Sunday, April 21, 2019

Will this Madness Never Stop?

Killing innocents is bad enough, but when that horrible act is done in their place of worship, it's even more heinous.

Like the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka. So far, 200 murdered and scores more injured.

Christians murdered by what the Sri Lankan govt is apparently going to blame Muslims for in the ongoing war pitting Christians vs Muslims, while the group of religious fundies and their Pit Bull False Flag agencies, like Mossad, the CIA and England's MI6 do the dirty work of those (((zealots.)))

These (((zealots))), although small in size and numbers, have a pervasive influence over much of the world, controlling the banking system, over 90% of the MSM and many members in various Parliaments and Congresses around the world. And even presidents, like Zion Don.

These violent nut cases are very persuasive, able to slither into any place or nation, no matter how small or large. Look at how they've taken control of the USA, which is no longer a sovereign nation, but Israel's bitch.

"According to accounts by retired officials of ... Mossad, the Israelis were simultaneously training the Sri Lanka Army and the Tigers, and providing arms to each. "Victor Ostrovsky, author of By Way of Deception, told Indian Abroad news service in 1991 that the Tigers were trained in Israel in 1985."
It's not only about ruling the world, but the Benjamin's baby.
In Sri Lanka, Mossad trains, arms, and equips both sides -- through its Cambodian Zim Shipping empire, and through its holdings in South Africa -- and perpetrates false flags whenever there is talk of peace. Mossad’s goal is to maintain the lucrative arms market, plus the local drug trade that helps pay for those arms.
Perhaps even Sri Lanka was the site where in 1996, some kind of large device set off in the basement of Colombo's Central Bank Building, was a test run for the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, which put into high gear this Christians vs Muslim clash, with a certain group sitting on the sidelines, like vultures, ready to pick over the pieces once both sides wear themselves out.

Sri Lanka's "Mossad Style" 9-11: Suspicious Videotaping, Twin Towers, Truck Bombs, and All That Jazz

Read below what someone had to say over 70+ years ago about WWII and ask yourself if his prediction has come true:
Those behind this madness know Goebbels prediction is coming true, since they want to kill off our right to Free Speech. Only Good Goyim will read the MSM we control and the rest, well, we have plans for you troublemakers.

Death of Free Speech: Criticizing Israel Will Land You in Prison

What do people/governments do to those they consider to be an enemy?
Christianity, he explained, “is our number one enemy throughout history.

A prominent religious-Zionist rabbi known for his extremist views suggested on Wednesday that the fire that gutted the famed Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris earlier this week may have been divine retribution for the mass-burning of Talmud volumes by French Catholic priests in the city eight centuries earlier.
Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, the rabbi of the Beit El settlement and head of the Ateret Yerushalayim yeshiva


  1. Notre Dame Ablaze: Israeli Rabbi Says Jews Obligated to Burn Down Churches

  2. Greg, Joseph (!) Goebbels, AH ´s propaganda minister was most probably himself, like AH, a jew.

    mileswmathis is a portrait painter, his analysis in these cases is most often right on the money. There is a section on Goebbels in which he links to a 2016 Guardian article of the 105 year old secretary of G. with a vid of her:

    She calls G. a great actor. Indeed. But she will (99,99% ) not have known about the ZIO NAZI scheme of her boss and the Fuhrer.

    Goebbels is said to be a jew from Holland.

    Franz Deckwitz a Dutch (most probably j., I was not really thinking along those lines at that time, he died in 1994, age 60 ) painter whom I knew quite well in Amsterdam.

    Dekwit & / I talked for years in a club in the nightly hours in the basement of the Odeon a 17th century canal building in the old centre of Amsterdam where the USA founding fathers were talking to the Dutch van Staphorst bankers to finance the war against GB.

    Deckwitz was related to Manhattan based Paul Tek (also exit), D. was quite often there


    False flags all over the place. But it it is not ´their´ real deal.

    Their real deal is 5G. It is Apocalypso culling time very soon.

    They can turn up the juice with these 5G toys once in operation as much as they like.

    It must be stopped before their party lampoons are hanging at lampposts and in the sky.

    And if it can´t be stopped then: End of Madness.

    Whosoever reads this: you ever saw a cow falling with mad cow disease.

    That´s YOU in their view

    It is no use to adress the ´´people representatives´´ in Washington DC.

    Most of them in the pocket of the Usurers

    Crazy demon NetanyaWho did 911, apparently drew a parallel between the Promised land of his tribe of fake jews and the Promised land of America, when he received standing ovations of these brainless empty suits during one of his visits.

    And I must give netanyaWhodid 911 credit for his parallel!

    The slc shitty little country of netanyaWho did 911has 3G, no 5G.

    The slc shitty little country was founded by RotSchild tool Adolf H. the boss of Gub.

    When will this madness stop?

    Only a military coup in the US that makes the slc history.

    NetanyaWho did 911 to The Hague.

  3. Julien romanovskyApril 22, 2019 at 3:00 PM

    At Angriffan wil certainly not be published there:

    Check out:

    That is all that ever happened in the Notre Dame.

    Angirfan, why do you censure my answer to Anonymous 20 April 2019 at 14:28 Very telling.

    You can read it here: Julien romanovsky April 21, 2019 at 1:18 PM

    You are said to be 3 or 4 former catholic nuns. I hope you will be able to break away from this diabolic institution. But I am pretty sure you will not for the simple reason that you don´t want to.

    Spanish pope Alexander 666 whitewashed the darkskinned JC icons and gave the green light to the Spanish and Portugese to take possesion of the Americas and kill off the darkskinned Native Americans. All in the name of JC and his Source.

    These are concrete historical facts The Notre Dame was already in full function.

    And that this noble Mexican PM speaks out is the Source coincidancing.


    Catholicism has nothing to do with what JC as we know him now taught or what he stood for.

    The Borgia manipulated image of JC appeared in a dark window of a shop owned by a top satanist who had just made the grade in the period that I happened to be there one day in february.

    After I had zoomed in on this very dark window to protect my self and my two friends this Borgia blond-eyed-bluehaired image of JC appeared. Very surreal.

    Btw my one of my two friends is a European looking white Roma gypsy from Romania the other one is half white half black,

    These two friends of mine on holidays had been abused by him when they were students of an art academy in Holland, they never told me that.

    Earlier that day I had visions of very darkskinned JC & his crew I never had seen before on the internet. While walking in the street that sunny day I was able through my third eye to make them larger and smaller and everybody passing saw that.

    Actually very large when looking skywards. It happened in a small city near Barcelona.

    Many more things happened this is suficient just the apex of the pyramid: The JC images propagated by Rome are false and come from the diaboli mindset of Borgia and all the satanic popes after him.

    It is the larger version of what JC called the s.o.s. Synagogue of satan.

    It is not only the satanic rabbis. Happy Eastern.


  4. SEE MATTHEW 13:39-43 !!!

    the eternal ovens of Truth

    no one has to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

    knowing the truth about the filthy perverts called "JEWS" is the

    exit strategy...



    1. Julien romanovskyApril 23, 2019 at 8:16 AM

      How did this carpenters son actually looked like?

      No selfies at that time, but the Bible gives a profile description:

      Quote: Daniel also described the colour of Christ’s flesh in chapter {10:5-6}. “Then I lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and behold a certain man clothed in linen, whose loins were girded with fine gold of Uphaz: {10:6} His body also was like the beryl, and his face as the appearance of lightning, and his eyes as lamps of fire, and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass”.

      "In this verse Daniel uses the word colour in describing Christ’s arms and feet which disproves those claims that the word colour is not used in the Bible to describe Christ. A similar description is also recorded by John in Revelation {1:15}: “…And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace"


      ´´The White Jesus of today's Christians was modeled on Cesare Borgia, commissioned by Pope Alexander VI in order to gain Christian popularity of massacres of Jews and Crusades against Muslims. Christians were generally not enthusiastic about the Church's crusades bc they believed the ppl being killed looked like Jesus. So the Pope changed the face of Christ.´´ (end quote)

  5. Julien romanovskyApril 27, 2019 at 3:25 PM

    Greg, this whole 5 G roll out is a War Delaration to actually not only human life but all life forms on Earth with micro-macro-cosmic band width.

    The satanic pschyopaths are bound to lose this according to the religion of logic.

    They are like all other life forms temporal phenomena in the non-stop Life show. To put it more scientifically: fellow mortal shitbags who did not create this forever Great Mystery, called Life.

    But their 5 G roll out is really a covert declaration of war wrapped up in a it is good for the (US) economy. 5 G = GG 500.

    I read from victim(s) of a 5 G tower on y-tube in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. So their insane 5 G game is already globally in progress.

    2 last issues: yesterday I read that the Verizon escargot was crawling back into its shell.

    No we will not roll out everywhere only certain cities, common sense of the people will not buy
    their killing scheme, only they must be informed....

    A writer of an article in a IT magazine on the 5 G dangers was fired and his words deleted...

    And USraeli citizen DHS Michael Chertoff is apparently a central force in this dance macabre of 5 G in the US. His full-body scanners in the major airports all over the place are 5 G spewers.

    For those not yet in the know:


    (He & his ´group´ should be jailed & 5G cooked)

  6. This is worth an hour of your time . . .


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