Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Who is the Israeli Jew Con Artist Adam Neumann?

For starters, he's the CEO of the grifter outfit WeWork, that has taken over the commercial real estate leasing market in many US cities, even though WeWork is burning thru cash at record rates--at least CEO until he got demoted this year, but the damage has already been done.

WeScrew WeWork has been going thru money like a Mohel Rabbi gobbling on a mutated baby boy stump, burning thru $2 for every $1 taken in.

But for Adam Neumann, it's all good.
He spent more than $80 million for at least five homes and his other investments include commercial properties and stakes in start ups. He has also given away more than $100 million, according to people familiar with his finances...

Neumann, who is 40 years old, has sold shares during most investment rounds since 2014 - though he didn’t take money out during the January round. He is also taking out loans of several hundred million dollars backed by his shares...

Since 2013, Newman has bought four homes in and around New York City and paid $21 million for a 13,000 square-foot house in the Bay Area that has a guitar shaped room...

But one doesn't exactly need to be a genius to figure out that Neumann is essentially a con artist. He has raided his own company's coffers by buying properties and leasing them to WeWork. He has also used the company's money to support a private elementary school for his own kid.
But this con artist isn't the only only one preying on gullible Goyim:
Some of the other largest publicly-known sales of stock before an IPO include Zynga Inc.founder and CEO Mark Pincus’s deal to take more than $109 million off the table before the social-gaming company’s 2011 IPO. Eric Lefkofsky, as executive chairman and co-founder of Groupon Inc., sold more than $300 million in Groupon stock before the 2011 IPO. Both deals attracted criticism at the time, particularly after the companies’ stocks later traded at lower valuations.

More recently, Snap Inc. disclosed that co-founder Evan Spiegel sold roughly $8 million in stock and borrowed $20 million from the company before its 2017 IPO
But back to Neumann:

He served for five years in the Israeli Navy, which is unusual in that Israeli's are required top serve two years military service, but Adam did five before starting his life as an American con artist?

What were those three extra years for? Did some Israeli outfit teach Adam the fine art of grifting and how to exploit the gullible American stock market with the understanding that he would get rich, with help from other Tribe members, but had to kick back a certain percentage to American Jew and Israeli 'charities?'
The story of WeWork’s mysterious first investor

Brooklyn investor Joel Schreiber made a killing buying into Adam Neumann’s company early, but some critics accuse him of cheating them on deals

Schreiber, who did not respond to several requests for an interview, would clearly like to keep it that way. One of his allies in the real estate business called TRD last month anonymously, asking what kind of offer it would take to kill this profile. We refused to engage.

But while he may be shy, Schreiber may just as well not want his dirty laundry aired. Court records show a dozen lawsuits against him — almost all of them over money owed. There are allegations of defaulted loans, unpaid commissions and missing partnership payouts.
So many Goyim to fleece, and so little time!
"Screw over any Goyim this week Chaim? Ha-ha-ha!"

In 2018, Neumann gave a keynote speech at an event held by UJA-Federation of New York where he spoke of observing Shabbat with his family every week and the role Judaism has played in his personal and professional growth.

So Adam, what's your real name? Shlomo Lipschtiz? I'm not buying Adam Neumann. Adam, as in the first man in Biblical mythology and Neumann, as in New Man?

Just anudder Jew con artist sucking the life and wealth out of the USA.

Which someone once predicted would happen, if the Jews ever managed to steal Palestine for their own base of operations.
So when the stock market collapses AGAIN, you'll know who to blame.

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