Tuesday, June 25, 2019

JEWTUBE Doesn't Allow Truth, But it has a Queer Kids Channel

JEWTube has been terrorizing free speech lately, with those who dare ask historical questions about WWII or the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag or dare question what those phony Jew impostors are doing to the indigenous Palestinians kicked off their platform.

And above all, don't put a video on your channel with evidence showing that JOOGLE has been interfering in US elections and promises to fuck with the upcoming 2020 general election, it too will get Shoah'd.

But they have no problem in pushing the globohomo agenda, which is targeting our kids online and in schools.

And here's their channel, available to all 24/7, "Queer Kid Stuff." Which has over 14,000 subscribers, but I imagine most of those are sickos trolling online, looking for young boys to molest.

That channel creatures that look like this. "Class, these two will be your replacement teachers today!"
Would you let either one of these things close to your kids, let alone teach them in class? I wouldn't either.

But the globohomo agenda doesn't take the super-majority of people's feelings into account. These things can't reproduce, so they have to recruit and the very young is a fertile recruiting ground.
This isn't the first time a nation has been subverted from within, it happened to Germany in the 1920's, after they lost Bankster War I:
Germany and the Jewish Question

7. The share of the Jews in immorality.

Even an objective observer completely devoid of antisemitic feelings, will no longer be able to avoid forming the impression, that when there are accumulated so many cases of immorality and impropriety, then it must be due to a moral and spiritual attitude typical of Judaism, which is in direct conflict with that of a cultured nation. The accusations of the inferiority of Judaism, which come to light by establishing these facts are so weighty, that it becomes necessary to make some reflections about it. It has been proven in the case of Germany that everywhere, where the prevailing morals and customs were systematically broken down, where immorality was turned into business, Jews were massively overrepresented or even leading. The “sexual science” one of the darkest appearences of the past decade is even markedly a Jewish invention, which only they have known how to turn into a flourishing business.
Even the authentic “Jüdische Lexicon” (Jewish Dictionary) has to admit to a particularly strong, racially determined sexuality in Jews; it states cautiously: “The Bible itself contains sufficient references to the sensual element; the sexual intercourse was sometimes strongly accentuated ... The sermons of the prophets resound again and again with complaints of adultery, which are referred to all too often.” (Vol. V, p. 384). This strong sexuality in Jews, chained in the ghetto of the Middle Ages was flooding into the public life of the states as a result of the emancipation. But it didn’t get a completely free line until all barriers in the form of police surveillance and censorship were removed in Germany after the defeat in 1918. Then a flood of immoral litterature, immoral films and theatre plays poured out into Germany, primarily nourished by Jews. Concerning the field of litterature it has already been mentioned, that the publishers and writers of the immoral litterature, that were flooding the book market, was Jews and Jews again. In the hundreds of thousands of volumes that were seized in 1933 we find the same names repeatedly. Aside from publishing houses like Benjamin Harz, Richard Jacobsthal, Leon Hirsch, M. Jacobsohn or Jacobsthal & Co., we mention here above all the Vienna-Jewish “Verlag für Kulturforschung” (Publishing house of Cultural Research), the production of which could fill whole libraries. The names say everything: “Sittengeschichte des Lasters” (The history of morals and vices), “Sittengeschichte der Schamlosigkeit” (The history of morals and shamelessness), “Bilderlexikon der Erotic” (Picture Lexicon of Erotiscism), “Sittengischichte des Geheime und Verbotene” (The history of the secret and the forbitten) etc.

Among the writers the following names should be maintained: Dr. Ludwig Lewy-Lenz, Leo Schidrowitz, Dr. Iwan Bloch, Franz Rabinowitsch, Georg Cohen, Dr. Albert Eulenburg, Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld.

Iwan Bloch and Magnus Hirschfeld were also the real representatives of sexual research camouflaged as science, that was really nothing but mere pornography and degradation of marriage and family. Their collaborators were Felix Abraham and Lewy-Lenz. However one looks in vain for any known non-Jewish “sexual scientist”!

The filthy publications of these pseudoscientists speak clearly about what was going on in the “Institue for Sexual Science” and similar enterprises of Magnus Hirschfeld: “Sexual catastrophies”, “Sexual Pathology”, “Aphrodisiacs”, “Contraception” (by Magnus Hirschfeld); “The Perverted”, “Prostitution”, “Sexuality in our Times” (by Iwan Bloch).

It must be ascribed to their uninhibited sex drive, that the boisterous slogans for free love, the uninhibited right to live out all urges, the impunity of homosexuality and abortion were dragged into public life. Especially an energetic campaign was launched for free abortion and again Jews were leading on: Dr. Max Hodann, Dr. Lothar Wolf, Dr. Lewy-Lenz, Martha Ruben-Wolf, Felix Halle, Alfons Goldschmidt. From the same circles came also numerous writings, which made propagande for birth control and contraception.

Finally we must not forget the Jewish city medical officer for the capital of Berlin, Dr. Max Hodan. He spread the poison of moral decay in the broad public with his “Worker’s Sexual Chronicle” and thus acquired a certain unlaudable fame by carrying on shameless propaganda for male and female masturbation.

The Danish ambassador in Haag, Scavenius, was quite right when he said about three years ago in a radio lecture, that Germany at that time had become the pornographic centre of the world.

Need more proof of the JEWSA's degeneracy?

‘Use lots of lube & enter anus slowly’: Chicago schools teach anal sex to 5th graders

US college suggests ‘God is queer,’ heaven forbid you challenge it!

Don't know if there even is a God, but if there is, pretty sure he/she/it isn't queer.
Over Parent Objections, Public School Teaches 6-Year-Olds About ‘Transgender Ravens’ And Gender Fluidity

Should a six-year-old be taught to use transgendered pronouns and believe in so-called gender fluidity? The leaders of Superior Elementary School in Boulder Valley School District, Colorado, think so.

Last November, the school showed children from kindergarten to fifth grade videos from “Queer Kid Stuff” and a stage play about transgenderism to promote “acceptance and inclusivity” especially related to the transgender community. Some parents are outraged and are seeking possible legal remedies.

These videos come from a YouTube channel called the “Queer Kid Stuff,” which bills itself as providing an “LGBTQ+ educational webseries for children ages 3+, hosted by a tie-wearing queer lady, Lindsay, and her non-binary best-stuffed friend, Teddy. Gender Studies 101 meets Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood!” Some other videos from this channel include “Dragqueen Makeup Transformation” and “Unicorns Are Queer Horses.”
Maybe it's just a coincidence that the globohomo agenda is being kicked into high gear at the same time a certain group of homicidal maniacs want the USA to "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" and maybe not.

But I do know that both of these 'coincidences' have the same common (((factor.)))

I have no problem with Adults--meaning 18 and over--joining these weirdos, but I have a BIG problem with these sickos creeping into the minds of kids, trying to turn them into carbon copies for future playtoys.


  1. The story in the Bible about the Children of Israel is not about Mongolids
    Negroids, or "Jews"....

    according to the Son of the Almighty... @ John 8:44 the Truth hating
    synagogue of Satan {{{MONEY CHANGERS & PHARISEES}}} were and are the
    offspring {{{SPAWN}}} of a two legged reptile

    no one on earth has to have a cranial cavity full of stinky {{{MUD}}}
    "JEW POO" . . .Knowing the truth is the way out of the stool sculpture
    deity cult compound

    The Synagogue of Satan ...BAD FAITH religion is about Mass Murder for
    FILTHY LUCRE...defiling that which is holy, and hating Jesus.

    Jew worshipping is the nadir of stupid "spiritual blindness" !


    the homeland of the Synagogue of Satan is "HELL".....!


    look for a "PROSELYTE" 2 fold child of hell = "JEW" = Jesus hating psychopath
    {{{PHARISEE/MONEY CHANGER}}} = Mohel with Herpes = Wall Humping Dyke =
    Kol Nidre ....LIAR/MURDERER...= Synagogue of Satan...{{{JEW}}} in the
    6th chapter of I Chronicles or anywhere in the Old Testament....

    NO Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo...
    NO {{{JEWS}}} in the Old Testament

    The story in the Bible is about the Children of Israel = White People
    Nations...not about ...Jesus hating proselytes to Talmudic Judaism

    Jesus declares @ Matthew 13:39-43 to "PUT THE IN THE OVENS"...
    the eternal fiery furnace of truth...!


    No one on Earth HAS to believe lies...not even so-called {{{JEWS}}}.



    1. @ Davy, do your homework like the white baby killer, baby eater & baby blooddrinker Henry A. Kissinger (you might probably know him)


      Foreign Relations, 1969-1976, Volume E-5, Documents on Africa, 1969-1972

      Released by the Office of the Historian


      THE WHITE HOUSE WASHINGTON Tuesday, January 28, 1969


      FROM: Henry A. Kissinger

      SUBJECT: U. S. Options in Biafra Relief

      " Biafra (3, 000 sq. miles, 4-6 million). Colonel Ojukwu -- 35, British-trained, erstwhile playboy -- presides over the popular support and military morale of a people convinced that defeat means extinction. The Ibos are the wandering Jews of West Africa -- gifted, aggressive, Westernized; at best envied and resented, but mostly despised by the mass of their neighbors in the Federation. They have fought well (by African standards) against heavy odds; their cynical public relations use of the starvation has been brilliant."

      >>>The Ibos are the wandering Jews of West Africa<<<

      (written in this declassified memo of fake jew Kissinger still alive by his daily childblood drinking, rersearch >>>adrenochrome<<<

    2. & Davy


      “The biblical description of JC

      In this verse Daniel uses the word colour in describing Christ’s arms and feet which disproves those claims that the word colour is not used in the Bible to describe Christ. A similar description is also recorded by John in Revelation {1:15}:“…And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace”.

      John, on looking at Christ’s feet, compared their colour to that of fine brass when burnt in a furnace. This proves that He is Black. Other disinformation being circulated is that Christ was Middle Eastern and olive skinned, but since olives (left image), come in green, brown, dark red, purple, or dark black, this line of reasoning would suggest that Christ may have been green in complexion in order to avoid accepting the biblical description of Him being Black, like the olive colour on the right cornerof the left image."

      That´s is the reason why I say, 5GSUS!¡ we live since 1492 in Silly Icon times. Referring to Rodrigo Borgia, born in Xativa in the province of Valencia who became 11 august 1492 ceo of the Vatican. Search-re-search >>> Discovery Doctrine <<< papal bull alexander VI.

      All of the icons of JC & his hebrew crew showed him & them as general Schwarzkopffff and his troops.


      Corbettreport on 5 G:


      vid: 21.53 The Russian defense ministry to transmit to the operators the freqeuncies of 5 G.

      Sheople all over the globe are wakin up:


      (Aussies Against 5 G irradiation, upl. 7 hrs ago)

      From the same American uploader Stranger than Fiction News, yesterday:


      vid 13.15 Where the rich live 30 years longer than the poor. In rich white Streeterville Chicagoans can expect till 90, in poor black Englewood it is just 60.

      And linking to the degeneracy: the young kid (probably on dope) dancing in trance with the travas.

  2. The agenda is indoctrination of kids to accept these perversions as "normal" behavior. The ultimate goal is to break down the final taboo: pedophilia. We can see the seeds of this being sown in the transgender movement. When you push the idea that a child as young as 3 can decide how they feel about their own body -- ie., they "feel" like a boy when they have the body of a girl -- and that kids should DECIDE what gender they are -- you are setting the precedence for even very young children to be seen as capable of making decisions about what they want to do with their body. If young children can decide to undergo gender transition (which includes taking cross sex hormones and eventually mutiliating their bodies with permanent cosmetic surgery), then it isn't a stretch to think that children are mentally competent to enter into sexual relationships at a young age, too. The bonus to this plan is that it also is going to decrease population of the "useless eaters" as transitioning often leaves the transgender person sterile (either through penis removal or hormonal treatments that damage fertility permanently).

    And it is no coincidence that the LGBQT community has chosen the rainbow, unicorn, etc. as it symbols. Traditionally these things were used for children's items. They are trying to lure children into the fold at a very young age.

    Previously, I defended the gay community because I thought -- who cares what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom? But, I realize now that it was a slippery slope. At first, they just wanted tolerance. Now, tolerance is not enough. Then, we were forced to say that it is "normal" to be gay. The current trend is that we have to celebrate being gay -- as if it is "special" and somehow better than being straight.

    The gay movement, benign as it was at first, has unleashed a torrent of perversion in society that it quite close to overtaking Weimar Germany as the abyss of moral filthy and society decay. Furries, people who get their rocks off having their diapers changed, and worse. Anal sex is no longer just a gay thing but is considered normal for straight people, too. Any man that would prefer an anus to a vagina is gay. Period. If you like having feces all over your junk -- 1) you are sick and 2) you are gay. Nobody normal likes anal. Nobody.

    So, I went from being sympathetic to disliking gays very much. Had they just wanted the right to bang the person of their choice in private, it would have been fine. But, it will never be enough for them. Not until being straight becomes persecuted and has to be hidden in the closet. Until then, they won't stop.

    Jews are Satanists and Satan likes to inverse good and evil. If a Jew tells you something is good -- you should know that it is 100% evil. Which is why people should ignore everything the media says because it cannot be trusted. It has fallen into the enemies hands and it is being used as a tool in the destruction of the US which is happening as we speak. I doubt enough people will wake up as the conservatives are too busy kissing Israeli ass because "Israel has to exist for Jesus to come back" and the liberals are too busy kissing Jew ass because "poor LGBQT people" are being persecuted by those mean old straight people. But when exactly does every retailer vomit "straight pride" colors over everything to celebrate "straight pride month"? Where are the promotions of "Straight Kid Stuff" shows?

    1. Thank you, Sir!
      Well said...

  3. That crowd of freaks is demanding--and sometimes getting--more rights than the rest of us have, why is that? Because the (((Deep State))) fucks like to keep us distracted with all sorts of nonsense, so we stay confused, frightened and lethargic.

    On June 23, the Antifa thugs attacked a talk at the University of British Columbia given by people opposed to these things trying to take over society.
    If that doesn't prove Antifa is a tool of someone with ulterior motives, nothing does,


  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nca3Z3-9K4c

    Angela Merkel Visibly Shaking Next to Ukrainian President

    18 june 2019


    Check out:


    GabreaL Jones April 29, 2018 at 2:39 PM

    ESP vsit to Frau Merkel

    At her table in the morning in the lighted living room, all curtains etc. were closed she suddenly confessed being a full jewe/ss and being a full fledged ´satanic robot´.

    I call it ´wandelende medicijnkastjes´ walking medicine cupboards. It is rampant......

    GabreaL Jones November 2, 2018 at 4:18 PM

    ….Angela btw did not confirm the Adolf H. sperm, but she confessed to be a Kinderfresser.

  5. "Angela Merkel Visibly Shaking Next to Ukrainian President"

    That can be caused by someone eating human flesh, some type of brain parasite that infects the eater's body.

    "Would you care for some Spirit Cooking, Herr Merkel?"

    Or maybe as someone else said, some demons were trying to escapee her body, because it was too crowded?

  6. https://www.facts-are-facts.com/article/rand-corporation-operation-global-manipulation

  7. The jew who started "political correctness"..= no criticism...do what thou wilt....



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