Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Mark Bray, the Godfather of pAntifa

Mr. Bray has written "Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook" which all good pAntifa faggots have read, most of them while waiting for that check from Mommy.
Guess it's just a Cohenicidence that BRAY is a Jew surname.
Mssr. Bray has a PhD in Modern European and Woman's and Gender studies, whatever the fuck that is. Mssr Bray is a visiting professor at Dartmouth's Gender Research Institute. Hey professor, I don't have a PhD. but I do know that there are only TWO sexes and in the real world, gender blurring is for gullible fools who want to distract the Goyim while they work to tear down the system that has given them so much.
Gender Research? Sounds like a cozy way to make a living off the taxpayers footing the bill while you work to tear down what they have built.

The (((MSM))) love pAntifa. That should tell you something.

Antifa....“what an absolutely vicious, toxic, abusive, hate culture the radical left is.”

What would you do if this thing blocked your way and threatened to do harm to you?
Why doesn't Markie talk about how repressive it is for Americans to be paying nearly 600 billion a year to the privately owned (((FED))) in interest for borrowing our own money?

Americans are now paying close to 600 BILLION a year in interest payments to the privately owned FED.
Comrade Bray hates the capitalistic system, but he loves making all those shekels being a university professor.

"Unite the fight from within" eh Comrade Bray?

Comrade Bray, what will happen to that precious freedom of speech you abuse when pAntifa takes over?

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  1. I know you won't be surprised Greg...noobs will be tho....


    After reading that, WHY would anyone want to "visit" the shithole they've turned that place


    Oh riiiight, drugs, prostitution, theft, murder, sex slavery...etc. Just your everyday satanist



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