Saturday, April 13, 2019

My Email to the Sleazy, Backstabbing POS in the WH, Zion Don.

Click your shoes together and keep repeating "Israel is our friend and ally, Israel is our ..."

Thought it was time to vent my frustrations with the WORST president in US history, the Israeli ass-kissing backstabbing greedy, worthless POS, 'Zion Don,' AKA Donald Trump.
That Tubby the Grifter was a lying, thieving con artist I knew before he ran for president. Didn't realize how much of an Israeli ass-kissing backstabbing greedy, worthless POS Donny Drump was and still is.

He's broken nearly all every campaign promise to America, violating his oath of office numerous times to Americans, but doing every thing he can for Israel;
Here's the email sent this past week to the WH:
Mr. Trump:

You'll notice that I didn't use the traditional, honorific title of Mr. President, since the word president should only be consigned to someone honorable, loyal, dedicated to America and a decent man, qualities which you DON'T have.

You ran on the slickly designed 'MAGA' platform, giving hope to desperate Americans who are watching their nation's infrastructure fall down around their ears, since not nearly enough money has been dedicated to maintaining that infrastructure. Why? Because every president, at least since JFK was assassinated by Deep State types, has been shoveling tons of money and tons of free weaponry to Israel, including a bottom-feeding POS like you.

That you were a con artist I knew before you ran, but not many did, and now they're paying a terrible price for voting for a Israeli ass-kissing clown like you.

So I have 2 questions: After a long, arduous day of kissing Israeli ass, your lips must be chapped and sore, so what kind of lip motion do you use to get your lips nice and smooth, so they'll be ready for the next day of Israeli ass-kissing? I'm sure your boss, Bibi, demands that your lips stay soft and pliable so that when you plant a big, wet smoochie on his stinking ass, it will fell like his ass is being touched by angel wings.

Question #2: You're allegedly the author of the "The Art of the Deal." So please tell me what kind of deal is an art when you act like Israel's real estate agent and give away what you have NO right to, like Jerusalem and the stolen Golan Heights? My guess is that either the Mossad has some very nasty tapes of you on Epstein's Orgy Island and you're being blackmailed, but more likely, you know if you keep kissing Israeli ass, when you leave the WH, your multi-billion dollar fortune will have at least doubled.

So I'll end this by telling you the truth: You're nothing more than a back-stabbing, Israeli ass-kissing traitor who doesn't give a rat's ass about the Americans you took an oath to protect and help.

I don't know if there is a Hell, but if there is, after you leave this plane of existence, I know where you'll reside.


Greg Bacon

'Zion Don' is a crafty con artist, but the obvious fact that you or your shell companies went bankrupt SIX--magical Kabbalah number--times as a multi-billionaire reeks of foulness.

One doesn't operate in NYC with Wall Street (((banksters))) unless they're playing the long con and now the chits are due and you're servicing your Israeli and American Jew Masters terrifically, while you ignore that America's infrastructure is falling down around our ears, like the recent Missouri River dam that burst and wiped out farmers in Nebraska and Iowa, mainly due to lack of maintenance.

Or maybe of those Mossad CCTV recordings, made while you visited your Buddy Jeff Epstein on what would become to known as 'Orgy Island' are so disgusting and filthy that you'd do ANYTHING to keep that out of the (((MSM)))?

Or maybe your religion is Mammonism and you'd do ANYTHING to increase your wealth, and a heartless, soulless, murderous POS traitor like you, should be no problem how many Americans--who you swore to protect--get fucked big time, anything for your Israeli/American Jew buddies, right?

Any comment Zion Don, or is your mouth too busy smooching some multi-billionaire like Sheldon Adelson?

Or maybe you're just a total dumbass, who brags about the "The Art of the Deal," who gives away stolen land to Israel, land that he has not

Remember what your Mother taught you, never speak while you have a mouth full of food, in this case, Kosher approved cock, Donny Drumpf.

P.S. If I go offline suddenly, you'll now why.


  1. I'm willing to bet the tapes they have on Tubby involve his daughter, Ivanka. He seems to be very obsessed with how sexy his daughter is while he doesn't seem to even notice his wife. Guess she got too old for him. And I'm willing to bet that Ivanka is about to pass her expiration date. But, she has a daughter, doesn't she? I bet old Tubby is a "hands on" kind of granddad. And, (((Ivanka))) is probably willing to give daddy what he wants so long as it benefits her (((people))).

  2. Great Piece de Resistance, Greg.

    Horse 237 has put up the vid of WH infiltraitor Donald T. in the gj-comment

    Btw the JC on the Gero cross in the Cologne cathedral has the color of the wood on which ´they´ nailed him:

    The whitewashed version of JC´s image was pushed by Iberian pope Alexander 666 (he became Vatican ceo 11 August, 1492) in combination with his papal bull of the Discovery Doctrine can be seen as the beginning of the NWO = JWO

    (imv the essence of the carpenters son teaching was & is : the Resurrection of the Christ Within U= every Uman)


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