Friday, January 18, 2019

Was the Jews' King Davie Actually a Homosexual?

Forget the stories about Davy being in love with another man's wife and sending that man--Uriah Heep--off to battle to be killed so he could have Bathsheba to himself. Looks like Davy was a lover of flesh hot doges.
So anothe JEW LIE has been exposed.

Don't be surprise. Lies to Jews are like oxygen; they couldn't survive without them.


  1. King D. a queen bee? How he walked the dog?

    CIA O

  2. Greg, at Angriffan muse-camerado Julien R. had the opportunity (open portal to unity, quote Elisabeth CP who interviewed Anthony S.) to zoom in on the color of JC. Very OK of A.

    The latest post on 4 gospels is packed with Borgia pictures. I posted a comment as reaction:

    Why not show a non-white image of JC. He remains jailed in the white box/coffin of the Borgias.

    The earliest image of JC in the Roman catacombs of 350 AD. See the comments of Sam Hita:

    Desertpeace shows permanently the still of the Roman Catacomb Christ of350 AD.

    Click to enlarge, a pre-whitewash 1600´s Russian icon of the Resurrection.

    (As I see it how king D. got his errection, is his own business)

    But last but not least being anti zionide jew, I noticed that actually they, zee yidz, have officially instituted the Lie as a cornerstone if not the Apex of their trip: the Cole Nidre.

    In my esp xyz ora+labora labyrinth in april 2014 I had a green laser like picture of Jacob R. the capo of te s.o.s. while I was jailed in a special high frequency cell at a police office.

    It appeared on a wall and I moved it to the heavy jail door. And I talked, actually, roared at him. He was in a hospital in London. 4O minutes or something.

    I was very skinny that time like a match stick due to intense vibes etc. It was videotaped by his stepson a tophacker who could receive whatever happened to me via a supersophisticated chip implanted in the matchstick of the I pod of my body.

    To the point: I grabbed JR very roughly at his tie and made this point about the Kole Nidre:
    Actually very good this KN of your BS. Everybody lies. (at least in the socalled modern world which is of course very manipulated by zee yidz) But you JR AND YOUR S.O.S. lie openly. It IS your duty.

    But being open in their (masqued) destruction does not save them from hell.

    (well I don´t lie so much and that is not a lie, otherwise my whole esp and normal machinery would collapse)

    Good weekend.

    CIA O

  3. Check out:

    Two vids of a serie of 14, this fucking brilliant awake young doc maker puts the finger on the sore spot. The American holocaust. The holocaust in the Americas. Not only the USA. He is not blind: saw he puts question marks very concise behind the j.holocaust, 6 million were already mentioned in the jew papers in 1920 or somethin.


    PT. I – From Indigenous American to African American // Anthropology / Oldest bones found / Historic

    By Kurimeo Ahau (see introduction)

    Sag mir wo die Redskins* sind? Wo sind sie geblieben? In 14 vids KA gives the answer to Marlene Dietrich


    It is No Longer A Secret That Most Of Today´s Erroneusly Called African American Are Not Africans But Are The Original American Indians

    PT XIV – From Indigenous American to African American // Trans Atlantic Slave Trade in Reverse

    * *The term ´Redskin´ comes from the scalps of the Native Americans that the European bountyhunters had to show to cash the money for the killing.

    Indeed the USA is build on the genocide of millions of Native Americans but- unfortunately for the bountyhunters and their payrollmasters- their dna descendants are still alive.

    These dna descendants of the American Natives have faced and still face a ´paper genocide` <<< in todays American democracy.


    Tree days ago I stumbled on this bright video maker in the US:

    It happened to be the 2nd anniversary of his channel: Destroying the Illusion

    I heard him opening another vid of 9th of januyary just now: Hello Humans on Earth

    CIA O

  4. Lies to Jews are like oxygen; they couldn't survive without them.
    Precisely, Greg. Couldn't say it any better.
    Pure crippling jealousy and liquid greed govern these bloodthirsty criminals, but behind all of it lies the heaviest burden of guilt known to mankind, one that cannot be purged from the Jewish soul EVER ; the responsibility for having murdered the son of God on Earth. The guilt is crushing. It eats every Jew alive every moment they are conscious. It makes them neurotic, as any such stress would if bore for centuries upon centuries. They just want to destroy the entire world to erase this guilt, but even total world annihilation will not purge and clean their souls. The only thing that will save the Jews is honesty and atonement before GOD ! But can criminals who deem themselves superior to all other peoples come to grips with such a redemption ?

  5. got any polaroids of Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo...?

    the ugly truth is the Old Testament is not about "Jews".

    Matthew 13: 39-43


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