bob Iger...and the answer is YES. Iger was born to a Jewish family in New York City.

What is it about these degenerates that many have the same thing in common? That they are Jews?

Did some kind of sexual trauma happen to them when they were children?

Does this raping of our children never stop?
In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Disney cuts scene from Toy Story 2

Disney has cut a scene from its new DVD and online streaming releases of the animated film Toy Story 2 that satirizes a common Hollywood trope – a powerful male using the promise of career advancement for sexual motives.

The deleted clip features a male character named “Stinky Pete” making sexually suggestive remarks to two Barbie dolls, promising to land them roles in the series’ next installment – Toy Story 3.
Guess not. It's damn near impossible to break the child rape habit of these degenerates.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Who is Pushing the USA to Fight Endless Wars?

Hmm, this could be a toughie to answer. Gonna have to do some digging on this subject!
Maybe Hillary knows?

But let's not just blame that witch, Herr Drumpf's donor lists look the same.

"Drain that Swamp," Donnie!"

Trump pardoned five megabanks for rampant fraud and corruption, which is notable because of the amount of money he owes them.
Thank G-d Israel is on our side!
Why doesn't the MS let us know who's really behind these wars?

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Video: "If I were a Rothschild"

Penguin, Rothschild and Zionist Pressure

Most English speakers are familiar with the musical, Fiddler on the Roof, but not many Brits or Americans are aware that in Hebrew and in Yiddish the musical’s greatest hit ‘If I were a Rich Man’ is sung “If I were a Rothschild.”
Some pretty woke comments at the video.
Framus 1634
This family is the most evil thing on this planet. Greed beyond belief. Just goes to show there is no justice as they are all complete criminals.

Alan Brown
This is where your Taxes utimately end Keeping these pigs in luxury whilst Cammeron snatches Benefits from the poor and vunerable.Google Bank of England and you will see this firm owns the biggest shares and that of EVERY other Central Banks.Filth.

There are only 5 nations not run by Central banks, and the US is not one of them.
Let's see if these Rothschilds want to sing along!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Gangsters to Palestine: "Give us What we Want or We'll STEAL What you Have"

That's the slumlord Kushner's Deal of the Century, which was DOA this past weekend, despite Jew Inc thinking that tossing some shekels at the feet of the indigenous Palestinians would make up for 7+ decades of the Khazarian invasion, replace the native Palestinians dignity and the Juden ethnic cleansing with the Jew G-d, Mammon.

Here's what the Israelis brought to Palestine in 1948, in a Palestinian village called Deir Yassin, brutally murdering hundreds of defenseless Palestinians, in gruesome ways. And using one of the Jew's Khazarians favorite tactics, rape.
And it's what they'll do again, anything to get their way.
Jared Kushner's 'deal of the century' fails to materialise in Bahrain

In the end, the ‘deal of the century’ was little more than a failed clearance sale. Jared Kushner arrived in Bahrain touting bedrock principles at untenable discounts. And even then there were no buyers...

In Ramallah and Gaza, there was very little interest in the Trump administration’s proposals. Even in Israel, local media played down the gathering and did nothing to ramp up expectations.
(Guess it's just a coincidence that Bahrain, which played host to this miscarriage, has a very large US Navy presence and some very weird shit going on there, including suicide of someone who didn't want to play with the boys?)

That's why the cynic in me thinks that Drumpf posing at the Korean DMZ with Kim was anudder of his carny tricks, designed to get the focus off Jared's belly flop. After all, it's what Iwanta would want Daddy to do, protect his gangster son-in-law.

Now that Israeli's Khazarians can't get want they want thru bribes--using someone's else money--they'll just go in like the murderous gangsters they are and steal the rest of Palestine.

As for this 'archeological' discovery under and near the al Aqsa mosque, it's most likely anudder Jew trick. There's been reports coming out for years of the Khazarians tunneling under that mosque, looking for what doesn't exist, proof of Das Juden being there 3,000 years ago, and they know they won't find what's not there, but all it takes is some gimmickry, planting under the mosque 'proof' of their ancestors being around that time, so they can screech to the world that this is our place, now you indigenous Palestinians need to GTFO.

After all, if you have the JEW York Times and G-d on your side, you can't do wrong. And don't forget to put some Rabbis on the payroll. Receive a pension for a part-time job? Sweet.
Or maybe the Khazarians will do what comes naturally; Just blow the place up, like they almost did in 1984. After all, who will speak up in defense of the native Palestinians? No one, unless they want to get slimed with false accusations of being a neo-Nazi anti-Semite.

Want to see what greed, arrogance and hatred looks like? Just look at this face of US Ambassador to David Friedman, who was declared unqualified for that post by five former US Ambassadors to Khazaria. But hey, he's a Zionist Jew, that's all that counts, right Goyim? Mmm, do I detect a whiff of anti-Semitism? Then clap loudly your approval Gentile dogs, or we'll knock down some more skyscrapers.
US envoy smashes wall dug under Palestinian homes in E. Jerusalem with SLEDGEHAMMER

Palestinians have fiercely criticized the symbolism behind a US ambassador swinging a sledgehammer as an endorsement of occupation and colonial practices, while the Israelis argue that history and archeology speak for themselves.

Several prominent US figures participated in the unveiling of a 2,000-year-old archeological site known as Pilgrims’ Road, right next to Temple Mount, with Palestinians furious over the idea of Americans hammering beneath their homes in East Jerusalem’s neighborhood of Silwan...

Footage of Ambassador David Friedman symbolically breaking down the final wall, accompanied by Middle East negotiator Jason Greenblatt, was called a “disgrace” to US diplomacy by Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Saeb Erekat, who compared the American delegation to “extremist fanatic Israeli settlers.”

This is not making history .It is a day of infamy and disgrace in the history of American diplomacy . One day the US will say that Friedman and Greenblatt were not American diplomates, they were extremist fanatic Israeli settlers.Who did a lot of damage to US interests and image
— Dr. Saeb Erakat الدكتور صائب عريقات (@ErakatSaeb) June 30, 2019

Meanwhile, Greenblatt hit back at the “ludicrous” accusations, claiming on Twitter that archaeology has proven that Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people: “We can’t ‘Judaize’ what history/archaeology show.”
Now Friedman is trying to claim that it was a cardboard wall that he smashed and not bricks. Fucking liars will always lie.

"Remember Chaim, always aim for their stomach. It's a very painful death and too good for those Palestinians."
"Moshe, if you don't have your US supplied M-16 handy, just gang up on some defenseless Paleo women and terrorize them!"
"If you have your assault rifle, you know what to do."
Who will speak for the Palestinians? One Jew stubs his toe and it makes the evening news. But Palestinians get butchered and have their land stolen on a daily basis, but you won't see that on ZNN.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

What was Sleazebag Kushner Doing Meeting Privately with Mexico's Foreign Secretary?

"Boss King, what you want me to do? And when are you coming over again so we can sleep in my bed?!?!"
Kushner is president in all but title, which is dangerous, since the slippery SOB can slither around, meeting heads of state, bankers and gangsters to implement whatever plan his boss, Israeli CRIME MINISTER Nuttyahoo wants done.

The following article lays out the fact that Kushner is basically running his own foreign policy, independent of the State Dept and the Pentagon. But only gives 5 paragraphs to that fact, even though that greasy huckster is breaking a number of laws, but he's a Jew, so Shhh! we don't talk about Jews breaking the law, why that would be anti-Semitic.

The other FIFTY paragraphs blather on about Orange Man bad, Russia interfered in the 2016 elections--which has been proved to be a lie and that Orange Man bad...I agree with their synopsis of Drumpf, but to deliberately ignore Kushner breaking laws speaks volumes about who is really in control of the USG.

Trump Wants to “Bring back the Death Penalty for Anti-Semites”... and let Ivanka preside over the executions?
'It makes me angry’: Tillerson vents frustrations with Kushner

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was having dinner at a local restaurant when the owner came over to tell him that Mexico’s foreign secretary happened to be eating at the same place. Would he like to say hello?

Tillerson was surprised, he recently recounted to congressional aides, because he hadn’t been informed that his Mexican counterpart, Luis Videgaray Caso, was in Washington, D.C. He walked over to find that Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, was dining with the foreign diplomat.

“I could see the color go out of the face of the foreign secretary of Mexico as I very — I smiled big, and I said: ‘Welcome to Washington,’” Tillerson told the staffers. “And I said: ‘I don’t want to interrupt what y’all are doing.’ I said: ‘Give me a call next time you’re coming to town.’ And I left it at that.” According to Tillerson, the Mexican diplomat had thought that the secretary of State was fully aware that he was meeting with Kushner. Apparently, however, Kushner hadn’t looped in the State Department.

...Kushner, who has pitched in on everything from U.S. trade policy with Mexico to trying to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, would sometimes travel abroad and not coordinate with the U.S. Embassy where he was going. Tillerson said he raised such issues with Kushner, who promised to “do better.”

“Not much changed,” Tillerson said.
So what was that meeting with Mexico's Foreign Secretary about? Was Kushner working out some kind of plan to keep the Sinoala drug cartel happy while pocketing some shekels at the same time?

Were they working to ensure that a steady stream of immigrants keep heading North to cross into the USA?

Some (((people))) love that idea.

Or maybe Israel wants to repeat its 9/11 FF success, but this time blame Iran, and want to make sure Mexico is onboard and doesn't arrest the Mossad thugs there to blow something up?

Just like the Mossad almost did back in October, 2001:
Bomb in San Lázaro

Were carrying attaché case with explosives and grenades. Carrying guns, were arrested by guards

THERE was uproar in the Chamber of Deputies, provoked by the arrested of two individuals, presumed to be of Israeli origin, who were carrying a high power gun and an attaché case with nine grenades, three magazines with 53 cartridges and C-4 explosives, considered to be highly powerful.

The arrested men who said they were called Salvador Gerson Sunke, of Mexican nationality, and Sar ben Zui, who said he was a colonel of the Israeli special forces, remained in custody for over three hours in the legislature building, during which they said nothing, before they were interviewed by officials of the Public Prosecutor's office (PGR) who removed them from the Legislature Palace, concealed in hoods, and placed them under arrest.

[The article continues on an inside page by saying that the two arrested Israelis were also found to be carrying Pakistani passports]
The Pakistani passports is a nice touch. Trick and lie the US into fighting wars for Israel and Zionism, and at the same time, put the hex on the one nation that has nukes that refuses to kiss Israeli ass, Pakistan.

Whatever that POS was up to, you can damn well bet it was to further his own interest$ and do mucho favors for the nation he's loyal to, Israel, while shitting on the USA at the same time.
Kushner behind Trump’s withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

Donald Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner represents Jewish interests in the United States that basically caused the US president to withdraw Washington from the Iran nuclear agreement, says an American writer and former professor.
E Michael Jones, the current editor of Culture Wars magazine, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Friday while commenting on a statement by former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson who said that Kushner conducted diplomacy without his knowledge when he was in the administration, leading to several embarrassing incidents.

Tillerson, who was fired by Trump in March 2018, recounted the incidents during a testimony last month at the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, according to a transcript of a congressional hearing released on Thursday.
The former top US diplomat and CEO of ExxonMobil described his frustration with Kushner conducting his own diplomacy from the White House, at times without informing the US State Department and the Pentagon.

“This is illegal according to American political system. It violates – I believe – a Logan Act. But in this instance it is going to go unpunished because the part of the story that’s not reported here is Jared Kushner is representing Jewish interests here,” Jones said.

“And no one is allowed to question Jewish interests, if you bring it up you will be called an anti-Semite. There are Jewish interests. It is obvious but no one is allowed to talk about them,” he added.

“So the real significance of the story will be covered over by the mainstream media who were limited to the two areas of insignificance. This of course has direct relevance to Iran because it was Jewish interests that basically caused Donald Trump to abandon the Iran nuclear agreement,” the analyst noted.

“It’s Jewish interests that are once again pushing America into war in the Middle East this time with Iran,” he said.
Once again, we have a president who tries to look presidential, but is nothing more than a front for the (((ones))) who are actually in charge of the USG.

As long as that stays in effect, expect the situation to continually get worse. Even to the point of a limited nuclear war or a complete collapse of our economy, which is slowly but surely being drained off all its wealth.

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