Thursday, April 2, 2020

The (((MSM))) is LYING about the Numbers

One meme is worth a 1,000 ZNN broadcasts?
To those pics of absolute Mighty Wurlitzer propaganda, we add this:
Breaking News!! UK mortality since CV crisis is 5% BELOW average

Official government stats show a staggering DROP in mortality as the CV-19 allegedly ‘hit’ Britain in mid-January. Five thousand LESS people died from then onwards – January to March of this year – as compared with the previous five years.

the data comes from and the page is called
ALL DEATHS IN ENGLAND AND WALES (All cause mortality) by week, comparing 2020 with the previous 5 years
All this "hate China" propaganda you're seeing is part of the (((Deep State))) pivot to Asia. Now that they've pretty well busted up the ME--for Israel--and parts of N Africa, the nation killers are zeroing in on China. In 10 , 20 years at most, at its present rate of growth, China will become the world's economic power, shunting aside the USA. When that happens, those phony FED notes will be worth less than toilet paper. So it's Game On against China, maybe even to the point of a limited nuclear war.

If these greedy pigs could see further then the end of their snouts, they'd know that they were a big part of making China a manufacturing behemoth, by having their Congress give massive tax breaks to those US corporations that first moved to Mexico, then China, while gutting the US manufacturing sector.

They probably know that, but to them, invasions, death and destruction is so much more fun and profitable.

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  1. Alas, some true intent unfolds here, part of the reason for the planned CV outbreak . . .
    See how globalism is being pushed ? Stealing from EVERYONE ON THE PLANET AT ONCE = Globalist Tyranny !! Here we go, people ; the S is HTF !!


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