Friday, June 28, 2019

How to End the Wars for Wall Street & Israel

Because that's what these endless wars are for, Wall Street, which is making a killing off the killing and Israel, our Colonial Master, who treats our armed forces like they belonged to them, always passing on lies about the next ME or SW Asian nation they want busted up for the glory of Zionism.
But Americans are told that these wars are necessary, for our national security or some such BULLSHIT.

So if national security is really at risk, that means EVERYONE needs to pitch in to help.

So, we reinstate the draft, and that includes drafting women. And NO college deferments. Which means instead of hiding out at the University of Israel-Harvard campus or with their Skull & Bones buds at Yale, Chip and Muffy will be in trenches, getting shot at--and shot--along with Billy Bob, Ellie Mae, Jose, Maria, Tyrone and DeShonda. After all, it's a national security thing, so no longer will the poor and disenfranchised be the only ones coming home in body bags.
And no deferments if you're married. You can stay in touch with the family online, which ain't the same as being back home, but after all, it's for our national security.

The next one will really make some scream, since it involves a surtax on income. Those making more than $100,000 a year will get tagged an extra 2%. Those making over 500,000 will pay an extra 3%. Those making more than a million, an extra 5%. Those making more than 10 million, an extra 10%. Those making more than 50 mill, an extra 15%.

And since corporations keep reminding us that they too are people, they get to pay also. After all, it's for our national security. And their fair share will be a surtax of 25% on GROSS income. See, I'm doing them a favor. By taxing the gross, they'll save tons of shekels, since they won't have to hire all those lawyers and accountants to scrub the books, to make it look like they're losing money, Amazon style.

And that is how to end these Wars for Wall Street and Israel. Quite simple, but not easy.


  1. We have already stated how the Jews, with few exceptions, viewed such promises and prophets. They were never able to tolerate a prophet, and always persecuted God’s word and declined to give ear to God. That is the complaint and lament of all the prophets. And as their fathers did, so they still do today, nor will they ever mend their ways. If Isaiah, Jeremiah, or other prophets went about among them today and proclaimed what they proclaimed in their day, or declared that the Jews’ present circumcision and hope for the Messiah are futile, they would again have to die at their hands as happened then. Let him who is endowed with reason, to say nothing of Christian understanding, note how arbitrarily they pervert and twist the prophets’ books with their confounded glosses, in violation of their own conscience (on which we can perhaps say more later). For now that they can no longer stone or kill the prophets physically or personally, they torment them spiritually mutilate, strangle, and maltreat their beautiful verses so that the human heart is vexed and pained. For this forces us to see how, because of God’s wrath, they are wholly delivered into the devil’s hands. In brief, they are a prophet-murdering people; since they can no longer murder the living ones, they must murder and torment the ones that are dead.

  2. And still there won't be any Jews serving. They run back to Israel to serve in the IDF (because they view it like hunting in a game perserve -- all the the thrill of the kill and none of the danger), but they never serve in the US armed forces.

    They'll get religious exemptions or conscientious objector status and if that doesn't work -- they'll do what Trumpy did -- pay a Jewish doctor to fake a condition that will get them out of service. Once again it will be the goys who risk their lives while the "chosen" will wring their hands and lead us on a new rebellious "era of love" leading the anti-war movements so that the blame will be shifted away from Jews/Israel to the vague military industrial complex or deep state bogeyman.

    Although, this time, I don't think America is supposed to emerge the victor. I think they know their time is up here and we are in the looting phase before they slither over to China to drink some fresh blood. Americans are getting too broke and too hated to keep up our masters in Tel Aviv.

  3. I agree. The parasite has sucked nearly all the life out of its American host, so it's time to move on, but they want to be sure their aren't any crumbs left. The Kushner Vacuum will assist them in that phase of the looting.

    All that gold that China has amassed makes it a very tempting host.

  4. Comment by the cyber mossad marmots hacked at your nxt sleazy Kushner piece, Greg.

    I try it here:

    Check out:

    Donald T. is gonna rock the world - Dan Pena on London Real. Published 18 march 2016.

    The jr comment, 46 minutes ago:

    How wrong this empty suit Dan P. is: **

    Donald T. puppit for the jew elite. Vid: 10.00 – 11.09

    “ So now you can see how absurd that the j. owned media hates Donald T., when they actually love him. Take CNN for example all j. owned & run. Major shareholder for CNN is (…) a israeli billionaire. Head of CNN is zionist Jeff Zucker* along with the many jew zionist propagandists such as Larry King, Wolff Blitzer and many more. But you get the point, the media the media has been “against Donald T. “ is because that was the zionist script that was written. This glaring contradiction is how you can see this elaborate charade and deception of T. the socalled anti establishment figure. Now you know when you see him call out CNN or any other mainstream media outlet, it is a ruse and nothing more than a zionist entertainment and destraction for a dumbed down & ignorant populace. The bottom line is you cannot be anti-establishment, anti-globalist and be pro-zionist pro-israel. This is the real truth and until we see otherwise, nothing will ever change”

    See the Gabreal Jones comments at :

    *JZ is j., the commentator reading the comment of this christallclear vid forgets to mention this, j. run wiki says he is j.

    ** Jared at 4.24 of this vid.


    After T. selected by the j.bankers finally made it to the WH, I remember that I was back in Amsterdam, Rotterdam for a while, although it was risky. Had to get used to actually not being able to live in a normal way in Holland.

    In my esp ora + labora labyrinth Trump came up in connection with a famous tv talkshow host Sonja Barend in connection with him. She is jew. If she is still breathing she will be quite a wrikled doll. And quite so, to say the least:

    In that period I ´Saw´ that the Portugese synagogue in Amsterdam, probably the oldest in northern Europe after the jews are said to be expelled from Spain had babies underneath the ´altar´ where the traditional Tora rolls are kept.

    And that lady Barend- as a real ugly and monstrous jew witch- was in charge of this macaber piece de theatre. It awakened my fury. Such things occured when I was walking in full day light and my other ´normal´ fellowmortals were witnessing it.

    True or not in the dream of the waking state in Dutch society. I leave that open...

    The point I want to arive at now here is: all these Donald T. supporters and all these other synagogue buddies they have a kind of glow around them.

    And knowing the fruits of their diabolical tree....

    Last but not least Shimon Peres once visited this synagogue. I hwanted to confront him with his role in 911. The police picked me up. I still had to pay a fine for train travel. I paid.

    Returned to see my friend Peres. He entered the sacred building at the back.

    I roared some one liners. After he left also via the ´artist exit´ at the back I sharfed my views on him and them, the visitors, who were naturallement all jews.

    Fake jews who run the world, sorry, forgot an ´i´ who ruin the world.

  5. Greg, they must pass us (am sure the group of people that see them for what they are, is getting bigger. They are insane and are out to kill you, is a good way to start a conversation in front of the coffee machine? Boy, am I happy that I live now in Spain, I don´t speak a word of their Chinese)

    Even in Amsterdam there is some progress: (perhpas off the record, Greg, since it is huge for me personally))

    Eberhard vd Laan former Mayor of Amsterdam has died. Already 5 okt 2017. I just found that out. He tried to finish me off moren than often. Too long a thread to get into that one.

    The jew york times had this article about it:

    He is jew and there is a vid of Peres leaving his Mayor of Amsterdam house. Peres when I washed his ears in 2013 outside that synagogue visited vd Laan:

    (anyway, this report + vid I was looking for: )


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