Sunday, November 3, 2019

How to be a Good Little Goy in Today's JEWSA!

There must be no criticism of Jews. This is ABSOLUTE! Anyone who dare criticize our Jew Masters must be reported to the nearest ADL Police Station, so they can be picked up for re-education.
Israel must be glorified. This too is an ABSOLUTE! Israel must always remain at the forefront of our thoughts. Good Goys always look fondly upon Israel and we must always demand that Congress ensures Israel has an unending line of free money and weapons to protect them from those savage neighbors of her.
Holocaust denial must be turned into an abominable crime, punished if needed by death. This is THE ABSOLUTE!!! The Most Holy Holocaust must be treated like the religion it is, and we MUST worship at the Holocaust daily. If you miss even one day of worship, then you must get to the nearest Church of the Holocaust, get on your knees and say five "Our Father Elie Weasel" for penance.
Gays must be respected and put on a pedestal. Not only that, but you must teach your children--and demand that the locals schools also teach--that the LGBTQ lifestyle is the most desirable. That heterosexuals are an abomination to be sneered at. Always tell children that is NO such things as the sexes, only genders, which are in constant change. Encourage the little ones to undergo sex transition surgery as early as possible.

Remember each day to participate in the mandatory 'Two Minutes Hate' for all things Islamic. NEVER, EVER let your hate for Muslims slide, as they are the biggest threat to our dear Israel.
White women must be turned into radical feminists and encouraged to turn against their white partners — yes, and make life hell for them by sleeping with blacks or becoming lesbians. White males are only to be used for procreation, any other contact is VERBOTEN!
Pornography and sexual perversions must be encouraged in order to undermine the morale of the people. Forget the old ways of a man and woman being in love. That too is VERBOTEN. Each one of you must watch at least two hours of porno each day and avoid any contact with the opposite sex, unless mandated by the State Rabbi.

All Good Goyim will faithfully follow these rules or face the consequences!

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  1. Have you ever seen THX 1138? It was I believe George Lucas' feature directorial debut, produced by Francis Ford Coppola, based on a short movie he did in film school.

    It's a future dystopia starring Robert Duvall, largely unknown, one of those oddities, not really prophetic, or a statement one way or another, just like some kind of imagined ideal fleshed out in detail.

    The director's cut features new GCI material and more graphic depictions. I haven't watched the original cut yet, but for example there's a scene where I believe the original merely alluded to masturbation, the directors cut features a full on automated masturbation machine whirring down from the ceiling and working on Duvall as he sits transfixed by an unlimited assortment 3d porn, of both sexual and violent nature.

    It's truly awful. One of those stories which really serves no other purpose than to leave you feeling ill and demoralized. Needless to say that despite the tremendous potential movies and television pose, there is little output worth giving your attention to these days. I like to view old movies as a sort of window into the people and nuances of certain timeframes in the past, how men women adults children blacks whites jews interacted, what was spoken and what was implied, what was allowed, what was alluded to and what was verboten. It's the main reason I love watching old Dick Cavett shows.

    I just watched this one with Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer. It not only perfectly showcases the jewish psyche in its limited and unchanging facets, but its audience sort of perfectly represents society, in that they are overwhelmingly decent and correct, but they only rarely get the chance to interact and have since been further pushed to the back, their representative voices selectively chosen, filtered, censored, to exclude all but the brainwashed.

    You've been around forever Greg Bacon. You're one of the last remaining from a truly quality blogroll. I'm glad you keep going.


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