Friday, August 30, 2019

A Rabbi States the Truth About Hitler and the Jews

If your mind isn't completely holocausted, you'll know that Jews, especially the pseudo-Israeli ones, are up to the same tricks that has gotten them kicked out of over 100 nations thru the ages.

Usury, greed, control of the MSM, arrogance, dealers of alcohol and illegal drugs, white slaves. After all, someone has to staff those 280 Tel Aviv brothels.
Control of many central banks, like the FED. Except for now, there's a Gentile in charge, which is the usual MO when something bad is going to happen to the economy, (((they))) don't want a Juden in charge. Like back in 2008, when the Gentile Hank Paulson was appointed head so he could give out trillions to those TBTF banks, then leave and let Shalom Bernake take over. Setting off FF, like 9/11, to trick their Goy slaves into killing off the Amalek, some kind of enemy of Juden. A war that will last till we collapse financially and Israel will be off to their next host, China.

But their most heinous crimes are the ongoing theft of the Palestinians ancient lands, and the ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinians.

Like this...
Such a lovely people, truly chosen by a G-d! Anyone who dare speak out against these travesties is some kind of Jew-hating anti-Semite!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Shock and Surprise! A Jew Stages a Hate Crime

Oy Vey, what will they think of next?

Security camera footage led Winnipeg police to look at the owner of BerMax Caffe and Bistro and her family as the perpetrators of an alleged robbery and hate crime, and not the victims as they had claimed.

Trial coming in October. There's still hope for poor Shlomo, beset on all sides by raging anti-Semites that want to deny him his G-d given right to victimhood.

This old meme never went out of style, not when you're dealing with the inventors of Jewish Lightning.
Daniel Radcliffe: Did antisemitism play a role in great-grandfather’s suicide?

The answer is NO. Insurance fraud did. Gramps had already screwed the insurance company twice before, but this time, they exposed his racket.

Cries of 'anti-Semitism' vanish after suspect identified

Five Jews Arrested for Painting Swastikas on Israel Consulate

Suspect arrested for spraying swastikas at Amsterdam Jewish cemetery

Jewish suspects arrested over swastika graffiti on synagogues

Jewish man arrested 'after posting swastikas on doors

Insurance Scam Eyed Instead of Anti-Semitism in Car Fires

Israeli citizen behind most JCC bomb threat calls

Jew Is Charged in Anti-Semitic Acts; Police Cite Business Dispute

3 charged in Pikesville vandalism

Woman’s Swastika Ordeal Exposed as Fantasy

Hoax Confirmed: ‘Beware the Jews’ sign in Stamford Hill, London (2017)

The only ones who still use the Swastika are basically biker gangs, who think it makes them look cool, and Juden, to keep their lucrative Holocau$t ™ racket alive and running over with extorted shekels.

Let's not forget the Kosher Mother of all Jew instigated hate crimes, the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag.

Monday, August 26, 2019

(((Billionaires))) for Open Borders

How Deeply Did Wall Street Investor David Gelbaum Damage the Sierra Club?

It was a very bad day for the cause of protecting America’s wilderness and resources some years back when the Sierra Club secretly took over $100 million in tainted donations from Wall Street investor David Gelbaum. The enormous contribution came with strings attached, namely the stipulation that America’s flagship green organization would not mention excessive immigration as harmful to the environment generally and resource preservation in particular.

As a result, the Club management rejected its own environmentally proper immigration policy with no explanation. The cause was a closely guarded secret for years.

In 1989 the Club’s official position was: “Immigration to the U.S. should be no greater than that which will permit achievement of population stabilization in the U.S.” The aim was to create an environmentally sustainable America, where human population growth would not outstrip natural processes that renew water, soil, forests, and other resources vital to human existence.

So it was both mysterious and alarming to concerned Club members when in 1996 the Board of Directors voted to adopt a “neutrality” policy regarding immigration:
The Sierra Club, its entities, and those speaking in its name will take no position on immigration levels or on policies governing immigration into the United States. The Club remains committed to environmental rights and protections for all within our borders, without discrimination based on immigration status.
A group of Sierra Club members (including this writer) got together not long thereafter to work within the Club’s democratic process to return to the original policy. The association was at first called the Sierrans for US Population Stabilization, but the Club management threatened to sue (despite Gay & Lesbian Sierrans, Sierra Singles, etc.), so the name was shorted to the acronym and exists today online as

The jig was up when moneybags Wall Streeter David Gelbaum was outed as the open-borders puppetmaster of the compromised Sierra Club. That revelation happened in October 2004 when the Los Angeles Times published the article, “The Man behind the Land,” which revealed his gift-giving and stipulation:
Gelbaum was also good at hiding billions he somehow acquired and then donating to Jew and Israeli causes.
Dozens of Jewish Charities Supported by Newly Revealed ‘$13 Billion Mystery Angels’

Entitled “The $13 Billion Mystery Angels,” the article details how for more than two decades, the partners at little known hedge fund TGS Management – Andrew Shechtel, David Gelbaum and C. Frederick Taylor – have coordinated their donations through lawyers who have helped them cover their tracks.

From 1999 to 2005, the law firm Lowenstein Sandler established more than a dozen anonymous private foundations funded and controlled by limited liability companies. Businessweek noted that according to IRS filings, almost all of these companies have links to either Shechtel, Gelbaum or Taylor.

The Algemeiner was unable to independently verify Taylor’s religion but Gelbaum and Shechtel are Jewish.

Using a web of subsidiaries to hide their contributions, the bulk was distributed through the donor advised Jewish Communal Fund ($70 million). Outreach group Aish Ha’Torah also received aid ($17 million), as well as the Israel Project ($2 million), United Jewish Communities ($4 million), American Jewish Congress ($240,000), American Israel Education Foundation ($350,000) and Tarbut V’Torah ($23 million), among others.

Other Jewish charities that benefited from their generosity between 2001 and 2012 include: PEF Israel Endowment Funds, American Friends of Tel Aviv Soursasky Medical Center, UJA Federation of New York, Jewish Funders Network, Yeshiva University, Morasha School, Hineni Heritage Foundation, Orange County Jewish Campus, AIPAC Trenton, National Jewish Outreach Program, West Side Hatzolah, American Israel Education Foundation, Jewish Television Network, Hebrew Union College, Orthodox Union Institute, Conference of Presidents, American Friends of Tel Aviv, Mount Sinai Hospital, Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education, Israel 21C and the American Jewish Congress.

During the same time period, the partners also funded major watchdog organizations, including the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America ($25,000) and the Middle East Media Research Institute ($300,000).
Now you know one of the reasons why the Federal deficit is so huge. These 'angel's' get sweetheart deals from the FED, with the stipulation that they have to donate large sums of their loot to Jew Inc.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

How Israel armed the drugs cartels

How Israel armed the drugs cartels – part 1

However, there is ample evidence that Israel has aided, trained and armed criminal drugs cartels around the world. In large part, this was a component of Israel’s role as a proxy of US imperialism in Latin America during the 1980s. Israel continues in this proxy role today, with its arming of the Azov Battalion in Ukraine, one of the country’s most well-equipped neo-Nazi militias.

According to former Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky in his book By Way of Deception, the Mossad intelligence agency used the Thai heroin trade as a way to raise funds for top secret operations on US soil, which were very hush-hush because it is likely that they were actually against US law.

“The Mossad had made its first contact with the opium growers in Thailand [in the late 1970s],” Ostrovsky wrote. “The Americans were trying to force farmers to stop producing opium and grow coffee instead. The Mossad’s idea was to get in there, help them grow coffee, but at the same time help them to export opium as a means of raising money for Mossad operations.”

In the 1980s and early 1990s, the so-called “King of Cocaine” was Pablo Escobar, the leader of Colombia’s notorious Medellin Cartel. At the height of his career, Escobar’s cartel was responsible for some 80 per cent of the cocaine smuggled into the United States. One estimate put his net worth at $30 billion.

Books, films and TV shows have been made about Escobar, including the popular Netflix series Narcos. What is perhaps less well known is that the cartel’s military forces were trained and armed by Israel, whose Colonel Yair Klein trained and armed the militias founded and controlled by the Medellin Cartel’s military leader.
Good ol' Israel, a friend to all us Goyim, always trying to help us Gentiles...

How Israel armed the drugs cartels – part 2

The Medellin Cartel’s military leader was Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha, who set up “self-defence” squadrons to protect his “ranchers” from left-wing guerrillas like the FARC, which had been taxing their cocaine exports. Rodriguez Gacha and his affiliated far-right death squads were responsible for some of the country’s worst campaigns of political terror, targeting judges, politicians and civilians alike for assassination.

According to the Columbian secret police, the Cockburns wrote in their book Dangerous Liaisons, Colonel Klein “had not only taught Rodriguez Gacha’s men how to make bombs (including one that exploded on board [a] commuter flight), he had also trained the killers of Luis Carlos Galan, a presidential candidate in 1989 who was often compared to John F. Kennedy and who almost certainly would have moved into the Presidential Palace. General Maza [of the secret police] also accused Klein of importing quantities of Israeli arms for the Medellin Cartel.”

These weapons were Israeli army surplus, including mortars, mines and explosives, infrared equipment, machine guns and medical supplies. The shipments also included five hundred assault rifles and 200,000 rounds of ammunition.

In 1989, after US and Columbian authorities had finally turned decisively against Escobar and his associates (under the rubric of the “War on Drugs”) they eventually cracked down on the the cartel. Rodriguez Gacha, along with his son and bodyguards, died in a last-stand shootout. When they lined up the bodies, the authorities found a cache of 178 Israeli “Galil” assault rifles.

Later on, when details of Colonel Klein and his training firm Spearhead came to light in the world’s press, Israeli politicians attempted to distance themselves, painting the group as something of a rogue operator. But that was far from the truth.

As the Cockburns document, the Israeli government would have had to have known about the arms shipment that Klein and his firm facilitated to the right-wing death squads and drugs cartels. One high ranking Colombian official declared “unequivocally” that “officials of the Israeli government knew and consented to the sale of the arms shipment to Colombia, up to the point of expediting a vessel to complete the first step of the route.”

Decades later, Klein was arrested in Russia after a Colombian court had convicted him in absentia of training the death squads. An Interpol warrant had been put out for his arrest. Russia had at first agreed to deport him to Colombia, but ended up making a deal with Israel to exchange him for a Russian prisoner. As far as is known, Yair Klein (now promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel) still walks free in Israel.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

What has President Trump Done for Israel Today?

Surely there is something he can do to make MIGA happen?
Maybe he'll crank up the heat on white Americans, who a certain TRIBE want eliminated?
It’s time for a war on white supremacists

As the founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, I receive thousands of antisemitic posts weekly through our 62-million strong social media presence on Facebook. Our technicians are working now to create an algorithm that will spot terrorists so authorities can be notified quickly.

Whatever you wish to call it – bigotry, antisemitism, Jew-hatred – it is vile. It fueled and fed the pogroms in Russia, the Holocaust in Europe, and currently al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and anti-Jewish movements in Iran, among other Arab states. Make no mistake, racism must be taken seriously. The Holocaust did not begin in the concentration camps, it began in the churches. The writer is a #1 New York Times bestselling author with 89 published books.

He is the founder of Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem and serves on the Trump Evangelical Faith Initiative.
Or maybe Trumpy will rant and rave about the next war for Israel, against Iran, using any cheap shots he can grab hold of?
Still gotta clear out those pesky Arabs for Israel, living where they've been living for thousands of years, after all, his Jew masters would accept no less.
Next month, Israeli CRIME MINISTER Betty Nuttyahoo is up for reelection, again and needs a little help. Bet anyone a dozen bagels that Nutty's favorite bitch, Trump, will AGAIN play real estate agent and deed the West Bank to the Khazar land thieves, even though he has no statutory authority to do so.
What will 'Mr. Art of the Deal' get for this?

The usual...THIS
Lindsey Graham’s Blank Check. Why a Defense Agreement With Israel Would Be a Disaster for Americans

JINSA director of foreign policy Jonathan Ruhe added that “An Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear program would not activate this pact, but a major Iranian retaliation might. – An Israeli unilateral attack is not what the treaty covers, but rather massive Iranian retaliation is what we are addressing.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A Rabbi Tells the Truth about How Jews View us Goyim

Jewish Maths: 3 million minus 12 million = 6 gorillion!

QUOTES from the video:

"You are cattle because we are the Chosen People"

"Well we've done a great brain washing job over the centuries and especially the last couple hundred years. "

"they believe anything we tell them"

"we've have a lot of fun on Passover where we still their children and uhh you know uhh i know you know because ive heard it on your show before we've stolen 100k to 300k children and we drain their blood and mix it with our bread for Passover and we take their bodies to our slaughter houses we own and we mix it with our burgers and sausages and one of our favorite outlets is McDonald's and they eat it for breakfast and everything"

"we've both got two fathers and that's why we look at the world the way we do our book says were gonna take over the world your book says to the contrary"
Rabbi Abe Finkelstein outwits Gentile Pastor James Wickstrom

Pastor James Wickstrom, a notorious anti-semitic, Christian Pastor and holocaust-denier, and Zionist Rabbi Abe Finkelstein, an affiliate of the Chabad Lubavich and religious advisor to the Plymouth Rock Institute of Research, reached a disposition today in a case involving arbitration, says PRIR research associate, Howard Grobstein.

The case stems from a dispute about compensation for an interview between Wickstrom and Finkelstein. Pastor Wickstrom asserted that Finkelstein promised to pay for half of the expenses involved in arranging the bellicose interview, the rights to which were to be mutually shared by both parties. However, Rabbi Finkelstein averred that this promise was legally unenforceable for three reasons: (1) The promise was oral rather than written; (2) Alternately, the promise was written but had been orally revoked prior to Wickstrom's acceptance; or (3) That Finkelstein lacked the requisite intent to enter into a contract, either verbal or written, due to an antecedent repudiation of any intent to make a promise.

An impartial arbitrator in this case, Jacob Katz, ruled in Finkelstein's favor. "Prior to entering into the contract with Wickstrom," Katz told PRIR correspondents, "Abe had taken his Kol Nidre oath, which nullifies any subsequent written contract with Wickstrom."

When asked about the arbitrator's decision, an angry Wickstrom told reporters, "This is absolutely ridiculous! I have the contract right here in my hands, signed by him! Somehow this contract is no good just because that Jew crossed his fingers behind his back!"

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Israeli and American Jews Tell Congress, "Stay the Course in Syria, we MUST Protect Israel at ALL Costs!"

The Only Strategic Rationale for America’s Involvement in Syria Finally Revealed

However, it is legitimate to ask: what do American congressmen know about Syria to qualify them to determine American strategic interests in the country? It is very unlikely for American congressmen to know much about Syria; they are dictated the Israeli narrative and that is all they need to know.

Irrespective of who or what motivated the congressmen to seek information to develop a framework for American strategic interests in Syria and eventually send a letter signed by nearly four hundred congressmen- roughly seventy five percent of the total number of congressmen from both chambers and both parties- to the president about their findings and their recommendations, the congressmen called upon United States Institute of Peace (USIP) to establish a Syria Study Group (SSG) to provide them information about Syria to comprehend the situation and formulate recommendations to Trump.

The SSG was established in February 2019 and gave its interim report to Congress May 1, 2019; the report consists of detailed seven single-spaced typewritten pages.

Subsequent to the SSG submitting of its interim report to Congress on May 1, the four hundred congressmen Letter was sent to the president on May 20. It would be natural to assume that the Letter is a condensed reflection of what the interim report contained and recommended; that was not the case. The elaborate and detailed interim report dealt with a multitude of issues centered around American national security. Ironically, the Letter to the President focused on the sources of threats to Israeli security: terrorism, Syria, Lebanon (Hezbollah), Iran, Turkey and Russia. Just a note regarding the difference in emphasis in the two documents. In the seven – page single spaced interim report Israel is mentioned nine times, it is mentioned twenty one times in the two page Letter.

The first paragraph of the Letter states “[…] we recommend several specific steps to advance our regional security priorities, including assisting our ally, Israel, in defending itself in the face of growing threats, including on its northern border.” The reference to northern border is Syria and Lebanon. As for Syria, it is suffice to note that Israel occupied the Syrian Golan for fifty two years and annexed it recently with Trump’s blessings. Syria has not fired a shot at Israel in decades while Israel has fired hundreds of shots at Syria just recently; there are no Syrian boots on the ground in Israel, while there are Israeli boots on the ground in Syria. So much for the threat to Israel emanating from Syria. As for the Lebanese scenario, it is similar to that of Syria, albeit on a smaller scale, with one addition: Hezbollah which Israel views it a source of imminent threat. However, it is suffice to note that it is Israel which has been the source of violent onslaughts against Hezbollah. The Letter, in the succeeding paragraphs, elaborates further on the acquisition by Syria and Hezbollah of large and more threatening sophisticated weapons to threaten the security of the regional, nuclear super power: Israel. Need one point out the ridicule?

In the third paragraph, the Letter asserts: “While our nation has encouraged more stable and inclusive political systems in the Middle East, the regime in Tehran has spread its influence and destabilized its neighbors for its own gain.” To say this is an outrageous distortion of the truth would be an understatement. There is not a sane Iraqi, Syrian, Lybian, Yemeni and most Muslim Arabs who would vouch to such a distortion. In fact, internationally, the US and Israel are viewed as sources of threat to international peace and security; both have boots on foreign grounds but no foreign boots on their grounds.

These congressmen had an opportunity to make a coherent recommendation on US policy in the Arab region in the interest of American National Interest, but instead chose to make recommendations to safeguard the wellbeing and security of a foreign state: Israel.
Who is the Syria Study Group?

A bunch of traitorous war mongers for Israel, the only nation they're loyal to, while professing to be Americans. Including Kim Kagan, who's drenched in so much blood, it's a wonder she can breathe. The murderous Kagan bunch has been advising the Pentagon on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. You see how well those turned out.
Syria Study Group

The Syria Study Group (SSG) was established by Congress with the purpose of examining and making recommendations on the military and diplomatic strategy of the United States with respect to the conflict in Syria. The SSG is a bi-partisan working group composed of 12 participants each appointed by a member of Congress for the duration of the study.
The SSG is part of the "United States Institute of Peace." I'm not shitting, one can't make up these kinda comedic lines. Waging endless wars for Israel is their idea of peace. George Orwell, take a bow!

If you want to hear from real experts on these never ending Wars for Wall Street and Israel, go to Arlington.

Here's what Jew Inc is aghast at happening, anudder nation taking over in Syria. Even though it's anudder Jew colony, Germany, they don't have the military might that Israel wants. Jew Inc should know, they've been draining that nation of free money and weapons for their Holocau$t ™ scheme for decades, which hasn't left Germany with enough shekels to sustain a huge military.


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Trump: Pimp-in-Chief?

Pimping the Donald – What is Trump’s Relation to Trump Escorts?

It might come as a surprise to some that his name has adorned some rather shady businesses in recent years. From the so-called Trump University to various less than savory ventures connected to his casinos, Trump’s valuable name has created instant publicity to business ventures for years, with little or no apparent policing from Donald Trump to protect the value of that name.

One such venture was “Trump Escorts.” Trump Escorts was apparently a high end escort service whose website ( featured the Trump International logo. A WhoIs search reveals that the domain was first registered in 2007 by an outfit in Hong Kong called Covora Communications, a VOIP and digital communications contractor. The website no longer exists and is forwarded instead to the website of Mystique Companions International. Please visit with caution. This site is definitely not “Safe For Work” or around children.
Although the original website is no longer available, several archived versions – from 2013 through 2015 – can be found on Looking at any one of them, it is apparent that the former Trump Escorts website and the new Mystique Companions International website are virtually identical. From design to photos to content, little seems to have been changed from one website to the other.

Now, here’s an interesting bit of information. It was not until the end of October 2015 that the domain for the new site was registered. Although ownership of the new domain is now cloaked by use of a proxy service, the old domain forwards to the new domain and both are registered through GoDaddy. Coincidentally,, and are also all registered through GoDaddy.

Neither the former Trump Escorts site nor the current Mystique Companions International site indicates an address. However, review site Site Jabber indicates that the address of Trump Escorts was/is 180 Riverside Drive, Upper West Side New York, New York 10024, USA, which is also – again, coincidentally – the address of Trump Place in Manhattan.

Trump Escorts’s website describes the function of their company as follows:

“Your happiness and entertainment are a genuine priority, and we strive for excellence in all things. We are interested in inner beauty and grace as well as outer beauty and talent. Bringing positive energy to everyone we encounter is our deepest pleasure. Our ladies are all upscale and skilled, building great anticipation in their presence. We don’t cater for wild parties, but we do facilitate tasteful, exciting encounters between mature and high-minded adults.”

On the topic of payment they say:

“Our upmarket courtesan models’ fees are for their time. Please do not send lists of ‘services’ you expect to receive… We are not a red light establishment, we introduce you to beautiful dates. How your time together naturally unfolds, is between you and your captivating date.”

According to the Trump Escorts website, the “fees” range from $800 for an hour to $45,000 for an entire month. A month? Trump Escorts was sending out “models” for an entire month? One has to wonder what a “model” needs to do to be paid $45,000 for non-stop companionship with a wealthy man.
Sounds a bit far-fetched, but not when you look at a pic of a typical morning meeting session in the WH:
Here we see the basic difference between the two 2016 POTUS candidates, Hillary and Trump. PO Hillary and you'll get Arkancided. PO President Kushner and you'll also get Arkancided, but you'll get to romp with some teeny-boppers before taking that dirt nap.

H/T to aanirfan blog.

Monday, August 12, 2019

What are the Three Most Popular Web Sites?

No surprise here, is there?

That's why we can count on these to give us Goyim only Kosher certified news!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Nearly 800 Years of Jew Usury has Gotten Us to this Point..

In 1275, King Edward 1 passed into law the Statute of Jewry, which was instituted to keep Juden from preying on his subjects. Here's the opening paragraphs
Stätütüm dè Jûdèísmö 1275 From The Statutes of the Realm, vol. I, pp. 220-1

Forasmuch as the King hath seen that divers evils and the disinheriting of good men of his land have happened by the usuries which the Jews have made in time past, and that divers sins have followed thereupon albeit that he and his ancestors have received much benefit from the Jewish people in all times past, neverthless, for the honour of God and the common benefit of the people the King hath ordained and established, that from henceforth no Jew shall lend anything at usury either upon land, or upon rent or upon other thing.

And that no usuries shall run in time coming from the feast of St. Edward last past. Notwithstanding the covenants before made shall be observed, saving that the usuries shall cease. But all those who owe debts to Jews upon pledge of moveables shall acquit them between this and Easter; if not they shall be forfeited. And if any Jew shall lend at usury contrary to this Ordinance, the King will not lend his aid, neither by himself or his officers for the recovering of his loan; but will punish him at his discretion for the offence and will do justice to the Christian that he may obtain his pledges again.

And that the distress for debts due unto Jews from henceforth shall not be so grievous but that the moiety of lands and chattels of the Christians shall remain for their maintenance; and that no distress shall be made for a Jewry debt upon the heir of the debtor named in the Jew’s deed, nor upon any other person holding the land that was the debtor’s before that the debt be put in suit and allowed in court.
Whew, one can hear the kvetching, howling and hand-twisting from 8 century's ago to today. Naturally, the Jew money-lenders pretty much ignored this edict, forcing the King to boot their money-grubbing asses out of England.
This portion must of been especially painful for Die Juden:

Jews could thenceforth make a living in England only as merchants, farmers, craftsmen or soldiers. "Vat iz Ziss? Youse Goyim want to make the Chosen Ones do manual labor?"

I know this will sound repetitive, but this common sense statute was/is deemed anti-Semitic.

But plotting, scheming and planning does pay off, for with the Jew money-lender inspired English Civil War of the mid 17th Century, these parasites slithered back into England and firmly stuck their fangs into the English neck, where they remain to this day.

What did this common sense statute do for the descendants?
Actually, it's way more than 800 years of Jew usury. One can go back 2,000 years and see what happened to JC when he drove the money-changers out of the temple. He got whacked by getting crucified.

Fuck with the money changers these days, and you'll end up getting Arkancided in your fuck-proof jail cell with the non-functioning CCTV camera.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Best Synopsis of the El Paso Deep State Terror Operation

When news of this first came out, we were told that the shooting started outside of the Wal Mart.  Could that noise have come from the Wal Mart roof, where CIA/Mosssad snipers had set up their guns, pried up a vent and were shooting down into the Wal Mart?
That's a good possibility, since we sure as hell won't get the truth from the (((MSM))) or the Israeli occupied government.
Now why would Jootube remove the videos from the patsy's Father? Hmmm...

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

My Interview with Famous Lawyer and Former Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz

If you're known by the company you keep...
After being contacted by Mr. Dershowitz's people, I reluctantly agreed to this interview. I say reluctantly because I didn't want this to turn into some kind of personal vendetta by Dershowitz to use this forum to sanitize his sordid connections to the infamous billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The setting is in an upscale hotel near Mr. Dershowitz's home town.

As soon as Dershowitz enters the room, he starts his verbal assault against me and the world in general:

D: "Are you going to record this interview? Because if you do, I'll sue the magazine, I'll sue you, I'll sue your parents, I'll sue your family, I'll sue... This whole tawdry affair is nothing more than anti-Semitism rearing its ugly head."

"Whoa, hold on there Mr. Dershowitz, no need to go apoplectic over this detail, I'll not record this, just take notes, is that Okay?"

D: "That will work. Now, about the accommodations, has that been taken care of?"

"Accommodations? I'm not quiet sure what..."

D; Goddammit, I'll sue the magazine, I'll sue you, I'll sue your parents, I'll sue your family, I'll sue..."

"Hold on a minute, what are you talking about?"

At that moment, his lovely--and VERY young--female assistant comes over and whispers in my ear, "Mr. D is asking about the money he's due for this interview."

"Yes, Alan, the payment has been made to your offshore Panama bank account, the one you indicated in our past meeting."

D: "Don't mention money, I'll sue the magazine, I'll sue you, I'll sue your parents, I'll sue your family, I'll sue..."

"Alright, it's obvious this isn't going to work, so we'll call it a day. Now if you would be so kind as to remit the money already paid to you, I'll be on my way."

D: "Damned Goyim, I'll sue the magazine, I'll sue you, I'll sue your parents, I'll sue your family, I'll sue..."


“If you don’t have the law or legal facts on your side, argue your case in the court of public opinion.” Alan Dershowitz
But the inspiration for this blog came from actual events in Dershowitz's life:
Dershowitz used the same tactics to attempt to discredit his own accusers once they came forward. There are currently two women who say that, at the direction of Epstein, they were required to have sex with Dershowitz at Epstein’s properties in Florida, New York, and elsewhere.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre says that Epstein had trafficked her to powerful friends including Dershowitz, whom she claims she had sex with at least six times. After her allegations went public in 2011, Dershowitz leveled a slew of insults against Giuffre, who was 17 when she met Epstein, including that she is a “serial liar,” a “prostitute,” and a “bad mother.” Giuffre has sued Dershowitz for defamation.

The second woman, Sarah Ransome, names Dershowitz as one of the friends of Epstein’s she was “directed” to have sex with. In the press, Dershowitz called her a “crazy woman.”

Dershowitz presented his own difficulties as a witness. When taped depositions began, in October, 2015, he often refused to answer questions, delivering long soliloquies and furious denunciations. Even his own lawyer tried at times to restrain him. Eventually, a special master, a kind of referee, was appointed to help control the proceedings. The special master repeatedly admonished Dershowitz (“Mr. Dershowitz, I’m going to ask you to stop”), and struck some of his testimony from the record.

The lawyers turned up flight manifests that showed the lawyer sometimes flew on it, although there was no record of him and Giuffre on the plane together. They cited testimony from former household employees who said they saw him around when Epstein had girls over to give massages. Dershowitz claimed that, because of the layout of the Palm Beach compound, he was unaware of what Epstein did in his private quarters and admits to receiving just one massage himself, from an older Russian woman named Olga. He has said he kept his underwear on and didn’t enjoy it, a claim met with derision most everywhere except within his family
Did Alan Dershowitz Borrow Shamelessly from a Discredited History Book?

But Alan has done great things...for endless wars.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Hello Mossad Texas FF, Adios Mossad Asset Jeff Epstein

The mass shooting at the El Paso Wal Mart has the markings of a Mossad/CIA False Flag that was pulled off to achieve two goals: One is to disarm law-abiding Americans and the other, to get Mossad asset and honey-potter Jeff Epstein off the news cycle.

The former is a work in progress, the latter, accomplished.

Let's look at the conflicting reports coming out of El Paso, but first, let's look at the shooter patsy, Patrick Crusius.

Here's a screenshot of his Daddy's JOOtube page. Notice the Star of David?
Which begs the question; Why are so many of these mass shooters Jews. This is a legit concern, since Jews only make up around 2% of the population.
Now that the (((MSM))) has got their lies together, let's look at the initial eyewitness reports out of El Paso that mentioned MULTIPLE shooters:

Sloppy job, Mossad.

Let's not forget what one group of self-Chosen supremacists have said what they are going to do to us Gentiles:
The rabid Rabbis pulls no punches, (((they've))) declared war on us GOYIM.

I'm not buying the BS that some punk, who had no military or police training, could manhandle an AK-47, an assault rifle that is a bit hefty and packs a kick, which I know from personal experience. We're supposed to believe that some 'incel' type could coolly and methodically shoot and kill 20 people and wound another 26? Then calmly turn himself over to the police for arrest?


Annuder though: Anyone who's shopped at a Wal Mart has noticed the CCTV cameras in the ceiling and elsewhere. The damned things are all over the place, so where's the digital quality video showing the patsy shooting the place up? And none of that BS video that has NO date and time stamp, and is grainy and out of focus. Produce the videos or STFU (((MSM))). Especially of the patsy changing mags.

This also exposes the (((Deep States's))) 2020 election campaign. Look for these mass shootings on a regular basis, until Congress demands that Trump take our weapons.

Welcome to Civil War 2.0.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Comparing Israeli Demolitions on 9/11 and the Recent ones in Palestine

Just anudder (((Cohen)))incidence anytime Israel is involved in savagery of us Gentiles.
Sur Baher home demolitions illustrate a vicious spiral of oppression in Palestine

This shameless descent was starkly illustrated last week when hundreds of heavily armed Israeli soldiers, many of them masked, raided a neighbourhood of Sur Baher, on the edges of Jerusalem. Explosives and bulldozers destroyed dozens of homes, leaving many hundreds of Palestinians without a roof over their heads.

During the operation, extreme force was used against residents, as well as international volunteers there in the forlorn hope that their presence would deter violence. Videos showed the soldiers cheering and celebrating as they razed the neighbourhood.
Blowing up buildings and celebrating? Just like 9/11.

Here's a pic of the WTC complex, during the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag.
And here's a pic of the Israeli demolitions in Sur Baher, in Occupied Palestine:
Look mighty similar to me. The puffiness of the explosion, the color and the devastation that brought down the buildings in NYC and the one in Occupied Palestine.

Here's anudder similarity. On 9/11, Mossad thugs were in a New Jersey park, cheering and hi-fiving each other when the Twins were attacked. Just like they're doing now in Occupied Palestine, when they destroy the buildings of the indigenous Palestinians.

Can't find the Palestinian video on JOOtube, so you'll have to click on this link to see the sick and twisted Israelis celebrating the grief and misery they cause.

Here's the world's most moral army celebrating destroying the homes of Palestinians...

And here's the 'world's most moral army' laughing it up after they shot an unarmed Palestinian. What kind of sick fuck celebrates the cold-blooded murder of another human being?

Israelis, that's who.

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