Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Americans Should be Happy to Fight & Die for the Glory of Apartheid Israel

Trump is keeping Israel great while ignoring reality. Or maybe I should say President Kushner is ignoring reality?

Donny boy is a good GOYIM, he'll do what he's told and keep kissing Israeli, neoCON and Zionist ass.

Someone like Tubby the Grifter doesn't go bankrupt FOUR different times, and then make another multi-billion $$ fortune without being indentured to the TBTF banks and (((those))) who own those banks.
Israel knows it needs to keep US troops nearby to protect their sorry asses. When it comes to shooting Palestinian kids in the head or their mothers in the stomach, the IDF is #1.
But when it comes to fighting MEN, who are armed, they're the biggest pussies in the world, shown by those JEW tube videos that came out when the IDF got its ass kicked by Hezbollah when Israel invaded Lebanon, then grabbed their panties and headed South. Some of those videos showed IDF personnel crying for 'Mommie,' but for some reason, they're no longer on JEW tube.

America, this is your tax dollars at work. Feel proud?


  1. I've always said, Trump was Obama 2.0. Obama was the great black "hope and change" messiah figure for the left. He was going to fix the corruption of the Bush/Cheney WH and bring our troops home. Trump was the great white "make American great again" messiah figure for the right. He was going to fix the corruption of the Obama WH and bring our troops home and put America first. LOL. As if.

    Gullible idiots on the left and right fell for it. I admit to being one of those gullible idiots who voted for Obama. When you had Obama and the Dems controlling both the House and the Senate and absolutely nothing changed, my eyes were opened to the biggest con of all: the left/right charade. They are ALL owned by Israel. Makes no difference which party you vote for, you only get a kosher candidate because the kosher media will make sure that you don't listen to anyone who will tell you the truth. And if, by some miracle, a leader starts getting uppity and thinking that they can go against Israel -- well, they get the Kennedy (John and Bobby), Saddam, Gaddafi, Osama, Chavez treatment.

    There is no Democrat/Republican, Left/Right, Christian/Muslim, White/Black, Straight/Gay, Men/Women divide. There is only one divide that matters. Us vs. (((them))). They are the ones who are supremacists and hell bent on oppressing others. If Whites are into that, too, maybe it is because we were corrupted by the (((Old Testament))).

  2. Greg, I doubt Donnie is a goy boy, ( http://mileswmathis.com/trump.pdf ).

    Any way he is definitely a chabad lubavitch lap-top/dog like crypto yid Putain juif.


    check out: https://alethonews.com/2019/02/06/why-are-democrats-driving-regime-change-in-venezuela/#comment-125310

    surtout the gj-comment at Gore Al.

  3. Hey Greg, for any of your readers in the UK who haven't seen it, The Medusa Touch is being broadcast tonight, 9th Feb, 22.05,Talking Pictures TV, Freeview ch 81. Just thought I'd put it out there


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