Saturday, May 18, 2019

Why did the Jews Dip Their Toes into the Gentile DNA Gene Pool?

To get rid of those horrible looking visages, like this one, from former Israeli PM Begin, who was one of the world's nastiest terrorists, killing anyone and blowing up anything so Jew Inc could lie about being persecuted and steal Palestine:
And anudder one, more recently from 'STOLENLAND,' AKA as Palestine:
These inhuman faces were brought about by centuries of inbreeding, which was brought about by Jews being kicked out of over 100 nations over the centuries, or rightly confined to ghettos, where they couldn't prey on gullible GOYIM.
Jew Inc knew that in order to blend in and continue on with their millennia old con games, chiseling, robbing outright and sacrificing Gentile kids, they needed to blend in with other GOYIM, hence the toe-dipping into the Gentile DNA gene pool.

For you American Gentiles/GOYIM, chiseling is of importance, since back in the old days, Jews would 'chisel,' or scrape gold and silver coins around the edge, carving off minute bits of gold or silver, and then return the coin to circulation.

But when you control the US Treasury, which mints the coins, you don't have to worry about getting caught, you just put so little silver in the coins, the coins aren't worth being chiseled.

Don't believe me, check the coins in your pocket, you'll find they DON'T have serrated edges, which was once used to let customers know that the coins they got from le merchant, were chiseled.


  1. Menachem begin was a serial kidnapper rapist and killer of small arab boys
    one of the Stern gang took authorities to where a approx 20 small bodies were buried
    and claimed it was Menarchem Behin , who was the first protector of Jimmy daville before the BBC took over

  2. oy vey!

    whatta lovely payot he has (the guy in b/w pic) damn sexy! surely he is ready to bang all the Ivankas out there and upgrade his gene pool. how can a goy blond refuse his manly swagger? mozel tov!

    1. "...bang all the Ivankas..."

      But wouldn't Tubby the Grifter have to get permission from President Kushner?

    2. LOL, that is exactly our boy wonder jared kushy did! He married her & converted her to chosen religion. gotta have Jewish offspring you know! Daddy Orange had to get permission from bibi, who is the real "daddy" of America.

      Same thing happened with chelsea clinton as well.

  3. Julien romanovskyMay 20, 2019 at 1:42 PM


    Jared Kushner, senior advisor of his father-in-law, head of the American Technology Council
    is in charge of 5 G

    vid: 5.06

    “ When I tell you that it is gonna shatter the DNA it is absolutely not an exaggeration. These are frequencies that we cannot handle....Now we are gonna step back in time.. Who and where did this comes from?”


    “John G. Trump’s (uncle of Donald T.) was a leading member of a team of FBI agents that examined the Tesla Papers seized by the US govt. after the great inventor passed away 8 january 1943 in his hotel The New Yorker in Manhattan.

    He concluded that: Tesla’s “thoughts and efforts during at least the past 15 years were primarily of a speculative, philosophical, and somewhat promotional character,” but “did not include new, sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.”

    So Tesla died during the war. Silent weapon expert Deborah Tavares cites from a beam forming document: ´we are told that this (5G) technology cooked your eyes like eggs in WW II.”

    John G. Trump must have had a hand in this early application of 5G weapon technology, he was an outstanding MIT professor and did research for the US army in WWII.

    Tesla worked on wireless tech. The Tesla papers must have ended up up via this all-in-the-family network in Tel Aviv. No surprise.

    The Trump family are said to be crypto tribe members. The present WH resident during a Hannukah celebration in the WH in december 2018: ´ proud that the Jewish faith is so deeply woven into the fabric of my family.  It’s a great honor, I will tell you´.

    To wrap it up: 5 G (WMD) not rolled out in the Tel Aviv territory, but Donald T. shoves it through the throat of all Americans in urban & rural areas: to make America great again. He keeps his campaign promises.


    The American Technology Council & Jared Kushner & .......


    5G genocide tool landed via cryptojew Trump family in israhell and will not be rolled out there

  4. Julien romanovskyMay 20, 2019 at 2:20 PM

    (Looks like Trump is j.) & check out Makow´s articles.

  5. Ivanka Trump's mother, Ivana, is a JEW, so Ivanka is a JEW. So Ivanka didn't have to convert into a JEW in order to marry the jew Kushner. Plus, on her father's side, her paternal grandparents were JEWS. BOTH of Donald Trump's parents were JEWS, so daddy's a JEW, mommy's a JEW,BOTH grandparents on daddy's side were JEWS ; And most likely,like 99.99 to 100% likely, BOTH maternal grandparents were JEWS.

    Probably, Ivana had a few classroom sessions with a herut-likud chabad lubavitcher JEW rabbi in order to have a deeper knowledge of JEW sh*t chabad lubavitcherism before marrying the jew shit chabad lubavitcher bitch kushner. Ivanka did NOT have to convert into a JEW in order to marry kushner. Ivanka is a JEW in her blood/DNA from her JEW mother Ivana and from her JEW father Donald Trump. Ivanka converted from what's called Reformed Jewry to chabad lubavitcher Jewry, that's all. She did NOT convert from Christianity to Judaism. She was NEVER a Christian, she was always a JEW, from the day she was born. BOTH of her parents are JEWS in their blood/DNA. Yes, Donald Trump is a JEW, a JEW in his blood/DNA. We got a real JEW as a president.

    From : Salvatore

  6. Excuse me, I made a mistake : The first sentence of the 2nd paragraph, it's meant to read: "Probably, Ivanka had a few classroom sessions...., NOT "Ivana", "Ivanka". I got "Ivana" the mother confused with "Ivanka" the daughter. The name's sound like they come from Transylvania, lol.

    From : Salvatore


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