Friday, February 1, 2019

Hollywood tells ANOTHER LIE to Protect Israel

This lie, which must be number 6 gorillion, is from the 2018 movie "VICE," a portrayal of the world's Biggest DICK, Cheney, from his 'dirtbag' days to his rise to power. In effect, being president during GW Bushes 8 years in the WH.

The setting is after the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, and there is a meeting of Cheney's staff where they are brainstorming ways to sell the Iraq invasion to the American public, even though Iraq had NO WMD's and had NOTHING to do with 9/11.

During that meeting, one of his staffers pipes up and tells the LIE, that Israel was against the USA invading Iraq and taking down Saddam Hussein, since that would destabilize the ME. 


Israel wants the ME to stay chaotic, so they can use that excuse to keep stealing what is left of Palestine while their GOY bitches in the West--and KSA-- finance, support and arm ISIS, then pretend to fight those savages while Israel continues on with its ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians.

Israel was actually cheering for the invasion and pushing Bush on to invading Iraq. Those lunatics wanted another Muslim nation destroyed to increase their political and economic grip on the ME:
Sharon urges America to bring down Saddam

12:01AM BST 17 Aug 2002

Israel urged the United States yesterday to press ahead with a military offensive against Iraq, arguing that any delay would give Saddam Hussein more time to develop weapons of mass destruction.

Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, has sent messages to Washington in recent days saying that postponing the long-debated operation to topple Saddam "will not create a more convenient environment for action in the future".

According to his aides, Israeli intelligence agencies have picked up signs that Iraq is speeding up efforts to produce biological and chemical weapons.

"Any postponement of an attack on Iraq at this stage will serve no purpose," a spokesman for Mr Sharon said. "It will only give him [Saddam] more of an opportunity to accelerate his programme of weapons of mass destruction."
And more:
Israel To U.S.: Don't Delay Iraq Attack

The United States has been considering a military campaign against Iraq to remove Saddam from power, listing him as one of the world's main terrorist regimes. However, there is considerable world opposition to a U.S. strike.

As evidence of Iraq's weapons building activities, Israel points to an order Saddam gave to Iraq's Atomic Energy Commission last week to speed up its work, Gissin said.

"Saddam's going to be able to reach a point where these weapons will be operational," he said.
But after the illegal and immoral invasion became a blood-bath quagmire, Israel changed its tune, using Jew control of the MSM to sell another story; That Israel had been against the invasion. From 2007:

POLITICS: Israel Warned US Not to Invade Iraq after 9/11

And these are the SOB's who we give tens of billions each year to of free money and tens of billions more of free weapons and back them in the UNSC with a fuck-proof veto.

Which they reward us with attacking us on 9/11 and hijacking the govt to turn the USA into a colony of Apartheid Israel.

'VICE' Is a Scathing Takedown of Dick Cheney and American Politics



    First published at 02:27 UTC on December 19th, 2018.(pay special attention @19:40 Netanyahu on 911 as he had already written in his book in 1995 SIX YEARS before it happened). These doc's should be used at the ICC as proof.


    1. check out:

      Pt. 3 - From Indigenous American to African American

      1.23: You can´t start us at 1492, these 4 brothers sitting here. We did not all come from Africa. Our history goes way behyond 1492. WE WERE ALWAYS HERE.

      It is in the Americas certainly the greatest cover up fabricated by the satanic Bohemian Bilderberg etc. Apex Apes.

      Recorded earlier: The term REDSKIN comes from the scalps of the mostly black Native Americans that the European bountyhunter had to show his paymasters in order to cash.

      Intuiting the jew fellow mortals in my esp xyzfiles ora + labora- labyrinth, I sensed their contentment with this genocide mostly excecuted by non jew whites.

      Unfortunately for those today who side with the bountyhunters and their paymasters, there are many millions of todays black Americans who are direct dna descendants of these black Native Americans who are now awakened to their true roots.

      Totally agreed, 911 is a deception. But what is this aforementioned to be called then?

      A psyop particolare xxxxxlllll ordinaire or what? It comes out of the diabolic dirty dick of satanic Iberian hooknosed pope Rodrigo Borgia, born in Valencia where I type these words.

      Us and them, after all we are all just ordinary men (PinFLo). But that these Blacks
      reclaim their true identity is irreversible.

    2. check out:

      A 1 minute official intro vid to the - socalled - Black History Month in the USA.

      The jr comments are (seemingly erased again & again, only visible after I log in with my gmail acc.)

      Here are the 3:

      Check out:
      Gabreal Jones says February 8, 2019 at 8:08 pm : February the – socalled – Black History Month in the USA started Friday 1 february and lasts till Thursday 29 February 2019. ´Before the Pilgrim Fathers landed in Plymouth we were here´ (MLK) Did MLK got killed because he started to talk about the history of black Americans the corporate controllers of the media don´t want you to know?
      Jesse Jackson – who launched the term ´African American´ in december 1988- plays quite a (!) questionable (!) role in the MLK murder. He was present at the crime scene 4 April 1968. The Bilderberg (the – false- mountain of images) of the controllers of the media is starting to crumble: 4 famous NBA players werer echoing his words february last (?) year in a main stream tv forum: we did not all come from Africa, you cannot start us at 1492, we were always here, we were always here.
      (Last but not least: )


      Check out:
      The healing of the man Sick of the Palsy. 11th century miniature in the Gospel. Lurentian Library, Florence A painting of JC in a church in Rome 350 AD
      (…) Beware of the fake white jews who are LIARS and IMPOSTERS according to the Bible, revelation 2:9 + 3:9 (…)


      Check out:
      See jr-comment 5 febr. 2018: All Saints from The Holy Monastery of Aghiou Pavlou (Saint Paul’s)(c.1757)Mount Athos, easternmost peninsula of Chalkidiki, Greece…

      (erased by the off. org of this month esp. the first one, since Jesse Jackson is put in the picture as FBI/CIA instrument in the MLK assasination and JJ still is a figure they look up to)

      The Black History month will be a thing of the past, once the cover up ends.


    This one all telling images about the fake jews in todays tel aviv toiletteritotory did not pass (yet?) through the moderation of desertpeace:

    Image(s) of the Day.

    (…) Beware of the fake white jews who are LIARS and IMPOSTERS according to the Bible, revelation 2:9 + 3:9 (…)


    All Saints Icon 1757 Holy Monastery Aghiou Pavlou


    The healing of the man Sick of the Palsy. 11th century miniature in the Gospel. Lurentian Library, Florence


    A painting of JC in a church in Rome 350 AD

    (it is a pure golden mirror of icons / images how the fake white jews stole the identity of the real black jc and the hebrews)

    CIA O

    1. Check out:

      Sam Hita said,
      February 5, 2019 at 12:22

      Check out:


  4. Gracias, Greg, for posting these important mirrored links.

    Based on very heavy and at least equally beautiful esp xyz files last week experiences also with Netanyahu aka Meilikovsky(he actually hinted that he personally saw this whole Israel experiment as a straightjacket and actually came to see it as a dead end street due to....). Will they go to the Ukraine from where they actually came and where they are already, don´t know, we´ll see.

    There is no Samson option pakkie- packet- shag) since all the Atomic weapons of all nations btw are of course coded but the code cannot be found it is jumping, so to speak.

    Rotterdam born nuclear expert Levi, I laug(hed) a lot with him is unintentionally responsible for this jumping jack flash phenomenon.

    Years ago I saw him lying in the Arizona desert. You know with a yuca as decorum. I said, saw he was dead they yucad him there. I said, Levi what the fuck are you doing here?

    I was sitting in abri for the tramway in rotschildjusticecity The Hague.


    The story of having a human body is actually the top of the bill of Creation. The human body is the most sophisticated (natural) I-pod there is. All true knowers of real-I-t say this.

    Only we as human Beings having this precious human body should drop all Talmud like ideologies.
    And this is not only a yid thing. Any such war agenda, see Borgia who after whitewashing JC gave the catho Spaniards the license to kill off all the we now now in majority the black ´Indians´.

    Recorded Earlier: The Spanish and the Portugese cathos did the pope job in South and Central America.

    The Northern European anti Vatican Protestants did the popejob in North America.


    I was almost forgotten, Greg, that you posted this very telling comment of JU/RO (24 january) at:

    I also see that this crucial Angirfan link of a indispensable esp xyz ora+labora-tory came out:

    the gj comment in the tail: 20 sept.2016

    As far as I can see now only one major mistake in the chronos:

    ´´Last but not least to complete the picture in 800 BC the Dalit (unscrupulous robbers 'caste') in India were aware that the tantric held his short warning against the left handed path surtout avoid at a any cost kid stealing/fucking/killing & eating.´´

    800 BC must be 800 After the Carpenter son.

    to be continowd

  5. NOW THIS, Eckhart Tolle is another copycat asshole superieure with a large following most of them ´more than average earners´.

    His real name is Uhlrich Schweinstein. Aber naturlich a yid. I landed last week in my esp lab at a lecture with business as usual for ET a large audience. Showed him the contents of his leather schoolmasters bag, filled with baby arms. It did not ring an alarm with the audience. No, nax, nada, niente. Which says enough.

    I read his book the power of Now in 2003 or something. When coming to a phrase describing one´s Original State , I read a text word after word, phrase after phrase that I knew from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj book a serie of lectures I Am That compiled by a Polish jew who had gone behind duality as Nisargadatta Baba once said.

    Schweinsteins face was suddenly covered with feces. For all clarity I did not do it.


    What am I hinting at ANON of 25 january 2018 in (nb: IN (!) Christ). Christ is the s.o.w.l, the S.O.W.L. = Sea Of White Light) in which everything appears to appear-dis-appear.

    It is not intellectual comprehensible. Well it is but that amounts to only reading the fucking menu chart, card......A hungry man is an a angry man vice versa.


    It is all about opening up the Eye of God within the human body. The Third Eye. The Thalamus.

    Many many Others can tell you that the process in which I am instrumental works in opening these higher possibilities vorher only latent within them.


    A pleasurable side effect: millions if not more of healings. The SOWL force does Its Holy Job.

    Big Pharma of the filthy moneychangers to hell immediato.

    The eye on the USD of the ´fake 1st world´ is the evil eye of the kid-snatchers-fuckers-killers-eaters with aperativo kids blood.

    I am not a socalled racist, I know many many past lives, I have been in all races of humanity.

    But if you don´t mention the beast by its name you can forget the feast:

    The majority of the Apex Apes of the satanic Bilderberg etc. 99% of these fucking pretentious losers (in fact) have a white skin color.

    And these hell beings do specialise in eating baby arms and drinking baby blood from CERA(A)M.

    Useless to say I am not very amused by these satanic robots....

    AUM-NI-PRESENT Love´s Cosmic Justice finishes them off in an assemblyline.

    I am from the intergallactic Solar Dynasty of CE.RAM. Cosmic Energy RAM.

    NASA just found out that this particular quite lengthy NoRth South line is the highest energy line in the whole Cosmos.

    Geestelijk Aristocraat. Jongen van de straat.


    The talmud of any sort for any kind of group thus body bound is actually the misleading guide in this darkness of isolation. I said very clearly as I in the last 5 years already said very often the socalled Eye of the ´1st world USD´ is the eye of the ´geldscheiters´ in Dutch the money shitters. Geldschieter is in Dutch a money shooter.

    We all know who they are (whether they are jew or not) their ceo´s are the satanic rabbis who make of themselves and their ´personell´ (yid or not yid) of the s.o.s. synagogue of satan satanic rabbits ending up in various stages of satanic robots.

    It is Talmud based hell. Jacob Rotschild who also came up again from jenseits with a very shiny silver automatic weapon after we had a long seemingly satisfying dialogue. In which he agreed he was fed up with the way things were going for him and his clique. Was not the first time.

    These pathological controllers with their an-SAT rituals they know where they end up Jenseits again and again after their satanic robot form stops functioning Diesseits.

    Their being fed up with their FED is important info for social change in as well as outside the USA.

    CIA O


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