Monday, February 24, 2020

If You Don't Vote for Trump, You're anti-Semitic!

All loyal Americans will vote for President Trump so he can keep doing great things for Israel and cut taxes on the super rich again, which will be hidden behind the bombing of Iran.

We need anudda' four years of Trump so he can release those Jewish prisoners who were savagely attacked by obviously anti-Semitic DA's, like the wonderful Sholom Rubashkin, former owner of that Iowa Agriprocessors meat plant.

Only hateful anti-Semites would dare to accuse Rubashkin of running a methamphetamine production plant in the factory; of committing eighty-six counts of federal-bank fraud; mail and wire fraud and money laundering; harboring illegal aliens, use of child labor, document fraud, identity theft, physical and sexual abuse of workers, unsafe working conditions, wage and hour violations and shorting workers’ pay.

President Trump saw thru this pogrom and released the honorable Mr. Rubashkin from prison.

Pay no attention to the pardons given to those five mega-banks during Christmas time, 2018. Just because Trump owes them hundreds of millions, doesn't mean that had anything to do with Trump righting those wrongs.
With that said, let's look at the leading choices running to be the Israeli VP of North American affairs.

USA 2020 presidential election leading choices

New York Jewish capitalist (Bloomberg)

New York Jewish socialist (Sanders)

New York Jewish-in-family President (Trump)

Gay guy linked to CIA & loyal to Jews & Israel (Buttigieg)

Honorable mention goes to Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, an American Jew who is a diehard Israeli Firster. So much so that she wants to increase the monthly welfare loot American taxpayers are forced to give to 'STOLENLAND,' AKA as Israel.

Last, but not least, hanging upside down from some decrepit, dank cellar is the Wicked Witch of the East, the raving loonie Hillary Clinton, who would love to see a tie at the DNC circle jerk in July, hoping for a locked convention, allowing her to swoop in and use her Super-delegates to steal the nomination. If that bitch steals the WH, us 'deplorables' are in for a world of hurt...Oh, almost forgot to mention, Hillary is a BIG supporter of all things Israel and would love to use the Pentagon to teach President Assad of Syria and Russia's President Putin a lesson or two.

Americans, see anything out of kilter with this rigged process? Are we voting for the President of the USA or the Israeli VP of North America?


  1. modern day so-called {{{JEWS}}} will never be "Israel".

    all {{{JEW}}} worshipping braindeadgoy are going to {{{JEWTOPIA}}}

    which is where the Synagogue of Satan {{{JEWS}}} go to celebrate

    {{{THEIR}}} Jesus hating psychopathic {{{JEWISHNESS}}} for a

    really really LONG time.

    The really really good news is no one on Earth

    has to be a Jesus hating {{{{JEW}}}}.

    still no Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo.



    PS - The Branch Davidians did not commit suicide, and

    the twin towers & Building 7 didn't come down on account

    of a secret pancake recipe smuggled out of the Nefud by

    illiterate Bedouins

  2. Donald T. is a crypto fake jew. So not voting for him can´t be anti-semitic. Since etc.... IMV all voters in all socalled democracies in this world today better quit their vote addiction. The fake jew money lenders control the whole system anyway. Modi, T., Netanyawhodid911 have a 3-some. T. is now in the biggest democracy (...) of this world if I am well informed and he was from the oldest democracy (...) The writer of the heading of that article forgot Swiss & Greece. Those days were different times. People were a hell of lot more diff. then. The world was not known as one geographical whole, industry et. etc. As a kid I already saw it as a giving away of yourself, as a kind of slavery.
    One important diff. about this democratic 3 some, US and India wil be covered with the WMD 5 G carpet. The slc sweet little country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, not.

  3. I never ever voted btw., forgot to say.

  4. AG Rod Rosenstein...sister is head of CDC

    ....and whole lot more...

    Grand THEFT World continues...


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