Saturday, January 26, 2019

(((Zionists))) Hell-Bent on Destroying Ireland

But what about Israel, shouldn't the Juden practice what they preach?
Kenmare awakes to diversity

The residents of Kenmare, a small town, village really, in County Kerry woke up to a surprise a few days ago. Into this hitherto all-White sleepy backwater there suddenly appeared scores of Africans loitering aggressively on street corners while gangs of leering Muslims ogled and jostled the local girls. Yes, Kenmare has, almost overnight, become enriched. To the total amazement of its residents. Enrichment like this. As the residents come to terms with their new guests let's consider some of the broader issues this development raises.
For a start the plan was virtually ignored by the media. Now you must understand that in a small isolated country like Ireland developments such as 'Dunleer Post Office To Close' can generate headline treatment on a quiet day. Yet there has been a Stalinist blackout of the transformation of a picturesque village on the tourist trail. How has this been managed? This blanket of secrecy suggests that Kenmare is not alone. I found out only through a friend who lives there. How many more invaders are set to be foisted on unfortunate villages throughout the country? How many more already have been? Sure as hell we won't find out from the MSM.

And here's another question. Why are the politicians doing this? In Ireland politicians have one objective and one objective only: Get re-elected. To do this they must be popular, bring goodies to their constituents, attend every funeral, fight for facilities even when such facilities are not in the strategic national interest. At present Ireland is suffering from a housing shortage, sky-high rents and a corresponding rise in homelessness. Our health and education services creaking at the seams, schools and hospitals over-crowded, long waiting lists for medical treatment while many parents have to send their kids up to twenty miles away for schooling. Criminals roam the streets due to prison overcrowding, The absolutely very last thing we want is large numbers of foreign freeloaders (and apparently all of those in Kenmare are young men) descending on us.

But that's what our politicians have signed up for. Why? What kind of pressure can have been brought on them to agree to such a calamity. And who brought it?...
(((Who)) brought this misery and ethnic cleansing campaign to beautiful Ireland?

You get one guess.
But what about the MSM, won't they report on this ethnic cleansing of Ireland?


  1. The day that Israel opens its borders and takes in refugees from the area is the day that other nations should listen to Jews who talk about immigration reform and the like. For the record, I'm not actually opposed to diversity (in terms of race, ethnicity, etc.) as long as people coming here are willing to assimilate. I wouldn't expect to move to Saudi Arabia and walk around dressed like a stripper. I don't like the Saudi culture, but if I moved there, I'd have to abide by it. Same goes for this country. And most who want to immigrate here do ending up assimilating in the ways that matter. But, forced immigration is another matter. Those fleeing the middle east (like Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan) didn't want to leave. They don't want to assimilate because they were happy where they were before the US/Israel/Coalition of the Willing decided to bomb the crap out of their countries. Legal immigration isn't a threat. Forced immigration is.

    I watched a movie today about the Loving vs. Virginia case -- interracial marriage. I was struck by the fact that the lawyer who took it to the Supreme Court was named Cohen. Yet, in Israel, a non-Jew can't marry a Jew. They don't believe in intermarrying with anyone. Yet they pushed interracial marriage in the US. Now, I'm not opposed to interracial marriage because honestly, it really doesn't happen that often. Not as much as you'd think based on the media's portrayal of it. Most people prefer to marry within their own race anyway. But, it is just the hypocrisy of Jews blasting the goyim for things that they believe themselves. White Supremacy is bad. But Jewish supremacy is A-okay. Open borders for the goyim. Only Jews get full citizenship in Israel. Segregated schools in Israel are great. Not anywhere else. Everyone else has to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty or be regime changed. Not Israel. Until Jews actually walk the walk about all these things they push, no one should listen to a damn word they say.

  2. "Until Jews actually walk the walk about all these things they push, no one should listen to a damn word they say."

    Amen to that. Jews mistakenly believe they have been chosen by God to rule over us GOYIM, based on writings written by Jews.

    They are a curse upon actual humans and a danger to the planet. Their bastard creation, Israel, needs to be de-fanged or those crazy SOBs will eventually wipe out all life on Earth.

    That's not anti-Semitic, it's the TRUTH.

  3. New Law . . . ALL BORG must now mate with blacks to enrich Israel. Law goes into effect immediately. Those without chocolate offspring will be castigated and have decreased social status.
    The world expects the BORG to comply 100% with this new law. The world also thanks the BORG for practicing what they preach.

  4. Satan works through them exclusively, I am sure of it. They really are the chosen ones.


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