Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Neocons and Israelis Are Pushing America into Perpetual wars

And we know who the vast majority of those (((NeoCONs))) are, don't we?

All made possible by the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, with help from traitors in the WH, CIA, FBI, NSA and LOTS of help from the lying MSM.



  1. Common knowledge : todays isra(.)el(.) was created by the satanic jew RotSchild bankers after they financed the killing fields in Europe of socalled WW I + II where approximately 100 million Europeans died.

    Common knowledge: todays ´Israelis´ are fake jews producing fake news. They claim they were ´there´ 2000+ years ago.

    The jews in todays isra(.)el(.) have stolen the identity of the real Hebrews.

    The following images of pre-Renaissance authentic (undoctered) icons prove this identity theft.

    They might be helpful in stopping these wars of the zionato countries for isra(.)el(.).

    The images of this Bilderberg (mountain of images) MTV Make Them Viral.

  2. A jr comment that did pass the filter of Aletho, probably (...) the Tsigeya character with her litt. oneliners is sleeping)

    Monstrous myth? Really? Let´s go back in time a little. What about this:

    The jews in todays isra(.)el(.) have stolen the identity of the real Hebrews.

    The following images of pre-Renaissance authentic (undoctered) icons in Europe prove this identity theft.

    The real images of this Bilderberg (mountain of images), to MTV Make Them Viral will not harm. Or even better: might bring about harmony (after some shocks t/here)

    Remember: the USraeli citizens many of them crypto jews are behind 911.

    If Whites are not able to face the music of these images (the reason is obvious) they will remain victims of the satanic jew cabal behind 911 and all the s.o.s. synagogue of satan (quote of the quite melanated JC) has for everyone of every race in store.

    The Black Christian churches should promote them, yet they are ´too undersnowed´ to even look at them probably let alone spread them.


    ´You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free´ words attributed to JC is a diff. matter as I see it.

    The Truth meant here is the Truth of Pure Subjectivity (JC used a metaphore Kingdom of Heaven ´Within´).

    It is the Net-Neti (not this, not this) of Vedanta. Daily self- Deconstruction. Apostle Paul: I die daily..

    Free Entrance for All. Just because It is you, the innermost You. What You Are. Only your body-minds attention is directed outward and caught up in the ´small self´, the separate body-mind
    instru/mentality that every one has.

    The Chosen People story of many Black Hebrew descendants is another trap. But it is a understandable phase and a very necessary one not only for them but for tutti colori.

    For all clarity: white is also a skin color.

    Found a good site on the Borgia image of a black American female, who explained the essence of the bible to her readers in this way, alas, but cannot find it now.

    A good Borgia note :

    Well he looks like a yid and he gave the expelled jews from his homeland Spain carte blanche in Roma.

    It actually points to esp xyz files in my ora + labora-tory. This Spanish queen Isabella, I read a few days ago, was absolutely not against the slavery of Chris C. which is apparently not a very known fact.

    She and her husband popped up some years ago in the esp dia show as actually crypto jews (too much to explain the details now here). Which made me conclude that the whole expulsion of the yidz from Iberia was a 911 avant la lettre.

    To let the yid ´money men´ (to quote Wesley Clark a sympathetic American jew himself) go north to Antwerp and Amsterdam to England etc.


    You have a body, you have a mind, you have perceptions of facts or non-facts or any mixture of them. This is where the s.o.s. rabbis get lost in their kol nidre bs - and they are not the only ones- it will eventually mossad them in reverse . In Dutch there is the expression jezelf de das om doen, to tie yourself.

    G.U.R.U. Gee You Are You. What Every High Cat Lived & Taught.

    Imam, I am Am, sighed JC the Imam.)

  3. ´A jr comment that did pass the filter of Aletho´ should of course be ´A jr comment that did not pass the filter of Aletho´

    Angirfan (also unwilling to post these latest jr comments) had this two Gabreal Jones comments relating to the 911 character of the Spanish Inquisition:

    see the gj comment at 20 September 2016 at 04:50 & 04.56

    There is some incorrectness in the rough chronology as far as I can see, but again too much to go in detail now.

    But I saw a year or so after this gj comment was posted that it actually was right away after moderation as is usually the case at A. was published.

  4. After the successful revolution he completely tore down the bonds of order, of morality, of custom, etc., abolished marriage as a lofty institution and instead proclaimed a general copulation with the aim of breeding a general inferior human mish mash, by way of a chaotic bastardization, which by itself would be incapable of leadership and which ultimately would no longer be able to do without the Jews as its only intellectual element.

    1. You are talking bs, whosoever you may be. Why read my comment at 4 february 2018 here at Gregor´s Goon Squad.

    2. @ AnonymousJanuary 25, 2019 at 11:49 AM

      Some of the many mostly unknown – alas, for known reasons- black American Inventors of the 20th and 21st century.

      Charles Drew (1904 – 1950 ) inventor of the bloodplasma, that lead to the invention of bloodbanks.

      Patricia Bath born in 1942 inventor of a specialised tool and procedure for the removal of cattaracts called the laserphaco probe thus enabling many to continue to use eye sight.

      Otis Boykin (1920 – 1982 ) inventor of indispensable parts of computers, radios, tv sets. He invented in 1959 the wire resister that allows the precise amount of electricity to flow through a compomnent. A version of Boykins invention was apllied to the presentday pacemakers in the hearts of hundreds of thousands.

      Mark Dean born in 1957 is one of the brains behind the personal computer and the computer monitor, invented a giga hertz chip.

      There are many hundreds if not more of course not mentioned in this vid.

      (Why do I raise these black inventors? Because in general the white fake j.´s and quite a lot of whites always starts to play the card of there is no intellect in these n-word humans. Such baseless noises of those particular whites are actually quite if not very talmudic)


    3. How a man of ´mixed blood´ invented the bloodbank.

      ´Charles Richard Drew was born in a Washington ghetto from a mixed race family, considered black according to the American definition....

      The research of this black man has marked, a turning point in the history of medicine. Dr. Drew enabled and still enables millions of people around the world to continue to live....´


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