Sunday, February 23, 2020

How Jewish American Pedophiles Hide from Justice in Israel...from CBS?

It's easy. The local synagogue runs a protection racket--like the Vatican--for these sick fucks, and notifies them when the DA is getting ready to issue an arrest warrant, so they fly Air Aliyah to Israel, where they can't be deported to answer for their heinous crimes.

And if you disagree with that, you're just a foul, Nazi-loving anti-Semite that should be tossed in one of those ADL run FEMA camps to get re-educated.

I can't believe that CBS would publish something like this, which is what news organizations are supposed to publish, but don't, unless it's about the Catholic Church. Guess it's time for Israel to create a distraction by carpet-bombing Gaza or using one of their al CIA duh assets to kill some people while shouting Allah Akbar.

How Jewish American pedophiles hide from justice in Israel

A widespread problem

A CBS News investigation has found that many accused American pedophiles flee to Israel, and bringing them to justice can be difficult. Jewish Community Watch (JCW), an American organization that tracks accused pedophiles, has been trying for years to find Karow and help bring him to justice.

JCW says Karow and other wanted men and women have been able to exploit a right known as the Law of Return, whereby any Jewish person can move to Israel and automatically gain citizenship. Since the small organization started tracking accused pedophiles in 2014, it says more than 60 have fled from the U.S. to Israel. Given its limited resources to identify these individuals, JCW says the actual number is likely much larger...

“Oftentimes there’s some sort of community incentive, either somebody owes them a favor or someone in the community, let’s say an institution, has covered up for them in the past and they know that if this goes to court there’s a lot of civil liability coming down the line,” she says.

While Aaronson puts blame on Jewish communities in the U.S. and the U.S. government for not aggressively pursuing extraditions, she says Israeli authorities have also failed to prioritize the hunt for suspects.
Why are so many of these pedos Jews? Did they have some kind of sexual trauma while a baby?
Maybe they were molested when they were kids and it warped them?


  1. IsraHell is a SANCTUARY COUNTRY !
    It provides succor to the greatest criminal mob in the WORLD.
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  2. Small question: How lomg will he remain in jail? Did he just drink coffee with the cops and walked out?


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