Friday, January 11, 2019

Nazi Labor Camp Guard Dies at...WTF, LABOR CAMP GUARD?

LABOR CAMP GUARD? What happened to the most holy and sacred death camp BS? Is the actual truth about the BIGGEST FRAUD in history, the Holocau$t™ starting to slip out? Maybe, because by the time this news had crossed the Atlantic, the alleged LABOR camp guard Palij became a concentration camp guard.
In another day, the story will morph into Palij being by Dr. Mengle's side when the good doctor selected who was going to be gassed and who got to live, another lie. Or standing by those WOODEN gas chamber doors and laughing demonically while watching Juden die from Zyklon-B.
Former Nazi camp guard Palij dies months after deportation to Germany

Former Nazi labour camp guard Jakiw Palij who was stripped of his US citizenship and deported in August, has died in Germany aged 95, the US ambassador in Berlin announced Thursday. "Former Nazi prison guard Jakiw Palij has died in Germany," Richard Grenell tweeted. "Removing the former Nazi prison guard from the US was something multiple Presidents just talked about - but President Trump made it happen," he added.

Palij had been living in a retirement home in the northwestern German town of Ahlen, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper reported on its website.

In August Germany, citing its "moral duty", took Palij in after he was stripped of his US citizenship.



  2. but even many jews now such a smoshe solomons dr david cole etc are admitting now it wasa hoax

  3. I didn't need all this evidence to convince me, but the confirmation helped. Upon learning all the lies, false flags connected to US and Israel, I knew the holocaust was a lie too. It seemed to me obvious that the European Jews being chased to Palestine was no accident of the holocaust. The holocaust was no accident and served no purpose for Hitler. I read in holocaust personal memoirs that is was always Zionists to come to the rescue and get Jews to the boats to Palestine. They would rescue people from the camps and encounter them elsewhere and tell them "do you want to be exterminated?" So the people would go with them. They didn't know what was going on. Sometimes they still didn't want to go and the Zionists would force them. I read these stories from the Jews themselves. Also, the lies were obvious when the Zionists started claiming that they were Semites of the holy land. Right? These white people from Europe. So, the whole thing was a lie. An obvious lie.

    1. A very well crafted lie, that survived until the 'Net was available. I used to believe the LIES also, until evidence made me look elsewhere for the truth.
      Even (((Hollywood))) has changed their tact. From Swindler's List till now, where they make oblique references to the HoloHOAX and refrain from saying anything about the 6 gorillion.


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