Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Israeli PM Nuttyahoo Comments on Hezbollah Kicking Khazar Ass

Press Release from Israeli PM Betty Nuttyahoo about the non-incident incident in the north:

That IDF APC only had 8 of our fine and glorious troopers onboard, and none got hurt when it was hit with an anti-tank missile...no, wait..Uhh, there was NO one in the APC, it was just sitting there doing...no, that's not it...uhh, it was an ambulance that was transporting our glorious IDF troopers who were injured when the Hezbollah missile.... No that's not it. I got it! The ones being transported to the hospital were only dummies we had put there prior to the missile hitting the APC ambulance! Yeah, that's it!

I have ordered that our brave IDF Diaper Brigade immediately get an air drop of 10,000 nappies to replace the ones they've soiled.

Now VOTE for me on Sept 17 or I'll set this entire region on fire to stay out of prison.
That fuck head Nuttyahoo needs to be in prison, not strutting around like some Mussolini wannabe, using his power to scare people into voting for that lunatic so he can game the legal system and stay out of prison for his massive corruptions.

I believe that the land thieves did get their asses kicked by Hezbollah, otherwise the JEW MSM would be gloating all over the place about anudder Khazar victory over us Amalek. Instead it's rather quiet.

Israeli's Khazars have been shooting Palestinian kids in the head and their Mothers in the stomach for so long, they actually believe they're bad-asses....Until they come up against REAL men, like Hezbollah and wind up shitting in their pants.
This is not the way to train front-line troops...The Khazars have been shooting Palestinian kids and women for so long, they actually believe their own BS that they're some bad-ass group of killers.
Al Manar satellite channel airs footage of Hezbollah strike on Israeli moving military vehicle

Beirut (QNN)- The Lebanese-based Hezbollah armed group released footage Monday on its Al Manar television network showing an attack on the Israeli army’s Avivim base on the border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine.

Israel claimed there were no casualties among Israeli troops, however the new footage clearly shows a moving military vehicle being struck while driving on a highway.
Truth is that when the IDF baby killers go up against real MEN, the get so scared they shit their pants, then run home, crying for Mommy.
Don't worry Israel, if things get too hot for your baby killers, President Drumpf will send help! Bet Jared the Clueless has already told the Pentagon to get ready to support major combat ops in Israel against Lebanon and that bimbo Princess Ivanka has been sitting on Daddy's lap, begging him to kill those nasty Hezbollah.

"But Israel has the right to defend itself!"

Hezbollah Rejects US Demand to Give Up Response to Recent Israeli Attacks

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