Monday, October 7, 2019

(((Deep State))) puts in Motion a FF to Stop Trump

This morning, Trump issued some tweets--below--that registered his disgust with all the waste of having US troops supporting Kurd fanatics. And how he will start pulling out of that insanity.

The (((Deep State))) ain't gonna like that, they want as many US troops as possible in the ME to protect Israel. Recall that when Butcher Boy Bolton was fired, with in a couple of days, Israel and the Kingdom of Head Choppers set off a FF against the Saudi oil refinery, that the (((MSM))) blamed on Iran. No proof offered, just hysterics.

Israel could use its ISIS thugs, just like they did--and still do--in Syria:

So Donny Boy better be ready for anudder FF, which will be blamed on Syria/Iran to force him to renege on pulling US troops out of that cauldron.

Fuck Israel and Fuck anyone who wants the US to stay bogged down in the ME to protect that nation of back-stabbers, liars, thieves and murders of Israel.
Clinton & Graham Claim Trump's Syria Withdrawal Will "Ensure The Return Of ISIS"

Update 2: The NatSec hawks are already coming after President Trump for his decision to allow Turkey carte blanche in Northern Syria. And not just his fellow Republicans.

During an impromptu phone interview with Fox & Friends Monday morning - a show that President Trump rarely misses - Senator Lindsey Graham blasted Trump's plan, particularly his decision to abandon the Kurds to Turkey, warning that any pull back by the US would hasten the revival of ISIS.

Graham said that "the biggest lie" being told by the administration is that ISIS has been "defeated." They're merely lying in wait, Graham warned. And with the US gone from the region, the Kurds will have no choice but to ally with the Assad regime and Iran if they want to survive. Meaning the US will lose an important strategic ally in the region.
Miss Graham is afraid that if he don't do what his Mossad handlers tell him to, they'll release those videos of Lindsey frolicking in bed with underage boys.

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