Sunday, October 20, 2019

ANUDDER Jew Con Artist?...Stop YELPing

Last week, we looked at the Israeli Jew con artist, Adam Neumann and his slippery outfit, "WeWork" that has made Adam almost a billionaire, but has left many others with the bill, since the company's IPO rating has suffered a devastating downgrade from 47 billion to less than 10 bill and is still falling. But never underestimate the power of Jew ethnic networking, which will probably come to a fellow Kosher con artist's rescue to try and increase their initial investment.

UPDATE: Neumann is getting close to a 2 BILLION dollar Golden Parachute to leave the company he put into distress. A typical Goy peon would just get fired.

This week it's Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of YELP, the billion dollar bully that has Mafia like tactics. As in buy some ads from YELP or we'll make sure your business will get nearly all negative reviews, thereby crashing your business.

The Mafia never had it so good.

The company has been accused of using unfair practices to raise revenue from the businesses that are reviewed on its site – e.g., by presenting more negative review information for companies that do not purchase its advertising services or by prominently featuring advertisements of the competitors of such non-paying companies. The company has acknowledged these practices to some degree, while denying certain behavior. The company's review system's reliability has also been affected by the submission of fake reviews by external users, such as false positive reviews submitted by a company to promote its own business or false negative reviews submitted about competing businesses – a practice sometimes known as "astroturfing", which the company has tried to combat in various ways.
Jeremy has been ably assisted by Max Levchin, an Ukrainian Jew who was an early investor. Shit, these fuckers are like kippah-wearing piranhas feeding on a dead cow carcass.

The amount of conniving this outfit is involved in is too long to list here, but click on this link to read more:

But fleecing the Goyim is good for the wallet, isn't it Jeremy?
Eric Goldman, writing for Forbes Magazine, explains that extortion by economic threat is a narrow construct and that this ruling only addresses extortion. Other 2014 pending cases against Yelp included false advertisement, and securities fraud.

After the Federal Trade Commission revealed a number of complaints, shareholders are taking Yelp to court, claiming Yelp artificially inflated the price of stock for its executive's benefit.

The Class Action lawsuit, being led by investor Joseph Curry, focuses on Yelp's "first-hand" reviews. The suit says Yelp required businesses "to pay to suppress negative reviews," and then lied about the practice.
"VAT! Vat iz ziss? Youse Goyim dare question your Jew Overlords? Youse will pay, youse will pay!
The film opens, for example, with Davide Cerretini, owner of a San Francisco Italian restaurant, who claims that Yelp’s salespeople called him 20 times a week pressuring him to advertise on the platform. He finally acquiesced and agreed to a six-month contract, which he did not renew. Once he stopped paying for advertising, Cerretini claims his positive reviews vanished, only to be replaced with new and mysterious negative reviews. “To me, it’s mafia,” Cerretini says in the film.

(If you watch the entire doc, be sure to watch thru the screen credits as there is part where the two ballsy ladies behind this splendid film approach YELP employees coming out of their BORG hive. Watch the lulz as the employees run like scared bunny rabbits.)

A couple of comments from the video:

Yes, yelp bullies small businesses. They removed 90% of my positive comments form my legitimate customers. Yelp is the only organization who doesn't have any customer care telephone number and there isn't any way to contact them. Their sale executives are arrogant pig heads. They call you only to get money, till you pay them they continue to remove your good comments. Once you open an account with them they don't allow you to close it even if you are not happy with what is happening. So you have to live with the torture... It is extortion.

About damn time. Yelp did the same thing to me, this is not just a rumor. I told them my tiny business didn't have $600 per month to spend on unnecessary advertising, and they removed 100% of our 5-star reviews literally 30 seconds after I hung up. I actually felt bad for the kid who had to cold-call me, because you could tell he was very uncomfortable doing it and the order was coming from higher up. Yelp is full of shit when they say they "aren't aware of this happening."

How many of these Bernie Madoff types are out there, duping the Goyim and laughing all the way to the bank...which might wind up being in Israel, if the FTC and DOJ ever get off their lazy asses and do their jobs.

Extortion is such a dirty word, but it sure brings in the shekels!
The restaurant owner who asked for 1-star Yelp reviews

How one small business owner flipped the online review ecosystem on its head.

In the months after Botto Bistro’s grand opening, Cerretini began receiving dozens of calls from Yelp salespeople, who implored him to buy ads.

According to Cerretini, when he rebuffed these offers, he’d often notice that freshly posted 5-star reviews would be removed from his page — often no less than 24 hours after getting off the phone with a Yelp rep.

“I came from Italy, and know exactly what mafia extortion looks like,” he says. “Yelp was manipulating reviews and hoping I would pay a protection fee. I didn’t come to America and work for 25 years to be extorted by some idiot in Silicon Valley.”
Let's do some detective work here. There's around 2,800 companies listed on the US stock exchange alone.

Add in the NASDAQ exchange and you'll get another 3,300 companies for a total of around 6,100 companies that issue some kind of publicly traded stock.

Which makes for around 30 TRILLION dollars of value.... allegedly. And anudder 30 or so TRILLION worldwide, counting the other stock exchanges.

Now let's say the average publicly traded company is valued around 15 billion. Take that times 1,000 of these specialized con (((artists))) outfits that excel in conning the Goyim and fleecing them of their investment, like Mr New Man and Jeremy.

That makes for around 15 trillion dollars that 'disappears' sooner or later, while the US taxpayer gets stuck holding the bill. During the 2008 fleecing, the FED gave away around 17 TRILLION to banks and companies around the world to keep the economy from completely imploding.

After the (((TBTF banks))) are stabilized, with generous dollops of US taxpayer money, the system is up and running, ready again for Tribe con artists to loot, pillage and plunder.

Does anyone smell a rotting gefilte fish here?


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    There is a documentary out on Yelp's shady business practices and it is called"Billion Dollar Bully". Sadly you have to pay to watch it either on Amazon or YT.

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