Monday, March 16, 2020

List of (((White))) Male Serial Killers

So many twisted sickos, all coming from the same background. Did some kind of sexual trauma when they were babies precipitate their journey to the dark side?
Nathaniel Bar-Jonah

Ed Gein..a particualry sick mf, not for those with tender stomachs.

Joel Rifkin

Harvey Glatman

David Berkowitz

John Wayne Gacy

Peter Kudzinowski

Robert Shulman

Leopold and Loeb..not mass murderers per se, but they're included because they thought their superior mental abilities would let them commit the perfect crime and get away with murder. They didn't.

Harvey Murray Glatman

Robert Zarinsky

Brian Kevin Rosenfeld

Robert Durst....Guess what? I know this is going to be hard to believe, but his trial for murdering his girlfriend Susan Berman has been put on hold, due to Corona fears. Such luck!

Here's some more, if you want, you can research these sick fucks, I can no longer stand looking at the empty, ghoulish faces and reading the blood-soaked tales of terror these maniacs went on during their sprees, if I do, I'll wind up puking on my keyboard.

Steven Oken, Nathan Trupp, Charles Mark Cohen, Jeffrey Feltner, Philip Carl Jablonski, Edward Isadore Savitz, Eyal Shachar, Salomon Rosenbloom, Norman Parker,James Eric Gottfried, Andrei Chikatilo, Theodore R. Bundy, Gary Ridgeway, Gary Heidnik.

Honorary mention goes to the blood-soaked Jew mob outfit called "Murder Inc." They killed between 400-1,000 people during their Prohibition-era reign of terror.

And to the murderous lunatic land thieves of 'STOLENLAND,' AKA Occupied Palestine, who have taken serial killing to a new art form.

But let's give credit where credit is due. The ZOF serial killers couldn't murder and steal with impunity without their loyal slaves in Congress...
Then there's the tens of millions butchered--in the Wars for Israel & Wall Street--since the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag, but that's another post.

Click here to see the ZOF thugs murder a Palestinian kid, then try to frame the scene like he's some kind of suicide bomber.

POSTSCRIPT: Back in my union bricklaying days, we had a job at the State Mental Hospital in Fulton, MO. The work--luckily--was on the exterior of the Unit for the Criminally Insane. There were a couple of those creatures that would stand in front of the window, and just stare at whomever was closest. I don't scare easily, but those fuckers gave me the creeps. Was damn glad there were thick masonry, concrete and steel bars between them and me.

Wonder if they had a synagogue at the hospital?


  1. here is the UK Dr shipman was a modern day version of Jack the Ripper, both jewish doctors
    how many were never caught ?

    1. Read up about that malevolent nut Dr Shipman. My God, he was a killing machine. Around 250, and probably a lot more? Age didn't matter, from 4 to 80, just like his Bolshevik Jew Red Army buds when they invaded Germany and went on a rape spree, raping then killing women from 8-80.

      There's no way these maniacs can be human, they must of been sent here to torment us Goyim by some sinister being.


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