Friday, December 27, 2019

"You Gentiles" by Maurice Samuel: The 1924 Jew Inc Plan to Destroy the West

YOU Gentiles! One can almost feel the venom emitting from Samuel's mouth when he typed this title.
You Gentiles by Maurice Samuel

Written in 1924, this shocking classic work of Jewish Supremacism maps out what the avowedly Zionist author saw as the cause of anti-Semitism through the ages: an irreconcilable difference between Jews and all Gentiles, but Europeans in particular. This difference, Samuel argued, was inherent and biological in origin.

Samuel then says that these inherent and unchangeable differences will always make the Jews out to be “destroyers” and the “subverters” of European culture and society.
Finally, he discusses the dangers presented to Jews by intermarriage with Gentiles, and concludes by saying that there will never be peace between Jew and Gentile until the last European state has “lost its racial homogeneity.”
“I do not believe that this primal difference between gentile and Jew is reconciliable. There will be irritation between us as long as we are in intimate contact. For nature and constitution and vision divide us from all of you forever…

“This distinction between us again points to the root difference between us—your triviality and our seriousness.

“I have no doubt that when Germany and England and America will long have lost their present identity or name or purpose, we shall still be strong in ours.
“Repudiation of the Jewish religion or even of Jewish racial affiliation does not alter the Jew. We joined your armies and fought in them beyond our numbers: yet Jewish pacifism and Jewish pacifists gave the tone to the world's pacifism.

“We have joined your capitalistic world in deliberate emulation and rivalry: yet Jewish socialism and Jewish socialists are the banner bearers of the world's "armies of liberation."
“But you feel our disruptive difference most keenly, most resentfully, in our deliberate efforts to change your social system. Seen in the dazzling lights of your desires and needs our ideal is repellently morose.
“Because your chief institution is the social structure itself, it is in this that we are most manifestly destroyers. We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.
“We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.
“If, then, the struggle between us is ever to be lifted beyond the physical, your democracies will have to alter their demands for racial, spiritual and cultural homogeneity within the State.
Such unbridled hatred for Goyim goes unnoticed in the (((MSM)).

Jews are always bragging that they #1 in this or that. Maybe, but the category that they take the Olympic gold is nursing a grudge.
Those Pirates of the Caribbean weren't Johnny Depp types, but Sephardi Jews who were getting revenge on Spain for having being kicked out of that nation some 200 years earlier. The amount of hate this takes to nurse the grudge, from generation to generation for 2 Century's is astounding.
But that's what Juden live on, their insane hatred of us Goyim.

Wikipedia lauds Samuel as some kind of Jew intellectual without mentioning how much hatred he had for us Gentiles. Why that would be anti-Semitic to point out a truth about the Tribe.

What do you think would happen if some Gentile stated that there will never be peace between Jew and Gentile until Israel has “lost its racial homogeneity?"

The shat would hit the fan. The one who dared to utter that statement would be vilified, his/her job would be gone and social media would ravage him/her.

But when it's a Jude trash-talking Goyim, well that's OK.

Nearly 100 years ago this came out. From seeing what's happening in Europe and the USA, I'd say Samuel's plan was nearly finished.


  1. "Nearly 100 years ago this came out. From seeing what's happening in Europe and the USA, I'd say Samuel's plan was nearly finished."

    So it would seem. But things aren't always what they seem!

    Happy holidays, Greg

    1. Happy Holidays to you Genie. If we go down, at least we should go down fighting.


  2. Judaizing requires the DESTRUCTION of every kind of identity that is not the preservation of Jews. If you do not demand the destruction of all loyalties except loyalty to Jews, 'God's Chosen People', you are committing blasphemy in the eyes of Jewish Law AND gentile judaizers alike

    Our destruction is the first law of Judaism.

    Our destruction is a natural consequence, a fundamental hostile DEMAND, of the Jewish outlook on life. That's evil-PERIOD.

    For OUR racial and other identities to survive, we must stop people who are judaizing us in our own nations. Most of them today are NOT Jews.

    There should be a place for Jews. It should be a place where they will stop controlling US and can ONLY spread that hostility to each other.


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