Sunday, June 16, 2019

See President Kushner's Fav Goy Toy in Action!

All joking aside, let'e not forget that America is being pushed into anudder war for Israel and Wall Street, which will make Wall Street hundreds of billions and Main Street, USA poorer in wealth and the loss of their loved ones.




  1. Greg, David Chapelle - imv- is cloned. He was offered 500 million usd for a more ´controlled´ scenario but refused, went to Africa for a retreat (fled away, better said) for a short time, returned and changed entirely in apperarance, voice and ways.

    Check out:

    ´´If you think the idea that they clone ppl and replace them is ridiculous then you are WAY behind the curve and you need to do some research´´

    writes Dutch artist Rob Scholte, who btw lost both of his legs (up to his knees) when he stepped into his ´prepared´car - unrelated to n/jwo it is an inside the Amstersdam dope &art scene job, I happen to know via some insider the íns´& ´outs´but beside the point here & now- - and drove away.


    Tomorrow the 7th big international 5 G conf. will be held in Valencia before actually the worldwide roll out of this ultimate WMD.

    Silly Icon valley that´s the code that banged through my skull 20-30 years ago, the code of the time we are living in now.

    It - this collective karma, about the in´s & out´s roughly I wrote here at GS, thank you for that señor Bacon - can be averted but then a mass awakening has to take place and as far as I can see most of the people are snoring through the alarmclock.

    OK, a hint, Scholte was working in Japan on a huge project of the Dutch East Indian Company. The Dutch had as only European nation acces to the completely closed culture of the Japanese isles. It was in a time that I did not make local television yet, monthly, and I took that as an offence, his blindness , which only reflected the Dutch coll. view point, with a exception of a few awakened Dutch thinkers- about the Dutch colonial past.

    America (and also the USA) is based on blood & skulls of the Native Amnericans. But not all ´savages´ got killed off, unfortunately for kaminSki heil!

    The only thing that is bit known about it is the 5 dollar indian stuff, full whites who posed as indians for 5 usd and got land and money etc.. The rest of the remaining socalled Redskins ´they´ thought a few hundred thousands only was stashed a way in wastelandreservations and a very few turned the roulette in casinos.

    That´s what I mean check, again & again native descendants like TowayPakaway, Johnnie Aborigine. They tell the real story about the US & the rest of the Americas based on unbiased
    white historians etc. whose true version did not get thru the white-jew-matrix. And of course the IS REAL tales their (grand)parents told them.

    I am certainly not against all people here in Valensia where I happened to ´land´ 2 years ago. But yesterday I found a link that confirms, what I suspected already. Quite a lot of satanist groups in the 3 main cities in Spain, Valencia is the 3rd city.

    On top of that the noble full bloodED Spanish 2nd or 3rd gen. Spanish present Mexico PM who told the Spanish govt. "no time for an apology?", talked to only deaf ears: Nada, niente.

    The real Apex of this false groovy bohemian bilderberg (esp. in the Americas) is that this Borgia most probably a cryptoyid like 1492 Chris C. whitewashed the deeply melanated Guru behind what is known now as the Christian religion and confiscated all the American land mass
    from Alaska to the Southern tip of South America.


    What has kaminSki Heil ´s hero has to do whit this?

    to be ctnowd

  2. Silly Icon(s)?

    check out:

    The physical appearance of ancient Hebrews & the sons of Ham


    recorded earlier roughly here at GS:

    “In 1928, Hitler remarked, approvingly, that white settlers in America had “gunned down the millions of redskins to a few hundred thousand.” When he spoke of Lebensraum, the German drive for “living space” in Eastern Europe, he often had America in mind.”

    “Thomas Jefferson spoke of the need to “eliminate” or “extirpate” Native Americans.”

    “He made frequent mention of the American West in the early months of the Soviet invasion.”

    “The Volga would be “our Mississippi,” he said. “Europe—and not America—will be the land of unlimited possibilities.”

    "Adolf Hitler's special train, the Führersonderzug was named Führersonderzug "Amerika" in 1940, and later Führersonderzug "Brandenburg".."

    AH is the (RotSchild) founder of israhell, which "made" 5 G - imv based on the stolen - by the FBI- Tesla papers- but does not roll out 5G.

    AH´s life train brought him to nazinest Argentina, where he stepped out in early 1960´s.

    The uncle of Donald T. working as a scientist for the US govt. during 40-45 played a central role in getting these papers and must have been instrumental in the wirelless know how of Tesla being apllied in 5 G already during WW II. He died in 1985.

    (btw: The trump family is crypto yid from Allemania, to quote crypto yid Bush II: Make No Mistake About It!)

    Deborah Tavares, silent invisible weapons already in WWII: :" This technology cooked your eyes like eggs."

    To close: there has been a holocaust, burnt offering to establish Satanistan aka israhell:

    The millions of white Europeans - and of course many millions non Europeans during WW II- that died in the WWI + WW II battlefields, all sides financed by the satanic yid bankers & co.


    CIA O

    1. Check out:

      Zee boys from Brazil (full movie, English)


      Where are the True Hebrews upl. 8 juni 2019

  3. One of the most disturbing things or to turn down the volume ´silly things´ of types like Jared Kushner and zum Beispiel Rupert Murdoch any many many more such satanic zionide yids is that they are practitioners of TM Transcendental Meditation.

    But unfortunately for them, they may stand above man made law, it is obvious they make the laws of the US etc. but they don´t stand above Cosmic Law, Natural Law, which has the impersonal law of Karma build in.

    No amount of chicken swinging kaparot (kapa-RotSchild?) will free them.

    5 G will change the frequency of the earth and no safe place to go for these satanic dumbos not to 5G free israhell or in their d.u.m.b.s. (defense underground military bunkers.

    In the after life they end up in eternal isreal hell.

  4. Looks like Yidville Oriental is cooking...

  5. I actually think calling him "president kushner" is giving him too much credit. He is a handler, only. He doesn't have the brains to do anything (or should I say she -- there is a reason why "his" voter registration lists him as a woman and no one caught that when he showed up to vote or bothered to correct it). Nutty-yahoo pulls out the old protocols and assigns a bullet point to old twinkletoes kushy and the tranny in turn threatens to leak some dirt he acquired from Ivanka's therapy sessions about her past childhood trauma in order to get Trampy to sign off. The lie that jews are smart has really got to die. We don't think mobsters are high IQ-- we know their success comes from their brutality. Nutty yahoo is a mob boss. Period. Nothing great about him. He's just a psychopath who rules with violence and fear. Probably because he has little dick or something. Freudian psychology is utter crap for the most part, but it does explain the jew mentality pretty succinctly. Freud's theories are a study in the pathology of judaism.


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