Tuesday, April 28, 2020

"Goyim, We Crashed the World's Economies to Protect You...

..from finding out that our favorite gambling casinos, those TBTF Wall Street banks, again needed a multi-trillion dollar bailout.

WE figured you sheeple might get uppity, finding out that you're AGAIN being put on the spot to bailout billionaires, while you struggle to keep a roof over your head.
Back in 2001, we hid that bailout behind the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag. The even bigger 2008 bailout we hid behind trite phrases like "Too Big to Fail" and "No one saw that coming," which you bought since you were still scared about al CIA Duh and our other creatures emerging from the Swamp, like ISIS and DAESH.
But when that scare wore down, we knew we had to come up with something that would scare you shitless and witless, so we created COVID! Now nearly everyone is pissing their pants, thinking that they're going to die, not from because of some dastardly looking Israeli dressed up like a Muslim terrorist, but a biowarfare lab creation, COVID...and it's working!
Think Tank Claims ‘Dramatic Increase’ In Surveillance ‘Price Worth Paying’ To Fight Seasonal Flu

Now that governments and mass media have successfully colluded to create the illusion of a worldwide ‘pandemic’, a U.K. ‘think tank’ headed by ex-Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is trying to convince the beleaguered public that we should now accept massive government surveillance of our lives so that we won’t have to go through another fake pandemic:

A dramatic increase in technological surveillance is a “price worth paying” to fight Covid-19, argues a report from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

Governments and private companies can use location data to track the success of lockdown measures, monitor bluetooth signals to help contact tracing efforts, or keep an eye on search queries to help identify new clusters of infection or previously unknown symptoms.

Privacy activists have warned, however, that such extensions of surveillance could be a dangerous precedent that would be hard to roll back once the crisis is over...

This orwellian Big Brother, Soviet-style total surveillance society and snitch culture is the endgame, and they are going to milk this fake pandemic as long as they can to get the concessions they want toward those ends.

For all intents and purposes, however, this fake pandemic has runs its course — all media outlets are reporting drastic drops in cases and deaths — and yet Tony Blair thinks we should submit to massive government surveillance anyway.

So how do they make COVID-19 a gift that keeps on giving? Easy — make absurd claims such as nobody can get natural immunity to this virus through normal exposure — so that only their Franken-Vaccine will make you “safe”.

Stop thinking for yourself Goyim, VE know what's best for you. We brought you 9/11, ISIS, Daesh and al Nusra. When you no longer could be scared by swarthy looking ME types, we increased the number of mass shootings. When that didn't get the desired result, we introduce COVID into your lives. That got your attention, didn't it?

By the time you figure out our latest scam, it will be too late. We'll have looted most of America's wealth, but we'll leave you the corpse-looking husk of a nation.

We'll make sure our Federal Reserve keeps it that way, along with our good friends in the (((MSM))).

Coronavirus: 95% of victims in England hospitals had underlying health conditions


  1. Yes, Greg, how the world has changed for the worse within not even three months is just insane. And seeing people, who Jon Rap calls pod-people, going along with the official charade is even more scary. (((They))) probably won't need anymore extensive surveillance tools because the pod-people are taking care of ratting out their neighbours.

    Thankfully, I haven't seen any masks in my neighbourhood yet. But, who knows when the "pod-people" will get the upper hand. Cross my fingers.

    1. Mass insanity has taken hold around here. Each time I go out, see more people wearing those silly looking masks.
      They got their farm animals trained well.

  2. Check Out:


    The Corona circus at the 2012 London Olympics was a Predictive Programming Pie thrown in the face of zee couch potatoes of zis world who now enjoy house arrest, no other choice than to join, no problem...



    California born Brian Rose who runs Londonreal TV interviews Dr Rashid Buttar whose NNN (Next News Network) interview was banned at 9,1 million viewers by yidtube.

  3. Greg, very good, it is important to keep that hollow holocaust hologram going. The no G4SSING.

    Here is why:

    11 nov I had to move to Holland pecunia reasons. In the night a vision: Jacob R. triumphantly : the 5G roll out, globally.

    The 5 G antenne-1984 surveillance-boxes emf radiating at the breathtaking bandwidth 60 ghz were coming to hang on Swastikas. Only jews and their zio non jew minions would do the job for 3 times their monthly salary.

    Next take: the swastikas suddenly disappeared. Jacob R. got a headache....

    Next take: a crown with red and gold fell…..

    Did not know anything yet about corona, only the small beer bottle Corona in Spain.

    From the para to the normal:

    The corona falling means it has no basis…...


    Judy Mikovits (renowned aidsresearcher, got silenced by Fauci) and Rashid Buttar on Roundtable both say the mask is anti science logic:


    5.33 We don´t fix that by masks

    The global corona lockdown must end and the Great Vaccinator Bill Gates of Hell and his lackeys Faucci, his WHO lackey etc etc. etc. must be locked up for life till their last breath.

    (Just a solution thoughtcloud hanging in the air....)


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