Sunday, October 27, 2019

UPDATE: Al Baghdadi has now been Killed THREE Times! What is this guy, a cat?

If these DC fucks are going to do nothing but lie about their ISIS creation, can't they at least make it believable?

(UPDATE: The Truth is out there, but will Americans listen or watch football while the girls do to the mall?)
The Russkies killed Al once, then the US, now the Turds claim they had a hand.

ISIS leader ‘killed’ by Russia resurfaces in audio recording September 28, 2017

And from 2014:

“US-led air strikes have
targeted a gathering of Islamic State leaders in Iraq in a town near the Syrian border, possibly including the group's top commander Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Al-Hadath TV channel said on Saturday”
Guess Israel now longer needed one of their top terrorist assets?

ISIS Is a US-Israeli Creation. Top Ten “Indications”

Remember this pic of the Obama Mob claiming to watch while their buddy Bin Laden was being killed? Until the story came out that the video feed was broken and they were play-acting.
Good Grief… Now the CIA Admits There Was “No Live Video Feed” During Osama Raid

The head of the CIA admitted yesterday that there was no live video footage of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound as further doubts emerged about the US version of events.

Then what were they watching?… A blank screen?

The White House released this photo of the security team watching the raid on the Osama compound in Abbottabad. Now we know the feed was not working.
New Yorker’s Seymour Hersh: Obama Lied After Bin Laden Raid

Now we have anudder pic coming from the Star of David hotel in DC, AKA the White House:
Surely this has nothing to do with the Killer Queen, that bitch Hillary, announcing tomorrow she's back in the running for the Israeli VP of American Affairs, stationed in the White House?

Just can't keep a good man down...

Report: Bin Laden Already Dead Published December 26, 2001

Shows that Bin Laden, who only got killed TWICE, wasn't as important as al Baghdadi.

ISIS is owned by the MOSSAD/CIA Group, which is part of ZIOCON Enterprises, which is a subsidiary of the Bringers of Light Corporation

Remember the end game....
As this went to press, the CIA confirmed that now they would look for the #2 and #3 ISIS terrorists. One named Jared K al Baghdadi and Nuttyahoo al Baghdadi!

Russians say 'NYET' to American propaganda...


  1. Wow, Greg. Are you having deja vu as well?
    We've been around too long my friend. sigh.. too many years of debunkin' the junk
    and still...

    That picture of Trump and friends- That's a whole lot of upside down smiles ;)
    Did I miss the link to the pic? It's hilarious

  2. not all "Jews" are bag daddies

    but all bag daddies are "Jews".

    you can read all of Mackey's (pre-1924)
    with the footnotes,

    Hall's Secret Teachings of all Ages

    a number of works from the pre-1933 era
    on a wide range of subjects on the "Middle East"

    including the Talmud, but remember that there
    are NO "JEWS" in the Old Testament.

    The Old Testament is not about being a "JEW".

    what matters is the truth about the MASS MURDER
    FILTHY LUCRE global crime syndicate...
    which is "Jewish"....SATANIC.

    The Synagogue of Satan...Money Changers & Pharisees

    one must always look for the truth first and
    never forget John 8:44.

    knowing the truth is the way out of the
    stool sculpture deity cult compound
    "SOCIETY"....of "JEW" worshipping braindeadgoy



  3. actors, dummies can be
    put into storage, recalled
    as needed.
    also, like bond character,
    easily replaced.

    the real ALQ/ISIS leader,
    not the baghdadi character,
    would be yahooclintonobama

  4. anybody else find this interesting?
    Redpill News Durham Investigation Making Progress
    at approx 3mins

    also posted at unz, giraldi's latest.
    comments sometimes deleted.


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