Saturday, June 20, 2020

1947 Declassified CIA Report Predicted Israelis Intended To Take All Of Palestine For Themselves

Wow, what a surprise! To think that Zionist and their Jew sayanim in the West have been lying all the time about their real plans for Palestine, which continue this day, unabated and with no push-back from the West.
Recently declassified documents from the CIA written at the time of the original partitioning of Palestine reveal that the CIA believed that the Israelis had no intention of honoring the original borders they agree to and that eventually they intended to literally wipe the Palestinians off the map and take all the land for themselves:

In The Arab Lobby, I documented the efforts of Arabists in the State Department to prevent the partition of Palestine primarily because of concern that US support for a Jewish state would threaten access to oil and allow the Soviet Union to gain influence in the region. I also referred to the presence of Arabists in the intelligence community but did not have documents to cite their views — until now.
In a report dated October 20, 1947, the CIA laid out America’s interests and concerns for a place whose “geographic position gives it a strategic significance out of all proportion to its size and wealth.” The report stated, “To counter Soviet infiltration, political, economic, and social stability must be maintained in the area” and access to Middle East oil “depends on friendly US relations with the Arab people as well as with their governments.” The CIA believed the Arabs needed US aid to raise their standard of living but would not accept it if the US supported a Jewish state. Hence, it concluded, “The Palestine issue is capable of changing the development of the Arab world from one of evolution in cooperation with the West to one of revolution with the support of the USSR.”

If the CIA foresaw in 1947 that the Jews would never agree to a “Two State Solution,” why has literally every U.S. President since that time promoted this unacceptable idea as the basis for “peace” in the Middle East?

And what happened to the U.S. Presidents who tried to force the Israelis to the bargaining table to accept this Two State Solution? Richard Nixon was forced out of office. Jimmy Carter lost re-election. George Bush Sr. lost re-election. Bill Clinton was impeached.

Compared to the original partition that the Jews agreed to, there is almost no Palestinian territory left, and what is left is literally shrinking every day. When the Israeli Prime Minister makes public pronouncements that he intends to annex The West Bank, no one in the U.S. government dares question him.

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