Friday, March 13, 2020

Trump, here's 4 Ways to Defeat the Corona Threat

1. Sanction Corona, that will show that upstart you mean business! Just look at how those sanctions on Russia have turned out. You sanctioned them for actually fighting the USA/Israel/KSA ISIS monster, instead of giving them aid. And sanctioned their Nord Stream 2 NG pipeline to Europe. Grand move there Tubby! Bet your top SENIOR adviser, the slumlord Jared the Snake, weighed in favor of that stupidity.
When OPEC wanted to cut production to drive up the price of oil, Russia said "Nyet" and actually increased output. The Kingdom of Head Choppers, in dire need of cash, also jacked up production along with the rest of OPEC. Now the market is awash in real oil, not the cost prohibitive shale oil. That hissing you hear is the shale oil bubble deflating, since they need oil around $50 a barrel; they can't survive when its hovering around $30. Putin stated that Russia could withstand oil at $25 a barrel for 10 years. The over-leveraged shale oil industry won't survive 10 months at that rate.

Russia has vast oil and NG fields. They have thousands and thousands of tons of actual gold, whereas Americans aren't sure if there is actual gold in Ft. Knox or gold-plated tungsten bars. They have virtually no national debt owned to (((gangsters)) and they have a potent military that has advanced weapons that actually work, unlike the bloated Pentagon's corrupt acquisition process that has made many a multi-millionaire, but which has given us clunkers like the 1.5 TRILLION flying POS, the F-35 and you thought you'd trade body blows with that behemoth?

No wonder you declared bankruptcy six different times.

2. During your morning tweet shit-storm, poke fun at Corona. Call it names, make snarky comments about it. Thump your chest about all your achievements--for the rich--and blame all your fuckups on Obama. Tell Corona you have the 'Deal of the Century' for it, if it will just disappear.

3. Push Congress to deliver anudda' massive welfare check to Israel, billions of free money and billions of free weapons. That will teach Corona a lesson!

4. And push thru Congress another massive tax break for your multi-millionaire and billionaire buds, that will show Corona not to mess with the US!

If all that fails, send in the elite 'Pizza Hut Brigade' to stop Corona in its tracks. Once it sees our bad-ass looking troops--like the one below--it will die laughing.

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