Wednesday, February 27, 2019

More Proof that Jews are the ENEMY of us Gentiles AKA GOYIM, which in Yiddish means cattle

When I say JEWS, not sure if this is about ALL Jews or just the Hasidic/Orthodox/Zionist Jews. Surely there must be some good Juden in the world. Somewhere? But when I see what's going on in France, with ze Zio-poodle Macaroni getting ready to pass Laws forbidding legit criticism of Israel's ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians and the corrupt, sold-out US Congress ready to do the same and one sees NO Jews complaining about this tyranny and the (((ACLU))) remaining mute on this subject, again, I have to wonder where the so-called good Jews are at and why are they not raising their voices in protest against these Civil Liberty violations?

Or is the same old game that has been ongoing for at least 2,000 years, more nefarious Jew plotting, scheming and back-stabbing to keep us GOYIM under the lash?
The Jewish Catechism: Advice to Jews on How to Achieve Zionist Goals

The text below was first published in Tel Aviv in 1958, but was not published in the official press in Russia. It consists of advice to Jews on how to behave in the former USSR in order to achieve Zionist goals. The word Russian has been changed to the word American for this article.

JEWS! Love one another, help one another! Help each other even if you hate each other!
Our strength lies in unity. Unity is the token of our success, and it is our salvation and our prosperity. Many nations perished after becoming dispersed because they did not have a clear-cut program of action or a feeling of comradeship. But we, thanks to our feeling of collectivism, have gone on for centuries and have survived while living among other nations. We have remained intact, have multiplied and have grown stronger...

Form your national groups of specialists. Groups of specialists are the Holy of Holies. Such groups decide everything. Today’s specialist groups are our tomorrow. Every laboratory, every university department and every institute must become the place where our national groups of specialists are created.
Prepare young Jewish people for the task of continuing the tradition of former generations. Let every generation of Gentiles conflict with our system of defense in depth. Every time the older generation disappears from the scene, it must be replaced by an even more powerful cohort of young Jews who have been given the right training at the proper time and have become strong as a result. To achieve this, our young people must be promoted to positions of leadership as early as possible on the grounds that they are mature and brilliant. Even if this is not yet true, they will mature on the job.

He Who is in Power is in the Right. We must pass on to our children more than we received from our fathers, and our children, after preserving what they have received and adding to it, will, in turn, pass it on to their offspring. Continuity from generation to generation is our strength, our stability and our immortality.
The world is cruel, and there is no place in it for philanthropy. Every nation is the creator of its own happiness. It is not our business to worry about American national groups of specialists. If they do not think about themselves, why should we think about them? Do not follow the example of the Americans and the Arabs, who live contemplatively, hoping that an off-chance may arise. Do not expect any favors from nature – our task is to take the favors ourselves.
“Throw out the Gentiles… all highly paid, influential and profitable jobs are our national income.”

The Americans neither know how to lead, nor how to submit. They are saboteurs by reason of their genetic makeup. The Americans are envious, and they hate their colleagues if the latter rise above the grey masses of the people. Give them the chance to tear to pieces these colleagues who have been promoted, and they will tear him to pieces with pleasure. Jews! Always act as arbitrators, adopt the posture of being peacemakers, defend the “unhappy people” against whom the crowd is up in arms, but only inasmuch as to gain a reputation as a generous, objective person. With a little patience, you will take over the position of the person whom a short while ago you tore to pieces. WHEN TWO AMERICANS FIGHT ONE ANOTHER, A JEW IS THE WINNER.
Set the Americans against one another, provoke in them envy towards one another. Always do this imperceptibly and subtly, operating under a cover of benevolence. Let them fight among themselves. You will always be the arbitrator.


The Americans are stupid and coarse. They refer to their stupidity and coarseness as honesty, decency and well-principled behavior. Their inability to adapt and change their behavior so as to suit the situation and their lack of any mental flexibility, are described by them as “being true to themselves,” as “adherence to principle”. Goys are so stupid and coarse that they do not even know how to lie. Again, they call their primitiveness and stupidity honesty and decency, although they are by nature mendacious and dishonest. In ancient times the goys referred to their characteristically primitive behavior as barbarity, in the Middle Ages they termed it chivalry, and later they called it gentlemanly conduct. They committed suicide out of empty principles. LET THEM CONTINUE TO DO SO!
BOW down GOYIM or we'll help set-off a nuclear war between India and Pakistan, just to keep you frightened and obedient!

Donald Drumpf to our rescue?
Trump’s anti-Semitism envoy assures American Jewish leaders that president is committed to protecting Jews

Carr, 50, a Hebrew-speaking former Los Angeles prosecutor who served with the U.S. Army in Iraq, was named as the special envoy for monitoring and combating anti-Semitism earlier this month. The post, which was held by Ira Forman under President Barack Obama, had sat empty for the first two years of the Trump presidency despite protests from lawmakers and Jewish groups.

“My office was created by law and designed to protect the Jewish people throughout the world. Think about that,” Carr said Thursday. “The world’s greatest power is focused, by law and design, on protecting the Jews. It’s something not to be taken for granted.”

Carr declared that the president “could not be more passionate about the issue” of fighting anti-Semitism and had “spent considerable time speaking about anti-Semitism in his State of the Union address.”
Tubby the Grifter has now officially joined the Jew Mobsters, another form of his 6-dimensional chess? Protect Juden throughout the world?
Could some please point out where it says that in the US Constitution or Tubby's Oath of Office?



    ´´ President Jimmy Carter designated April 18, 1978, the secular date on which the Rebbe’s Jewish birthday, the 11th of Nissan, fell that year, as “Education Day U.S.A.” Every year since, the acting president has designated the anniversary of the Rebbe’s birth as a day dedicated to educational awareness.¨


    "Non-Jewish soul comes from three satanic spheres"

    The Noahide Laws of "Education Day USA” Rabbi Schneerson's Anti-goyimitic racism and hatred enacted into Federal Law.

  2. Thanks Greggie, excellent post today. Afraid it's all true.

  3. See todays jr-comment at:

    The nazi zio connection is a absolutely no go zone for the tel aviv cyber police:

    Zwei bright AH sites: &

    The Rothschilds, Hitler, Holocaust, Israel & Zionist World Government

    ( with mirror comment) was immediately deleted but, a small AH-erlebnis, it is back, as long as it lasts, of course)

    My conclusion is all the searcher-re-searchers in the alt blog media internet sphere who (still) consider Hitler as a freedom fighter against the j-bankers and ´their personell´ are either not doing their homework thoroughly enough or are plain- no futher explanation needed - zio controlled opposition, or any combination of this unhealthy mixture).

    CIA O

    See jr comment referring to

    1. julien romanovskyMarch 1, 2019 at 11:06 AM

      Eustace Mullins Adolf Hitler the Central Banks medium


      (…) The only reason why they held the Nurnbergtrials was that they wanted to silence the German generals, who had knowledge about all this duplicity and how the Bank of England had financed Hitler. Well, the wanted to permanently silence them, so they hung them. Thecrime was not war crimes at all, it was the fact they knew too much. And they were silencedand they managed to conceal what was going on (...)

    2. julien romanovskyMarch 1, 2019 at 1:19 PM

      Chack out:

      To: B-man, Euro immigrant / Redneck to nowadays called the US of America

      BTW , did not read this comment of yours (February 4, 2019 at 7:03 am) till yesterday. I´ll give your greetings to Goon Squad Greg Bacon just now. Read them.

      The cool video of Good Old Eustace Mullins, Truth Disciple of Ezra Pound you did not want to show to the readers of your scrabbles entitled by the uploader- called ´Lemming Daycare´ - : ´´Adolf Hitler Central Banks medium.¨

      Very telling. Don´t forget your medication of the big pharma yidz for whom you work (20 usd per scrabble message?).

      Spandau Ballet ever heard of it, zom-B-man??!! The marching boots of the ´´Allied´´ soldiers´outside the prison of Rudolf Hess, who for some odd reason was not hung like the Nazi Generals who did not commit any warcrime as Truth General Mullins - who called your hero truth bending - like the fake jew spoonbender you know who I mean- Kaminski (a polish yid name) a infiltraitor (or something). How right Eustaceo Mullinski is !

      Rudolf Hess also knew about the Nazi - Zio game.

      CIA O

    3. julien romanovskyMarch 1, 2019 at 1:33 PM


      A serious longtime ´truth researcher´ as Kaminski who maintains the viewpoint that AH is a liberator from the yid banksters, a freedomfighter against them (and all his mental slaves who adore him for that) should be - metaphorically speaking - beheaded, this b-man nitwit as the first one).

      (Esp. for mental patient b-man, who did not take his medication - of the yidz for whom he works for 20 usd per post perhaps- in time. The Supreme micro-macro-Cosmic Court will arrange for this redneck immigrant to the US a Black Native American Henchman)

      Why is that Your Honour?

      Very simple, they should be beheaded since their main crime is in reality they have no heart. The questioner should be aware that they push the cause of kid kidnappers, kidfuckers, kid killers, kid fressers & kidblooddrinkers. You remember, Bavaria (no not that beer) illuminati (alluminium nazis, quote of french fried DBS).

      Only one verdict: No Forgiveness!!!

      (I wrote here at Goon Squad some time ago that in 1981-82 I lived next to the building Odeon in the old canal belt (grachtengordel) of yid city Amsterdam, where some of the US founding fathers were speaking with the Dutch van Staphorst bankers who would give them a loan for their freedomfight against the English afterwards. In the facade of the Odeon building there was (still is?) a stone with the inscription Nurnberg)

      Nurnberg is the city of these socalled warcrime trials against the German Generals.

      Nurnberg, a city in Bavaria, is also the city with yearly the biggest toy fare in the world.

      A thought cloud of that time: (not knowing even a nano bit of what I know now about worldhistory): Justice of Joy.

      Joy of course, what Life is all about, but not without Justice.

      Than it is satanic joy, no joy at all: kaminski is not a b-writer he is a z-writer and he (and his mental slaves, like u) will not escape Life´s Justice of Joy.

      There is no one in all of space time and/or the hereafter who would like to stand in your shoes, zom-Bman.

      End of zis comment ping pong.


      (I don´t exclude that such types as john k. and his mental slave b-man let them self be taken by baphomet on a regular basis)

  4. how much has the Globohomo/Zionist/Bolshevik/Money Changer/Pharisee
    Talmudic Terrorist/{{{JEWISH}}} Global Crime Syndicate {{{AGENDA}}}
    cost the
    so-called the last one hundred years ?

    Maybe the 400 million DEAD GOY had no value other than being
    a statistic @ the ADL/SPLC {{{HOME OFFICE}}}....

    maybe Jesus was telling the Truth @ John 8:44

    Maybe America was designed to be a {{{JEW}}} worshipping

    Maybe Deuteronomy 28 is not about the {{{proselytes}}}
    to Talmudic Judaism from the land of Gog & Magog...

    what if the entire "Jewish" narrative is just one big lie...?

    where would the proof be found that there are "JEWS" in the
    first five books of the Old Testament where there are in fact
    no {{{PROSELYTES}}} to Talmudic Judaism....?

    where did the Jones - Rogan bromance go for shabbat ...
    after the mohel with herpes had been dismissed...

    why did Sandy Berger eat a blt on rye ...?

    did Abraham hate Jesus and have a Talmud 1st edition in Yiddish..?

    Did Noah hate Jesus and have a Talmud...?

    Did Moses chant the KOL NIDRE while watching the sheep for 40 years
    in Midian...?

    what makes the Jesus haters hate Jesus so much...?

    where's the Party...Rabbi Eckstein...all the turkey buzzards
    want to know

    HERE'S the GOOD NEWS for "JEWS"....No One on Earth HAS to be
    a PROSELYTE - That's a 2 Fold Child of Hell - "JEW" !!!

    isn't that spectacular GOOD NEWS for all Mankind...?

    Just sayin'

    this ain't blazin saddles




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