Monday, December 2, 2019

If the Chosen Ones R so Smart, How Come They're Always Fighting Each Other

From the biggest mental health asylum in the world, STOLENLAND, AKA Israel. The Palestinians have had to put up with these sadistic thugs for over 70 years. And the Khazar menace keeps growing.

And what's with those funny looking fur hats? Is that where they store their fleas?
How crazy are these inbred haters of humanity?

How about Aaron Kosminski? A Polish Jew immigrant AKA Jack the Ripper.

Who to this day, is being protected by Brit authorities from serious investigation. Why?

A true Jew psychopath who liked to slice, gut and cut out/off their private parts of his female victims.

Did he have some traumatic sexual incident shortly after birth that helped turn Jack into a deranged killer?
I've said this before, put all these Tribe maniacs on some remote South Seas island, with all the comforts of modern society, but forbid them to have contact with the outside world and within five years, most will be dead, since they won't have any Goyim to prey on, con, steal from, deceive, back-stab and kill, only each other. They'll turn on their fellow Tribe members with a vengeance and mass murders will take place.
One more thought: Here's a pic of that British judge who gave early release to that bridge slasher.
Why am I not surprised? Looks like these days, Jack the Ripper hides in a judge's gown.


  1. Jack the Ripper was a Jew.

  2. mistranslation in the genocide testament
    satan didnt say, "chosen".
    satan said, "clowns".

  3. Geez Greg...even the link to Kozminski jew at Wiki jew pedia has a popup of Bezos's Amazon. jew

    Paypal and the jew credit card frauds begging for shekels.

    Pedo Speilberg's Gremlins really was a ton o' bragging.

    What utterly vile vermin.

  4. Facts. Facts and reason. No emotion.

  5. The truth is, they aren't always fighting. The moneyed ones are totally simpatico.


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