Monday, April 8, 2019

Israel Planning to Attack Lebanon

Israeli's must be the most sadistic, greediest bastards in the galaxy. No matter how much they or their (((central banks))) steal from us GOYIM, it's never enough.

Now they want to besiege Lebanon again, lusting after the precious water from Lebanon's River Litani.
Secret Document Reveals Plans For Civil War In Lebanon, Israeli False Flags, & Invasion

During his visit with US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, Lebanese President Michael Aoun reportedly received a US-Israeli document detailing plans for creating a civil war in Lebanon with covert false flag operations and possible Israeli invasion. Although the source of the document is Israeli and created in partnership with Washington, no one knows who presented it to Aoun. The Lebanese TV station, Al-Jadeed, initially reported the document on Lebanese TV and a video on its website.
With the help of Zion Don and President Kushner.
NO causalities? Besides being greedy, back-stabbing bastards, the Israelis are also world-class liars.

Here's what they mean by no casualties:


  1. Israeli's must be the most sadistic, greediest bastards in the galaxy.

  2. julien romanovskyApril 8, 2019 at 2:18 PM


    (Adolf H. sent some of the shareholders of his zio company to the ´promised land. Ein Nazi fahrt nach Palestina und erzahlt davon in Angriff)

    check out:

    ´Max Born, who studied Quantum Physics, saw evil as being caused by a belief in complete truths and absolutely certainty´

    There is only one Uni-verse. The socalled parallel universes do exist but it is a word game imv to state that every perceiver (also non-human ones) have a diff. experience in the Waking state of the world around them (in its most expanded state the globe, the entire cosmos (and what not).

    In the Dream state , there is a ´surreal movie of objects´.

    In the Sleep state no movie of objects ( ´real´ or ´surreal´) but also no awareness.

    But there is a potential, latent reality, already (t)here within the ´grasp´ of every human pointed to by mystics, seers etc. of all ages & places.

    In Sanskrit this is called Turiya, litt. meaning the fourth.

    The true underlying real-I-ty of the 3 ´relative´ states, Waking Dreaming, Sleeping.

    Max Born obviously never had any first hand ´1-2-1 experience of it. And he is right in saying that believing in it has caused a great deal of evil in human history, to this very day.

    JC is said to have said: you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. He was pointing at this.

    You are the Truth (always already), you are pure Awareness, Consciousness, but you are never taught by your parents and educators etc. to go there to bring your attention (t)here.

    Your awareness is always of the body and via the body in the diff. 3 ´relative` states to ´things´ (see above).

    Recorded earlier here at Angriffan: AXUM (see AH & the zios here)

    A=Waking X= moving of attention to objects (quantum physics gets into Harry Potter areas with much of its descriptions, but is not really helpful imv)

    Yesterday I found a good line at pinterest:

    An invocation to the Kundalini to arise, lead me to the Promised Land thru opening my Pineal Gland (...)

    It is all about direct experience of the higher possibilities in the God given I-pod of your physical Temple.

    And with a greater awareness piercing through the matrix lie factory of the msm and also the alt. media.

    There is a lot of manipulating also in the alt. media and people should not avoid recognising that for whatever reason. It all comes about naturally.

    Last but not least many nowaday teachers and methods downplay the value of taking a critical look at society (too negative, not good for your mind etc.)*

    But what good is experienicing (as JC is said to have phrased it) the Kingdom of Heaven within if you are living in a Kingdom of Hell ´outside´.

    Weigh your teachers and their methods and the ones who point towards them.


    All the three states of waking, dreaming and sleeping are contained within the life bubble in consciousness called ´I´ the real world lies beyond the self

    Don´t rely on your mind for Liberation. It is the mind that brought you into bondage. Go beyond it altogether. (Sri Nisargadatta)

    * I call it Ostrich yoga. The eye on the pyramid of the dollar is not the Third Eye. It is the evil eye of zio big brother, who is not your brother at all.

    The Big Pharma of the yidz & co is dumping fluoride and what not in your food chain to put your own real Third Eye out of function.

    The yidz & their whole bunch of bohemian bilderbergers are kid-napping etc. satanists, they don´t have acces to the Higher Ground.

    see this illustration:

  3. actually according to Jesus the proselytes to Talmudic Judaism

    {{{JEWS}}} the Gog & Magog {{{ISRAELI'S}}} are TWO-FOLD the children

    of HELL...the homeland of Jesus hating psychopaths...


    JEW TERRORISM is Jesus hating {{{GOOD JEW}}} TERRORISM !!



    VOTE MILIEKOWSKY !!! {{{JEWTOPIA}}} For Jesus haters !!!!

    ALL {{{JEWS}}} going strait to HELL/JEWTOPIA...

    and RIGHT SOON...John 8:44 !!!

    Matthew 13:39-43 !!! "in the ovens of truth" !!!

    so why do the MASS MURDER FOR FILTHY {{{TRUE JEWS}}}

    HAVE to hate Jesus...???

    only the Synagogue of Satan psychopaths that Hate Jesus

    {{{MONEY CHANGERS & PHARISEES}}} are {{{TRUE JEWS}}} !!!

    No One on EARTH (even if the Earth is flat) HAS to be a

    {{{{JEW}}}} would imagine that after the HOLOHOAX

    SIX MILLION JEWS...and not one HEBREW !!!

    those that are smart enough to "DO THE MATH"...would simply

    stop believing "JEWISH" lies - and KNOW THE TRUTH !!!

    knowing the truth is how to escape from the stool sculpture

    deity cult compound !!!



  4. Watch this speech by Dr. Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia

  5. julien romanovskyApril 8, 2019 at 3:30 PM

    Addendum: to whomsoever reads this (or not):

    U= Dreaming M= Sleeping

    The fourth is above the Crown, 7th chakra.

    Being a writer, always reading what Paramatma (the All- Soul) the Author of Creation as S/He=IT is called in the Rik Veda writes, I right u all:

    That´s why the place where JC was hanged is named Golgotha (=Place of the Skull canvas)

    Pure Consciousness Your Very Own True Essential Nature (beyond the little skin encapsuled
    ego I) can be metaphorically seen to be the canvas of the entire ever expanding intergallactic kosmos and all of the after-life Maya painting.

    Agreed, it is quite diff. cook, james....

    Don´t take my or any body´s elses word for it, see for yourself, through your two eyes you have been looking at ´things´ or what others tell you. Your Third Eye is Seeing thru Being.

    And with devoting (not through all this bs crazy demons system political voting etc.) yourself to this Activation of this God Given Eye, much spiritual weaponry will come at your disposal that you will & can only use in a righteous way

    Sat Chit Ananda Truth Consciousness Bliss is the name for the Source of all the main four forces now recognised by modern Physics known in India by the Sages. The historic JC had a very close connection with it.

    These rabbis have stolen all the symbols of the Tantra and other systems of Wisdom in India. The six-pointed star, the swastika etc.

    Adolf (Mein Amph H.) being one of the tribe of the 20th century was deeply immersed into occult teachings.

    These satanic rabbis have made an own stolen brew of all they found.

    SAT= Truth (in the sense of Pure Awareness) an = without. So an-Sat is without Truth.

    Since these moddafuckkas reverse everything (that´s how they are written by Paramatma in the scenario, yet it is their own free will) voila: satan.

    It is high time to clean up the synagogue of satan - s.o.s. mess.

    SAT is not only a universal Principle, that can be contacted by any luciferic fool and than Do what you like (the mark of the underwear of the father of Barbara Bush).

    IT is Universal (I/mannent and yet T/ranscendent but (even very logically) it is very Personal.

    The Soul of/in all souls.

  6. Nothing lasts forever, though sometimes it sure seems so.

  7. Shut up and take yer Vacs...

  8. The Lebanese top neurologist Tony Nader who studied at Harvard has published a very valuable book with illustrations on each page on the Human Physiology.

    Check out: The Elephant in Everyones Head page 10

    (unfortunately the TM org now mainly run by US zionist jews in their global good news is jubilant about the starting with TM by ceo of the RotSchild lie factory Rupert Murdog, who is together with the Rotschild clique stealing Syria´s oil in the Golan Heights. Their Guru, MMY. banned his teaching in England prior to the 2003 Iraq invasion because of Tony B. entering the Bush II´s Coalition of the Killing).


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