Saturday, November 9, 2019

AMAZON Now on the Pervert Bandwagon? Bezos a Tribe Member or CIA Asset?

Not sure if Bezos is Kosher certified, but he looks to be a CIA asset. Witness the CIA contracts given to AMAZON and those to make the Police State ever more ominous. (Note: I don't shop at AMAZON, since I refuse to give those slave drivers any of my shekels, so this kind of perv behavior might of been going on for a decade or more)

And Jeffie owns the CIA rag, the Washington COMPOST, so Jeffie is definitely a Deep State type.

But is he also a mega-pervert?

See for yourself. These are some saves from the Amazon t-shirt page.
Where's the 'woke' crowd? Why aren't they bitching about this seedy trash?

When the T-shirt says "Daddy," are they implying that Daddy is having sex with his daughter(s)?
What kind of morally challenged perv has these kind of thought pop into his/ her head?

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