Saturday, May 25, 2019

Why won't President Trump Answer my Letter?

Maybe the question should be, "Why won't the Israeli VP for North America, Donald Trump, Answer my Letter," since it's obvious Herr Drumpf is completely loyal to and a servant of Apartheid Israel, and doesn't give a flying fuck about Americans.
Tubby the Grifter is Hillary in Drag, an Obama in white-face.

But here's the letter, sent back on April 8, 2019 and no reply??? Gosh, that saddens me that the WH won't reply to my heartfelt letter to Tubby. Guess he's just too busy taking care of Israel.
Mr. Trump:

You'll notice that I didn't use the traditional, honorific title of Mr. President, since the word president should only be consigned to someone honorable, loyal, dedicated to America and a decent man, qualities which you DON'T have.

You ran on the slickly designed 'MAGA' platform, giving hope to desperate Americans who are watching their nation's infrastructure fall down around their ears, since not nearly enough money has been dedicated to maintaining that infrastructure. Why? Because every president, at least since JFK was assassinated by Deep State types, has been shoveling tons of money and tons of free weaponry to Israel, including a bottom-feeding POS like you.

That you were a con artist I knew before you ran, but not many did, and now they're paying a terrible price for voting for a Israeli ass-kissing clown like you.

So I have 2 questions: After a long, arduous day of kissing Israeli ass, your lips must be chapped and sore, so what kind of lip motion do you use to get your lips nice and smooth, so they'll be ready for the next day of Israeli ass-kissing? I'm sure your boss, Bibi, demands that your lips stay soft and pliable so that when you plant a big, wet smoochie on his stinking ass, it will fell like his ass is being touched by angel wings.

Question #2: You're allegedly the author of the "The Art of the Deal." So please tell me what kind of deal is an art when you act like Israel's real estate agent and give away what you have NO right to, like Jerusalem and the stolen Golan Heights? My guess is that either the Mossad has some very nasty tapes of you on Epstein's Orgy Island and you're being blackmailed, but more likely, you know if you keep kissing Israeli ass, when you leave the WH, your multi-billion dollar fortune will have at least doubled.

So I'll end this by telling you the truth: You're nothing more than a back-stabbing, Israeli ass-kissing traitor who doesn't give a rat's ass about the Americans you took an oath to protect and help.

I don't know if there is a Hell, but if there is, after you leave this plane of existence, I know where you'll reside.


Greg Bacon
I even left my mailing address, in case Tubby wants to use the mail, but at this point, I'm not expecting a reply.


  1. I'm betting that those tapes the Mossad has on him feature his daughter, Ivanka. Or at the very least some lookalikes so Tubby can do some role playing. Ivanka is probably a little long in the tooth for him these days ... but I think he gets off on the idea of banging someone that looks like a transgender copy of himself (minus a hundred pounds or so).

  2. Very good letter to Strumpf (jew suck-sock puppit), Greg and good (haha) comment Anon


    As you will know the 17th of june 2019 a big international 5G conference will be held in Valencia.

    EuCNC 2019 & Global 5G Event in Valencia, June 2019

    A second comment ping pong: APOCALIPSIS 5G - EL EVENTO EXTINCIÓN (ESPAÑOL)
    So what is the city of Valencia actually hosting 17th june 2019? I am ´a writer in residence´ here. And I noticed that the EuCNC censored this comment of a month ago. See: Gabreal Jones April 29, 2019 at 11:24 ´´Valencia beware of what you are hosting. 5 G is a great danger, it is a deadly Ferrari" at: I don´t speak Spanish but I notice that most people I meet don´t know anything about the danger of the 5G roll out and your evil intentions. Every 50 meters or so antenne boxes will hang on the street lamposts. Experts in this vid say that these boxes are not only big brother surveillance tools but WMD Weapons of Mass Destruction. Funny, Brussels the city that houses the ZioNATO headquarters and the EU (= RotSchild´s European Soviet Union) parliament has suspended the 5 G roll out. The small country at the other side of the Mediterranean that was established by the satanic banking RotSchild cabal in 1948, invented
    5 G.... it is not rolled out there. EuCNC, Eugenics? When people are no sheeple anymore they will cook you all at EuCNC like eggs! I will see to it they will watch this video. Btw a big national tv station in a major European country will expose what you are doing before the 17th of June 2019. In the best scenario you´ll end up for the rest of your life in jail (with no internet, I phone and the like). The Bolshewik* Cheka (the forerunner of the KGB) of Lenin, that consisted of mainly askenazi jews financed by the RotSchild Wallstreet j-bankers caught the Russian Christians with a net: 66 million Russian Christians killed according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn in Soviet times. You (maybe you are not j-tribe members but their pathetic useful idiots) try to do with todays speedy 5 G internet the same. You will not succeed. It is you who will bleed! * Read Juri Lina Under the Sign of Scorpio pdf en Espagnol:

  3. Greg,

    You DO need to use this one in future!

    1. It's amazing how much truth can be in a meme.

  4. Check out:

    It is now a wellknown fact that the 5 G technology originated in the small country (since 1948) on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. But did 5G which once rolled out will pale Orwell´s 1984 originate there? Check out:
    Vid : 5.21 >>> Let´s trace back who and where this (5 G) comes from: The connection between the Trump family and Nikola Tesla. The uncle of the present WH resident, John Trump after ´browsing´ through the Tesla Papers said that they did not really contain any new concrete findings. Did Tesla invent a socalled Death Ray? Deborah Tavares Silent Weapon expert says that 5 G technology was already applied in WW II :´´It cooked your eyes like eggs´´. Fred Trump, the father of... is known to have very close ties with the Chabad Lubavitch sect. Jared Kushner the son-ín-law of Donald T. is also his senior advisor and is known to be very connected to this sect: moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, the bounced cheque of the Golan Heights written by T. & his pushing 5 G etc. etc. The video shows Jared K. in his function of the American Council of Technology meeting with NetanyaWho did 911. Donald T. was born in a German crypto jew family, watching T. speaking at this Hanukkah celebration in the WH dec. 2018, leaves no doubt about it:
    http://www.renegadetribune....(read the Mothman 777 comment) &


    Greg, the WH dec 2018 hanukaka vid gives you the answer to the question raised.

    1. Julien romanovskyJune 1, 2019 at 3:31 PM

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      The Producer of Cosmic Disclosure was Jay Weidner. In this episode Jay Weidner reveals the truth behind the Corey Goode Enigma and he explains why he does NOT believe Corey Goode. Indeed after four years of testimony Corey Goode has produced zero witnesses and zero evidence. his predictions of a 'data dump' have not come true now, four years later. In this series we will examine in great detail, the words and actions of Corey Goode and his fellows in the Sphere Being Alliance."

  5. Greg, the excellent find of "musique" of netanyaWho did 911 with "Trump at the ATM Wailing Wall" at the RotSchild UN got posted at the Exopolitics site for a moment. But since the jr comments and your own here at Goon Squad are a little over the guidelinbes of Disqus it is withdrawn uno. you know.


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