Thursday, June 6, 2019

Why Does Everyone Pick on da Jews?

NOTE: I let out the first part of this excellent article and jumped to the Jew section:
Plastic Recycling and Jousting Jews by Linh Dinh

It’s no mystery, really. I’ve become a pariah because I’ve repeatedly attacked Jewish power. That’s the one unforgivable cardinal sin in that Jew-dominated nation, where every public intellectual, academic, politician and even the president must prostrate himself endlessly before this mendacious, blood thirsty and vindictive Moloch.
How can they forgive me for calling their sacred Holocaust an elaborate myth that’s “propped up by a shoahload of bogus scholarship and hundreds of tear jerking movies”? And I’ve added, “The Holocaust does not explain genocide but enables it, but few dare to say so, for fear of Jewish power.”
Jewish power has only inconvenienced my life a bit, not humiliated me daily, bulldozed my house, arrested me, tortured me, shot me or destroyed my entire society, so I’m the slightest casualty among its millions of victims. Americans, though, are both victims and mercenaries of Jewish power, for even as they help Jewish power to destroy other societies, their own is being deformed and wrecked by Jewish power. America is Jewish power’s war horse, galloping towards the glue factory.

Wars fought for Israel are added to the list of American war crimes, to be condemned by Jews as evidence of the innate evilness of the white race.
Why is Jewish power so hated for so long by so many nations? Elie Wiesel, “For two thousand years the Jewish people lived on the edge of destruction; somewhere Jews were always being killed? For what? For no reason.” Since Jews are always persecuted and killed “for no reason,” Christian and Muslim goys across dozens of countries where Jews have dwelt must be evil, for they have all feared, dreaded or despised Jews to some degree, “for no reason.”
In his eye opening Yahweh to Zion, Laurent Guyénot observes, “Every historical conflict between Jews and goyim is assumed to be the fault of the goyim. If a man quarrels with everyone in his life—his neighbors, his boss, his coworkers, those he meets on the street—and then insists that all of those people are persecuting him for no reason whatsoever, few of us would take him at his word.

Guyénot traces the Jew’s problem to his racist, supremacist Yahweh, who promises that the Jew’s destiny is to rule over the entire world, “The book of Isaiah would be expanded during several centuries, without deviating from the initial plan, which was to make Zion the new center of the world: ‘It will happen in the final days that the mountain of Yahweh’s house will rise higher than the mountains and tower above the heights. Then all the nations will stream to it. […] For the Law will issue from Zion and the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem’ (2:2–3). Kings, Yahweh assures his people, ‘will fall prostrate before you, faces to the ground, and lick the dust at your feet’ (49:23), whereas ‘I shall make your oppressors eat their own flesh, they will be as drunk on their own blood as on new wine. And all humanity will know that I am Yahweh, your Saviour, your redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob’ (49:26). ‘For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you will perish, and the nations will be utterly destroyed’ (60:12).”
Buddha never preached anything so bloodcurdling. This ultimate us against them philosophy is rabidly racist and intolerant, for it judges all outsiders, goyim, as slaves, at best.
Want to see REAL anti-Semitism?

Here's what anti-Semitism looks like in Palestine:
Here's what it looks like in Syria:
Why don't we see the REAL face of anti-Semitism?

Ask these CEO's:
And a very woke comment left at the above blog from Mark Green:
Kevin MacDonald, Andrew Joyce, Alison Weir, Philip Giraldi and many others have boldly and brilliantly dissected the phenomena of Jewish-orchestrated harm, from Palestine to Washington and beyond. It’s real. It’s ugly. And it’s no illusion.

So why not deal with it honestly?

Instead, you attempt to denigrate Linh Dinh for making observations about appalling and unaccountable Jewish power.

Did you even read Dinh’s article?

If so, why don’t you confront his basic paradigm?

To what extent does the international Zionist lobby influence the war policies of Washington?

Has the rule of law and the quest for equal justice under law been compromised by this lobby?

Has Hollywood and mass media lowered the moral tone of the West?

These are important subjects. Why don’t you confront them?

The machinations of global Jewry are vast, complex and dark. But they are real.

And extremely lethal.

In fact, just discussing them can be dangerous. Have you not noticed?

Reputations can be ruined. Careers destroyed.

The Zionist mafia is ruthless. Do you deny this?

Then what have you to say?

What are your thoughts about the insidious role played by Jewish NGOs, activists, and intellectuals in furthering the racial transformation of Europe and America?

Israel obviously rejects this model. Why the difference?

Your words seem designed to deceive. Instead of confronting Dinh’s observations and analysis, you sanctimoniously pretend to counsel him to “get a better job” so he doesn’t “blame [Jews] for his failures”.

Who are you trying to fool?

Linh Dinh is not blaming you or any Jew for his personal problems, whatever they may be. So quit changing the subject.

Dinh is correctly blaming Organized Jewry for widespread political damage, cultural toxicity, and outright war.

Why do you avoid that fact that real Jews, powerful Jews with real biographies and real influence have sponsored and orchestrated serial warfare that has killed or ruined the lives of millions? And these globe-trotting criminals are still at it.

You can find them on television, signing books, and riding in limos.

Is this not disturbing to you?

It should be.
Now that JEWtube is going full ban-hammer on Thought Criminals, banning them or making their videos impossible to find or demonetizing them, it won't be long before their bloody fangs start going after blogs. Which means I'll have to go to Plan #2.

So why does everyone pic on da Jews. Jews should look in the mirror and answer that question.


  1. JooToob says no more to Holo/Sandy Hook deniers....

  2. Every one of those expulsions that happened before was a direct result of the hubris of Jews in pushing things too far. Most people do not aspire to fame, exorbitant wealth, or unbridled power. Most of us are content with having enough and living ordinary lives. Our values are different. But there comes a point where that last straw is placed upon our backs and we refuse to carry that burden anymore. We are rapidly approaching that point.

    These are parasites. Every parasite will suck the blood from its host until it drains the last drop. At some point, the host has a choice, lay down and die or fight for its life. Despite the media's best efforts to demoralize us and convince us that the planet would be better off without us, our natural inclination is to fight. And there are more of us. So we will win. In fact, they can NEVER win. Because they would have to kill off ALL the goyim to win. But, if they do that, who will work? Who is going to clean their houses, grow their food, build their homes, etc? Not the jews -- they haven't done honest work in the last 2000+ years, why would they suddenly start now? Until they perfect robotic servants (and they are fervently working on that right now), they need us. And as long as there are goyim, they can NEVER win. But instead of doing the logical (and decent) thing -- joining humanity instead of trying to dominate it -- they keep doing what they do and feigning surprise when we get angry about it.

  3. The issue has always been their brainwashing from birth that they absolutely have to HATE all the rest of mankind and that their purpose in their miserable lives is to basically "screw the goyim" every chance they can get!

    If these foul creatures want to stop being hated, then THEY have to set the bar by stop HATING everyone else! That would be a decent start, and then they should actually try to join the human race instead of being evil and trying to destroy it.

  4. Yode tube is nwo/owned by Marco sugarmountain googlinsky, really donknow actually if he is still jewman, sorry, human. He is married to a Nipponese lady.

    Check out:


    the jr comment ding dong with a Cat playing Japanese chess: Bobby Fischer Is Back,

    and (recorded earlier, also here at Goon Squad):

    Fischer after he was released from prison in Japan, interviewed on a plane between Denmark & Iceland:

    Vid 1.53 - 2-40: “ First of all United States is a illegitimate country, just like israel. It has no right to exist. That country belongs to the Red Man, the American Indian*. It is actually a shame to be a socalled American, because everybody living there is a usurper an invader, taking part to this crime. Which is to rob the land, to rob the country and kill all the American Indians. I grew up with the concept of freedom of speech, you know. I am too old, it is too late to adjust to the new world, you know the new world order, (Fischer laughs: haha....)

    * Chessmaestro Fischer - like most of us with eyeblinkers on by the educational textbooks- was not yet aware of these facts:



    5 Gsus zisiz how to stop 5g

  5. Here are the right site adresses of Johnny Aborigine (yes, he is not the only black American whose whole family line lived already for thousands of years in the Americas, for the sceptics here is the right maandverband:


    (Tooway Pakaway will most probably mean Johnnie Aborigine)


    Eating, digesting the IS REAL stuff of Tooway Pakaway means a thorough turn in the self-image that the average white Euro American has about him/herself.

    White Americans are at best 2-5 generation of immigrants to the Americas.

    He is against what was preached in the Americas as Christianity. For a start JC was black (deep brown) and got whitewashed by the Iberian pope Borgia, Alexander 666.

    I wiLl write tomorrow about SILLY ICONS VALLEY how this preview code can be averted.

    The discovery doctrine is a piece of anti JC papal bull shit by Borgia Alexander 666 who whitewashed JC. He was bornin Xativa in the province of Valencia and became ceo of the in essence anti JC Vatican 11 august 1492 before crypto yid Chris C. set sail the Developped World of the Orient. He stumbled on the Americas.

    NB The Iberians (Spanish & Portugese) got civilised by the darkskinned Muslim Moors during their 700 years holidays here.

    Imv - see 5Gsus - it is a conditio sine de qua non for the collective dis-ease in presentday US and for that matter in Mexico asnd elsewhere in the Americas to turn the 5G Apocalypso tide

    That the noble and awoke fully Spanish PM of Mexico did not get a listening ear by the Spanish govt. to apologise for the slaughters that the conquistadors caused in for example Mexico is sad for Spain itself.

    The Moors did not kill the Spanish off en mass. They taught them how to was their ass and much more.

    White Americans - in the US- (tho now a majority) can be seen in fact as israeli settlers.

    If this face the music lesson is taken seriously National Education and Sharings Day (what a bs superieur)- since, mind you april 1978, no peanuts, JCarter (he crucified his saviour when he honoured the satanic idiot chabad lubavitch Schneerson)- will be flushed through the toilet.

    If Amereicans don´t they end up as dead 5 G bbq meat in the FEMA eternal holiday resorts of the fake yids.

    I - the Cat in me- will not be amused by it.

    MANNA HATTA. Kill the men of the synagogue of satan with the black hats before they kill you.

    Be radically intergallactically street wise.

  6. Hey Greg ....


  7. Hildabeast brother "died" Friday night...hmmm.

    Chelsea's father in law...


  9. I have never once heard any jew anywhere dispute what is charged in this article. They can't.

    The jew uses a form of reverse psychology always blaming others of just what HE is guilty of.

    Every jew I've known looked down their noses at me, a non-jew. Some obvious, some subtle.

    I saw a cowardly steak in probably every jew I've known given circumstances where cowardice or bravery had an opportunity to raise its head.

    Great article. It's a keeper. (Linked in through Northerntruthseeker.)


    1. The term used is "projecting"accusing others of what you are guilty of.I have always felt that the tribe was collectively insane.I still feel that way.there is no people on the face of the earth more
      tormented by fear than the Jewish people. One of the symptoms of this phenomenon
      appears to be the projection of it onto others. Another symptom is the striking of an
      arrogant, patronizing attitude — such as treating non-Jews as little children who need to
      be "held by the hand". The third most prevalent symptom (not evident in the above
      example, however) is a fixation on anal and sexual dysfunctions and torments.That came from a book titled Exiles in History.go to

  10. @ Matthew Boston ´The jew uses a form of reverse psychology always blaming others of just what HE is guilty of´

    The pot to the kettel, wow you look black.

    Whites play the same game to da yidz. Those who don´t see that are blind.

  11. All (human) beings live indeed always & ever in interesting times. Satanic Dirty Tricks aka Beatrix the daughter of naziprince Bernhard, founder of Bilderberg once proclaimed in a speech with her kaka accent in Dutch: De Leugen Regeert. The Lie Governs. She as queen was the very embodiment of it.

    I call these times the Silly Icons Valley times since the year zero of the socalled Christian era, 2019 orbits ago of this planet around the sun and around its own axe.

    Monday 17th of june 2019 the 7th big International 5 G conference will be held in Valencia, Spain. Before the big Apocalypso 5 G global roll out.

    Recorded earlier: Rodrigo Borgia, born in Xativa in the province of Valencia, became ceo of the Vatican, Alexander 6(66) in 1492, 11 august.

    He did things that are parallel to the tyranical 5 G roll out of today: first he whitewashed all the existing images of JC (still in use all over the globe, no pope ever had the purity to change this basic - basic, because the person of JC is central in churchianity- satanic rip off since then) + he issued a papal bull, the socalled Discovery Doctrine in which all the lands discovered by crypto yid Chris C. and those after him automatically fell under the royal asses of Ferdinand and Isabella the socalled Christian (catholic) rulers of Iberia.

    In my esp xyz ora labora labyrinth, I concluded years ago that this Ferdinand must have been a crypto yid (or at least more than sympathised with this particular tribe). I did not know yet about this Borgia and stuff.

    Borgia warmly welcomed the jews in Roma said to be expelled from Spain.


    @ Davy, The no j. in the OT story is not that important here, now, just a label. And it did not exist simply because the letter J was not used at that time by the black real Hebrews.

    Read all of his stuff. And get rid of these fake ´bilderberg´ mountain of images in your skull.

    The only thing I don´t buy of this (black) in-depth researcher- he refers to for the general public unknown white historians such as Basil Davidson and many more who are in line with his view points- is his view on the Transatlantic Slavetrade. He should update himself with Jack D. Forbes founder of the Native American Studies dept. of the UCLA, who who wrote extensively about the slavetrade and others like Johnnie Aborigine / Tooway Pakaway.

    It is a massive psyop by the white (and white jew) American US mason govt which has its roots here in this Valencia > Roma > white salvadore JC at the Rio Mountain > remember the burning bush of the Luzia skull museum it is a a Silly repeat.

    It is important for the entire American continent since the papal bull shit of Borgia was the basis of the Monroe doctrine - Go West- and Red Skin these animals, savages.


    I for one don´t see the white western civilisation as a peak, it is a complete immoral madhouse in my eyes, and I have looked upon it as such when the Highway became my higschool when I was 16.

    The history cloud of lies in which we live is solid but evaporation of it is possible and necessary otherwise the papal bull shit of ´Valencia´ continues and now with even more deadly intensity.

    It is in the word, that´s how I work: let the language in any given situation in the human world explain the real deal.

    I don´t speak a iota Spanish, but I hear people use the word ´vale´ it is not pronounced as it is written in English, something like ´valay´. It means OK.

    But it is 1008% not OK. The whitewashed JC was the God that these darkskinned Native Americans had to recognise or else their heads ´would be rolled out´.

    Of supreme importance to all living beings incl. the fake jews in AnneFrankenstein etc. in the interesting times we live is the the IoTa (a letter in the Hebrew alphabeta etc. serie of letters).

    Read the jr comment

    5G & Cell Tower Protests Worldwide (april 2019)

    jr comment (not yet deleted by yoo cocker, eh tube

    Probably you mean ´fortunately´ B. has halted 5G. Brussels , I know from my own experiece, is a big center of satanism. Belgian king leopold killed 10 million Congolese when Belgium was exploiting the mineral rich Congo. To upload your cellphone (which is your prison cell in the nwo=jwo matrix) needs for its battery upload cobalt. It is mined by child slavelabor in Congo: . Smartphone, smart city is like aids a satanic name game. Aids is no help for you. You think you are smart with your phone, but you are frying yourself in their IoTa (Internet of Things abbatoir) The cyber security mossad marmots in Tel Aviv laugh their fake yid ass off now. They live in the delusion that 5 G will not touch them as selfchosen shitbags in their ´promised land´. But it does not work that way. When the whole globe will be irradiated there will be no place not contaminated. And the kids- kidnapping-&- fucking-killing & kids-consuming apex apes of the groovy bohemian bilderberg in their d.u.m.b.s. (defence underground military bunkers)- the satanic name game again- will get cooked too. 5 Gsus ! , their beloved talmud hero,

    5 G WILL WORK LIKE AN ALL PENETRATING VIRUS. IT WILL CHANGE THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCY OF THE PLANET AS A WHOLE. NO PLACE TO HIDE. Brussels is housing the EU = European (Soviet) Union. The ussr was financed by the jew wallstreet bankers. In soviet times the secret police of Lenin (consisting of mainly fake jews) caught the Russian Christians with a net and killed them in a horrific manner. Today they use another net, the 5G internet. Read, Juri Lina: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn mentions the number of 66 million deaths in the ussr. Brussels also houses the heaquarters of the ZIONATO. No wonder they don´t turn Brussels in a real microwave gas chamber. The city of Brussels bitch: Oh no, we can´t use the Brussel people as guinea pigs. Vid 16.02:"

    "Baby skulls are thinner than adults & absorb 60 % more radiation, say no to 5 G antennas on our streets" (also in that small country- stolen in 1948 - at the eastern shore of the Mediterranean sea where 5 G will not be rolled out). Check out: Bobby Fischer- he is back- on USrael:


    The polish PM has the blessings of the The Black Madonna of Czestochowa (pronounced Cheez-toh-ho'-va). A month ago fe refused to pay billions to ´holocaust survivors´ in Anne Frankenstein and now he has signed a petition to ban 5 G.


    Wederom: Polonaise

  13. @ He who has eyes, don´t put them into where the Sun don´t shine, especially @ Davy

    Watch this pic of the Ethiopian Hebrews right under the phrase in this chapter and compare them with the JC & his Hebrew crew of the authentic Greek icon of the Holy Monastery of Aghiou Pavlou.

    "Moreover, ancient secular historians like Tacitus agreed on the physical appearance of the Hebrews, stating that it was the general opinion among the Romans that the Jews "were an Ethiopian race."

    (it is common knowledge that netanyaWho did 911 whose actual familyname is Meilikovsky is all for a white only state. These are some of the Real Hebrews of today and of 2000+ years ago having a hard time in RotSchild´s Satanistan.

    NB & Check Out:

    the jr comments:

    from the uploaders yid tube introtxt to:

    " Palestinians claim to be Semites and claim to be descendant of the Canaanites. Since when were Canaanites blonde? Since when did Canaanites have green eyes? Ancient drawings show that Canaanites along with Jews and Ancient Egyptians were originally black skinned with Negroid features. According to DNA over 64% of Palestinians have non-semitic European DNA and are closely related to the Turkish DNA from Europe"

    I sympathise with the suffering presentday Palestinians but they are not descendants of the 2000+ years ago people in that area:

    The txt under the vid will sound rough but IS REAL. "Palestinians are Fake Semites who descend from Ottoman Turks"

    Since the Kazars are seen by dna experts as Turks Mongols, there is quite a till now unknown link between the heavily oppressed Palestinians and the tribe of netanyaWho did 911.



    Do you continue to let them shit in your face?


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