Thursday, January 23, 2020

Anuddda' holoHOAX Liar; A 2 yo girl Survived! But NO Record of her in the USHMM

What's this? A 2 yo girl survived that Nasty Nazi Awwshitz death labor camp?

Pic of the Awwshitiz Death Labor Camp. If it was a death camp, then why so many barracks? If they were getting whacked upon arrival, they wouldn't need so much housing. Right?
And those Palestinians in Gaza bitch about the Israeli occupation. Why the Israelis even give the Gazans a free light show!
But back to the latest LIE.

How does a 2 yo in Awwshitz get so chubby in a death camp? It's almost like Der Evil Nazis were feeding them good food. Mommy smiling to hide the pain I bet!
Too Young To Remember Being At Auschwitz, Holocaust ‘Survivor’ Writes Book About It Anyway

Only 2 years old and so ill she had to stay on for weeks after liberation, Eva Umlauf [Wonder if she's related to Eva Braun?] was one of the youngest prisoners to be freed from Auschwitz, and although she has no conscious memories stretching so far back, her early childhood in the Nazi death camp was to cast a dark shadow over her entire life:

“It was just my mom, my sister and me who survived,” Umlauf added in a calm, measured voice, sitting in her elegant apartment on the outskirts of Munich. “We saw my father for the last time at the ramp at Auschwitz when we were taken off the train.”

But the gassing stopped two or three days before little Eva, her pregnant mother and father arrived in November 1944 from the labor camp Novaky in Slovakia. Germany was losing World War II and the Red Army was drawing ever closer to the camp.

“Our transport was the first one that didn’t go straight to the gas,” Umlauf said.

She was still tattooed on arrival — and promptly fainted. The blue number on the inside of her lower left arm remains visible today: A-26959.
Elegant apartment? I bet. Paid for with money extorted from numerous nations and companies that will be on the hook forever to these greedy sociopaths. And this lucky gal even found anudda' survivor con artist and married him.

Her number was A-26959? Hmm, since all those incoming to Awwshitz were tattooed upon arrival and there were 4 million, oops, sorry, that was the original lie. Now that number has dropped to a 1.1 million, which included not only Jews, but others. But with 1.1 million arms being tattooed, shouldn't this grifters number been at least SIX and maybe even SEVEN digits?
“My mom barely talked about the Holocaust and I never asked questions,” Umlauf said…

At that time, the memories of Auschwitz were mostly subdued by daily routine — building a home, raising her children and working in the hospital. But off and on the horror would force its way to the surface. When Umlauf was pregnant with her third child, she had nightmares of babies being thrown into fire alive and gas chambers full of dead babies. ..
Wait a fucking minute. If the Nazis stopped gassing Juden upon her arrival, how did she get nightmares of gas chambers full of dead babies?
The Germans ‘miraculously’ stopped gassing Jews only 2 days before she happened to arrive at Auschwitz, but the evil “Nazis” decided to tattoo her, as a one year old, anyway.

“My mom barely talked about the Holocaust..." Right, because it DIDN'T happen.

Babies tossed into gas chambers and fire? Pretty standard BS when dealing with these con artists. Wonder if she also met Dr. Mengele?

If you want to be exposed to some more horseshit, click here to go to the Times of Israel article where you'll see this world-class BS artist sitting in a chair, kinda showing her arm with the alleged baby tattoo, but the camera angle is such that you can't get a clear look at the tat.

That's because anyone with half a brain knows that when kids get tats and grow into adults, or get fatter, the tattoo distorts to the point where it's difficult to recognize the original drawing. Now imagine how distorted a tat that was allegedly done to a 1 yo baby's arm would look like 76 years later. THE TAT WOULD BE UNRECOGNIZABLE. That's why this grifter is not letting one get a clear view of a tat that she got as an adult, because there's no distortion to the tat.

"There's No Business Like Shoah Business..."

"Umlauf traveled to archives across Europe and Israel..." Well, if you're going to tell a story that gets a book deal, gonna have to do some research since you NEVER experienced the BS that NEVER happened, so depend on other liars.

Out of curiosity, went to the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database and typed in the relative info and this is what came back:
Finding myself in shock and horror, I re-entered the info, this time telling the search engine to not to use the exact wording, but the 'fuzzy' variant and this is what came back:
Is there a doctor in the house? Think I'm going to puke.

Fuck a duck, how much longer will us Gentiles be forced to put up with this smelliest of BULLSHIT?

Goddamnit, I've been exposed to so many lies, fictions, hoaxes and noxious Holocau$t ™ BS over the decades that I fell like I'M a holoHOAX survivor. Where do I sign for some of those tasty reps? I could use an elegant apartment.

Is Ethel Merman still available?

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    how about that knee pad wearing ABBOTT from the

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