Saturday, January 25, 2020

Wanna a Taste of 75 Million? R U Good at Telling LIES?

You'll need to be a masterful liar and a proficient BS artist to assist David Schenker, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs to keep selling the war against Syrian civilians in the pursuit of the Zionist plan called Greater Israel.
This is to "Advance a political solution to the Syrian conflict..." Which means that Syria will need to become a failed, busted-up state like Libya, with roving gangs of US/NATO backed thugs terrorizing the populace or a busted-up nation like Iraq, subservient to American needs that are dictated by Israel.

Here's what a good day at your new job should produce:

There's all sorts of loot available at, and it's yours for the asking, as long as you don't have a conscience, don't care how many people get butchered or how many nations get carved up for the glory of Israel.
There's another hog slopping at this link, if you can help tell convincing lies about the Zionist war crimes against Syria.
Description: The purpose of this notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) is to advance the following U.S. Government policy objectives in Syria: a) Ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS and counter violent extremism, including other extremist groups in Syria; b) Achieve a political solution to the Syrian conflict under the auspices of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2254; c) and, End the presence of Iranian forces and proxies in Syria.
Let's see, Iran and that proxy Russia are there legitimately, invited by the Syrian govt and have actually been killing of ISIS--Israeli Secret Intelligence Service--terrorists while the USA has been funding al CIA Duh, al Sham and DAESH AND being their Air Force, dropping bombs on Syrian cities and infrastructure. Guess they have a soft-heart for those who are so hungry they carve out and eat human hearts.
This is also part of the Zionist plan to help Israel steal more land, helped by that malignant clown Trump. The Israeli's--and American Jews--want Syria destroyed, with their ISIS buds providing border security around Turkey and Iraq, while Syrians get slaughtered like sheep. This is part of that Deal of the Century being put forth by President Shecky that will obliterate Palestine but gift Israel massive land and water resources.
Now if you have a pesky conscience or your some human rights person and are queasy getting paid to help the (((Deep State))) mass-murder humans, you can always grab some loot and help turn medical and science research into a RAINBOW land of unqualified researchers, but hey, only haters would want the best people in those delicate positions.

There's over 2,300 chances--on just one link- of grabbing some easy loot, so don't hesitate, grab some of that 500 BILLION doled out each year today!

Remember, a grant is FREE money, not needing to be paid back. So do what the Israelis do and grab your share of the plunder today!

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