Saturday, October 12, 2019

4 Chan Says the Jew Ritual of Brit Milah is Child Porn?

If you post pics showing the Jew ritual of Brit Milah, where Mohel Rabbis Dirty Old Men orally sodomize baby boy when they get circumcised, then you'll get banned and accused of posting child porn.

Post truthful pics like this...
And this...
and you'll get this..
So isn't 4chan being anti-Semitic by saying the Jew ritual of Brit Milah is child porn?

Or have the Jews taken over 4 chan and are wiping off the face of the Earth anyone who doesn't bow down and kiss their sordid asses?


  1. Let us see if FINALLY my comment gets through.

  2. OH, Greg, I have not written for months because my comments were not "taking hold" so although I read your site, I could not leave anything!

    No comment on the article. You know my feelings on these issues. Just HELLO again!

  3. There have been some problems with comments registering, gee, wonder who's behind that?

  4. Your pornography does not settle well with me.

  5. Yes, I know. There's some JEW somewhere that needs his shekels.
    Israel does need it's shekels.

  6. How did it happen that Jews became victims? I guess it has to do with lies. Propaganda.

    And here I stand today speaking against Israel/Jews.

    I am a Christian. I follow Jesus Christ.

    Make a joke. Go ahead, I want you to.

  7. No wonder Jews say that the New Testament is anti-semitic. Jews do not come off looking very good. As murderers of their Messiah it's no wonder. They reject Jesus Christ as their Messiah.
    I do wonder who their Messiah is.
    Still. Too bad and too late.

    Israel Is anti-Christ.

  8. In my human opinion, Israel should be bombed off the face of the earth, along with all Jews.

    But, my Lord tells me to pray otherwise.

  9. But let me speak about the anti-Christ that leads America.

    Eh, never mind. It all makes me nauseous. I'll just wait over here, thanks.

    I do pray for all, though.

  10. I pray that all would trust in Jesus Christ and John Piper will explain it all to you.

  11. But in this day and age, you will probably mock me. Oh well.

  12. I'm sorry I cussed you out, greg. I didn't appreciate what you did.

    1. Posting pics of what the Jew cult does to baby boys is a crime?

  13. I don't consider this spam. But maybe you do?

  14. If I've not been clear, just ask me. I can clarify.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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