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More PROOF the HoloHOAX is the BIGGEST Fraud in History

This pic speaks for itself. Using Zyklon-B in NOLA to kill vermin and other blood-suckers WITHOUT using gas masks.
Rosa Appel’s Auschwitz Testimony

Rosa Appel (born Raizel Bercovici) is an interesting case study of a so-called ‘Holocaust Survivor’ who was in the Auschwitz concentration camp who accidentally tells us the truth about what happened at the camp. To quote her autobiographical account published as a – rather clunky - translation from the original Yiddish by Ronald Knieve in the 2011 edition of the journal ‘Socialist History’.

She describes her arrival at Auschwitz as follows:

‘He said, you young people you gonna walk, you gonna walk. Well, we didn’t have to walk too much. They took us in one big room there by Auschwitz, they took us in one big room, and they start to do things to undress us completely like we were born. And some people there were cutting our hair and some people were shaving our underarms and the woman part, too, and as we talked naked another put on something yellow all over where they cut our hair. They said that gonna be good for hygenics.’
And her weekly routine as follows:

‘At the C Lager is 32 barracks. And one barrack was only for the waste. There were little beds, only from wood, one on the lower, the middle and one higher. In that bed we were sleeping about eight people, one to the head and one to the feet across. And that we had there. Every week from there they took us to a shower. And they put again on the head that yellow stuff for cleanliness. And also that time you got another something to put on whatever you catch from the floor there, from the pile of clothing there.’
The interesting point in both of this excerpts is that Appel clearly identifies that she was taken to Auschwitz’s shower block every week where the SS again put the ‘yellow stuff for cleanliness’ – this being disinfectant to kill off any lice or other disease-carrying insects – on her head, gave her a shower and then issued her with fresh disinfected clothing and then sent her back to her barracks as normal. When you remember that the central thesis behind the so-called ‘Holocaust’ is that the SS used ‘fake showers’ to secretly murder several million jews then Appel’s account begins to make sense of the origin of that thesis as I have previously explained in regards to transit camps such as Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka.
To restate this simply the standard ‘Holocaust’ narrative assumes that first and second-hand witness accounts of jews being sent to ‘the showers’ and never returning means they were killed by the Germans in a program that next to no documentation survives of beyond assumed ‘hints’ in a tiny number of other unrelated documents that are deliberately not read in their wider context to prevent ‘confusion’ about their ‘true meaning’.
If you apply what Appel and other ‘Holocaust Survivor’ testimonies suggest in that they never saw the ‘gassing themselves’ but assumed people had been ‘murdered’ because ‘they never saw them again’. Then it suggests that what actually occurred was that when the Germans split up groups of jews – including families where a disproportionate amount of the ‘survivors’ come from – and they were ‘never seen again’; was that these arbitrarily-created groups were processed as Appel was – in much the same way as the ‘Holocaust Survivors’ describe the ‘gassing’ process – in that they were shaved, disinfected, showered, issued new clothes and sent to a free barracks. While the next group was similarly processed but then assigned to a different barracks with the two groups with different parts of say the same family in assuming that the other had ‘disappeared’ and ‘never saw them again’, because they were put in a separate barracks and a multitude of different things may have happened.
Maybe there was a fatal outbreak of typhus in one barracks, maybe another barracks got moved to a satellite camp, maybe the other barracks stayed to greet the Red Army and the other marched West to surrender to the Allies with each side of the same family thinking each other dead in the ‘Holocaust’ but in reality living in different blocs in the Cold War and so on.

The point is simple enough in that testimonies like Appel’s significantly undermine the whole ‘Holocaust’ narrative, because they point to a different reality than the standard narrative would have you believe. Since while they document that the SS beat those jews who stole food from the kitchen – and thus deprived the camp prisoners as a group of much needed sustenance –we also learn that Block Senior’s – who may or may not have been jewish – disposed to still born children in Auschwitz’s toilets rather than send the mother’s to Auschwitz’s hospital for inmate (4) and that the jews of Auschwitz did not work on Sundays and got a whole day’s worth of rest and recreation.

You didn’t hear about that in your high school text book now did you?


(1) Rosa Appel, Ronald Knieve (Ed.), 2011, ‘Extermination Through Labour: Life and Death in a German Slave Labour Camp’, Socialist History, Vol. 39, p. 30
If the holocaust was for real, why so many lies about it?

Lies like the one that had Jew ashes/fat used to make soap? Turned out to be a lie. The one that had Jew skin used to make lampshades? The one that had giant electrical mats used to electrocute Jews? Both LIES. The one that said Bergen-Belsen had homicidal gas chambers? The one that had the shrunken Jew heads? Both LIES. The one that said steam chambers were used to kill Jews? That a secret Death Ray killed 20,000 at Ausshitz. Both LIES. The one that said electrified water vats were used at Belzec and one that said 4,000,000 Jews were killed at Auschwitz? Both LIES, since that number dropped to a little over one million, and that included non-Jews.

Don't forget the Nazi masturbation machines that milked poor Shlomo to death!
Then there's the LIES about Majdanek, which originally claimed around 2,000,000 dead Juden, but now the number has dropped to around 78K. And my fav, the one that said DER EVEL Nazis used a huge electric chair, capable of frying 10,000 Jews at once at Ausshitz.
So if they LIED about Ausshitz and Majdanek, why and what else did the holoHOAX liars LIE about? And where did all these holoHOAX survivors come from?

In the end, when all the LIES are exposed, and you can finally see the truth, this is what the HoloHOAX is all about:
While they bomb the world's largest concentration camp-GAZA-on a regular basis, continuing with their ethnic genocide of the native Palestinians, back here in the USA, we're getting our precious right to free speech taken away under their phony Hate Speech laws. Unless you get on your knees and swear allegiance to Apartheid Israel and World Jewry, you will be hunted down, and lose your job, be demonetized on Youtube, lose your channel, maybe arrested if they get that anti-BDS bill into law, and then jailed.

All for asking historical questions about WWII.


  1. Actually, "Heliocentrism" is the BIGGEST fraud in history ; "The Holocaust" is the second BIGGEST fraud in history.

    1. Careful.. Incoming flat earth moron!!!

    2. Sorry, don't buy the Flat Earth stuff, that's for blogs that are dedicated to staying stuck in the 14th Century.

    3. Sorry Shlomo, either stick to the original topic or risk getting tossed overboard.

  2. their living conditions were better than 90% of the workers in UKplc.

  3. Now you understand how it is that FAKE NEWS was born.
    They are nothing but criminals who cannot stand the thought of being called out and held accountable. They will fight THAT to their deaths.
    Hitler was one brave and determined soul. He, like Trump, loved his people and wanted to save his country from this enemy of humanity.
    Aren't we ALL sick to death of these lying sadistic jealous psychotics ?
    It's time, time for a REAL solution.
    Gather your strength, men.

    1. @anonymous

      WWII Hitler Germany funded by the Bank of England (Rothschild's) as well Wall-street Industrial's

      CIA O

  4. Greggaeman, you watch zis peace of BS:

    1. In April 2016 Haim Katz, Israel’s welfare minister, released a report revealing that more than 20,000 survivors in Israel had never received financial assistance owed to them.

      Israelis--many Russian and E. European mobsters types and the govt have been stealing the Holohoax money.

      Plus, Germany has paid closer to 200 billion.

      The original agreement worked out stated that was all the reparation money forthcoming, which certain (((people))) laugh at and keep demanding more and more and more and more....

      Now those leeches are demanding 250 bil from nearby Arab nations for something or the other.

      Those fuckers never stop, then wonder why when all hell breaks loose.

  5. The FACT of all joo "history".....


  6. Maybe elon muskerberg can load some flat tards into one of his fake x rockets so they can see the earth on their way to the new hebrew homeland on the surface of the sun.

  7. On the jew danger:

    ´´Out of 300 commissars in the first Communist government of Russia, 284 were Jews from New York and scattered portions of the USA.´´

    A portion of a comment at Angriff-an, manana more.

    What struck me yesterday was the remnant of a memory of something that Eustace Mullins said about the holocaust museum in Washington DC, 2 mm (probably some more) nxt to the main building of the FED. EM said something like the holohoax is actually the oil for the yid banking schemes. If the US sheople whatever the color of their mortal coat knew they would hang the yid coats out to dry.

    Plus JB Campbell said actually the same as Mullins in an article on the hologram with this major differencia: Campbell and his readers should come to the realisation that AH was from Kopf bis Fuss in the pockets of the jewusurers.

    CIA O

    1. What struck me yesterday was the remnant of a memory of something that Eustace Mullins said about the holocaust museum in Washington DC, 2 mm (probably some more) nxt to the main building of the FED.

      Back before the computer age, it made the stealing of FED notes so easy, just grab them from the FED, use the underground tunnel and walk them to the holohoax BS place, then hand them over to an Israeli embassy person to carry as diplomatic luggage to Apartheid Israel.

      Or maybe they just grabbed the printing plates and used them once back home in Stolenland?


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