Monday, July 15, 2019

A Look at Israel's Good Buds, ISIS AKA Israeli Secret Intelligence Services

Let's first look at their beginning...
And some of the help they got from real anti-Semites, the kind that kill TRUE Semites, and not the Jew impostors living on stolen land in Occupied Palestine.
Now on to the picture gallery:Israel is arming ISIS? With all that free loot they either get or steal from the West.
Thank G-d someone is watching out for those poor ME Jews Khazars.
When you're G-d's Chosen, any horrific crime is allowed. Don't protest, unless you want to be labeled anti-Semitic.
Gotta get those ISIS head choppers and liver eaters back in action!
It's bad form to attack your paymaster, arms procurer and medical aid stations.
One for the road. ISIS's favorite 3 Stooges outfit, the CIA/Mossad/MI6 backed White Helmets during a comedy routine in Idlib, Syria. Good luck finding or even hearing the Russian/Syrian jets they're babbling about.

Israel must be getting desperate to let BS like this to pose as news.


  1. That's how you know "ISIS" is fake. Any real muslim terrorist worth his salt would hate Israel and would strike them any chance they got. If for no other reason (although there are plenty of reasons -- like the fact that the US is bombing the middle east because Israel wants us to take out their enemies and help them steal more land) than the fact that the US is best buds with Israel. They aren't afraid to attack the Pentagon on 9/11 but they are too afraid to throw a couple of bottle rockets over the Israeli border? Please. That makes zero sense. ISIS is there to keep us hating muslims so we keep bombing their countries and we keep turning a blind eye to the genocide of Palestinians -- even those Christian Palestinians we conveniently forget about. A fake bogey man to justify fake wars for fake reasons.

    1. And Herr Drumpf is the biggest Israel fan of all.

  2. ...and so-called "Jews" will never be Israel.

    Israel is a people ....the White People nations

    really good amount of info on the MOOSLIM {{{ISIS}}}
    eckspeshully since like you know 9/11 pancake theory
    and all those sand niggers sure are crafty

    seems like they'd stumble onto counterintelligence
    maybe Ayrabs just don't have the ability to lie like a Jew

    but with all that oil money surely they could have hired some
    special ops guys to work for um GOLD & DIAMONDS

    Les Visible has a really keen observation @ visible origami

    evetually all the workers of iniquity get to go into the fiery
    furnace of truth @ Matthew 13:39-43

    dailystormer....what really happened...

    also....les wexner and the emet group
    setting up a war room in D.C. - 18 AUG 01
    synagogue of satan billionaires, seriously

    Remember Harry Chapin..?

    rode home on a fiery 1981

    true story



  3. `Israel is a people ....the White People nations ´

    Baseless statement to put it scientifically, BSs, Bull Shit superieure.

    @ Davy, ( + all other fellow mortal shitbags who believe in these falsehoods of the mostly white self-chosen shitbags, the fake jews of the slc, sweet litlle country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, since 1948 founded by RotSchild tool Kein Gaszimmer Adolf H.),

    “Many, again, say that they were a race of Ethiopian origin, who in the time of king Cepheus were driven by fear and hatred of their neighbors to seek a new dwelling-place. Others describe them as an Assyrian horde who, not having sufficient territory, took possession of part of Egypt, and founded cities of their own in what is called the Hebrew country, lying on the borders of Syria”

    (above- serious drinking- website is run by the white fake jews btw.)


    A ancient tablet guarded in the British Museum in London picturing the Hebrews as darkskinned with Afro hair, the Israelites in Assyrian captivity. The latter destroyed Israel 3000 years ago.

    The Ethiopian bible is said to be the oldest on Earth.

    @ Davy, check out:

    the Julien Romanovsky comment of February 5, 2019

    JC was a very dark brownie (again see Tacitus, among other credible sources) Get over it and take a (bottle of) Tequila.

    A whitey - Rodrigo Borgia born in Xativa in the province of Valencia, Spain – could not stomach the existing icons of the very darkskinned JC & his crew and whitewashed them when he became ceo of the Vatican in 1492.

    The darkskinned Afrikan Moors , who were Muslim, who brought civilisation to Spain (+ Portugal) = Iberia were driven out after 700 (!) years.

    The socalled conquistadores initiated the white (actualy white jew) violent take over of the American continent in the name of this whitewashed JC.

    Chris 1492 C. was a cryptojew and started (in reverse) the Transatlantic slavetrade (by taking back black American natives to Valencia, Barcelona).

    This is of course a black JC & his crew icon after 1492, telling enough but there are plenty
    of ´black JC´ ´selfies´ far before 1492.

    If you would have had an open mind, Davy (and many likeminded) you would have found the image proof of your false KKK statement, but you (and millions of closeminded mates like you) keep on repeating.

    CHECK OUT: GabreaL Jones December 31, 2018 at 9:58 AM at:

    03.02: A coin of Byzantanian Emperor Justinian II (685 -711 AD) which pictures JC as black with curly hair.

    03.16: The >Cambridge encyclopedia< has this particular listing about that image on the coin:

    ´´Whatever the fact, this coin with the straight haired Justinian on the observe side places beyond doubt the believe that ´Jesus´ was a negro.*


    The 2nd President of Egypt, Gamal Abdal Nasser, stated ´´ you (the jews) will never be able to live here in peace, because you left here black, but came back white.

    5 G sus, since 1492 we live in silly icon (the fake white jews & the fake white jesus) times, but the good newes is they are about to end.


    @ Greg, Donald T. is a crypto yid from Germany, if the US does not dump MIGA Make Israel Greater Again (& Again....) chabad sockpuppit Strumpf the FEMA swamp is the final US destiny (starting with the 5 G roll out). I will not be amused by it.

    * Crypto yid fat orange Donald T. is now to be seen on a shekel, T. treacherous chabad whore.

  4. some delusions are simply unsupported by evidence and fact...

    where are the blessings from the Africans...?

    why are the PQLI "White Nations" so far above the
    2nd & 3rd world nations...

    why are white people nations being economically pillaged by the
    Synagogue of Satan {{{MONEY CHANGERS & PHARISEES}}}...

    Not to mention the Talmudic Terrorists in the {{{MEDIA}}}
    and {{{HOLLYWOOD}}}...

    you can believe all the PC {{{JEW POO}} you want to...

    God is not a nigger..

    believing that the Son of G*d is/was a Nigger is Blasphemy
    but that doesn't really matter to a blind dingbat..

    how much has the "JEWISH" narrative cost the Non-Jews
    on Earth in the last one hundred years...

    hasbara rats ...for filthy lucre.

    truth isn't on Holiday




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