Wednesday, December 25, 2019

ACLU says WOMEN's Tampons Should be Available in Men's Restrooms.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any nuttier...
The ACLU(American Communist Lawyers Union, Anti-Christ Liars Union) has started a campaign to make tampons available in all men’s restrooms across America…

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is calling for men’s restrooms to include tampons in order to prevent discrimination against “every person who menstruates.”

“While free menstrual products are not uniformly provided in women’s restrooms, they are almost never available in men’s restrooms, even for pay,” the group said in a statement Tuesday.
These nation-wreckers call this absolute nonsense 'menstrual equity.'
Straight out of the Commie 101 handbook; if a nation is too strong to attack from the outside, subvert and destroy from within.
Come to think of it, I once had a bleeding episode in a men's restroom. Went there after a street fight to wash the blood off my face.

Yaniv, what a face. If I had a mug like that, I'd want a makeover too. And the answer is YES. Jessie is a Jew.
Poor dear Jessica Yaniv, who is a man posing as a woman and buggering Canadian businesses. His/Her/It's first pest performance was trying to get WOMEN'S salons to wax his balls, which they refused to do, so he/she/it filed a complaint with some kind of Canadian human rights commission.

For once, sanity prevailed and he/she/it was told they don't have to wax your balls and BTW, you've pestered those salons so much, you know owe them $6,000. Which didn't help the ones forced to close, since they ran out of money fighting against this pain in the ass.
Now Jessi is badgering OB-GYN offices who are refusing to see this world-class asshole:
Transgender Activist Jessica Yaniv ‘Shocked’ Gynecologists Don’t Treat Men

Citizens of liberal democracies should take note: Jessica Yaniv is the future, personified, if we continue down this path. The further a society moves from the truth, the closer it moves to tyranny.

Transgender Canadian and semi-professional complainer Jessica Yaniv, who is a biological male, tweeted Monday that he was “shocked” to be turned away from a gynecologist.

“So a gynaecologist office that I got referred to literally told me today that ‘we don’t serve transgender patients,’” Yaniv tweeted. “And me, being me, I’m shocked.. and confused… and hurt. Are they allowed to do that, legally? Isn’t that against the college practices?”
Jessie might have a valid point. After all, his COCK might have Ovarian cancer and those two lumps in his nut sack? Maybe they're actually twins growing?

What does this thing's asshole behavior have to do with us SANE Goyim?
Former Vice President Joe Biden just announced that he wants Christians to be put on a terror watch list if they commit the crime of opposing the LGBTQ agenda.

Worse, Biden’s proclamation at the townhall was his way of signing onto an idea pushed by the left-wing, hate-group called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).
C'mon Jessie, man up and get your cock and balls chopped off and a surgical slice between your thighs, so you can have a beauty that looks like this!

Then--after you recover, which will take quite some time for that much mutilation--you can go back to those salons with your fake vagina and demand they wax that wound and SUE those bigots!


  1. Well Greg, I didn't think I could be any more disgusted than I already was. Thanks.

  2. Don't ever think for one second that Jews are really SICK. They are not. They are devious, cunning, scheming nation wreckers. Everything they do, they do with subversion and conquest in mind. Don't fall for it, not one second of it. Until we walk these ingrates to the border and kick their smelly asses out of the USA, this bullshit will continue and it will evolve into an even MORE perverse attack. To defeat your enemies, you must mess their minds up royally, turn them inside out, destroy everything which holds them together and keeps them sane as a society. Since these scumbags have been doing this for hundreds and hundreds of years, you can see how well honed their methods are. Screw them all !! Bullet to the head !

  3. It seems like Juden were put on Earth to pester, cause pain and general mayhem to us Goyim.
    And they're very good at that.

  4. Happy New Year, Greg. Surprised this website hasn't been hacked into oblivion.

    1. Think the nation-wreckers have been going after the big fish. Now that they've been emasculated, they'll start coming for minnows like me.

  5. Damn,Greg. I have insomnia. WTF did I land here and see that photo? Still sort of reeling on that one. If you ever need more, or personal stuff by people suffering from such, or tweets between parents pushing their sons to this madness, let me know. I have some to share, but never dared post them. Kudos for going there.

    Seen this? Also rather hard core.

    Yaniv's proposed swim was to be at the pool my brother's grandkids go; that creature is pretty nauseating but you should check out the mother!

    Happy New Year to you! These Roaring Twenties are already off at a breakneck speed. Wonder who of us will be around for the decade...


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