Thursday, June 25, 2020

Black History Primer

Q: Who made slaves out of African blacks, and sold them to American ships?

A: Blacks did.

Q: Who purchased the black slaves in Africa, transported them to the united states, and resold them?

A: Jews did.

Q: What made slavery legal in the United States?

A: A precedent made in a supreme court case brought forth by a Black man and his Jewish lawyer, a case backed primarily by Blacks and Jews, and opposed entirely by Whites, who wised to keep the "primitive and savage" practice of slavery out of their country.
*Before this case, African blacks had been sold as indentured servants, not slaves, and there were many more white indentured servants than black ones at every point in US history.
Therefore, this court case was brought forth by a black man and former indentured servant who had wanted to keep his indentured servant (also a black man) as a slave, and this is what allowed slavery to be a legal practice in the United States.
Q: Who owned the most slaves in the United States?

A: Jews owned the most slaves in proportion to their own population, but Blacks owned the most slaves overall. *By comparison whites made up a sliver of the ownership of US slaves whether or not you adjust for the race's percentage of the US population.
Q: What is the cause of black economic inequality?

A: The fact that after integration, black people who could afford to do so abandoned black communities to live among whites, black customers abandoned black-owned businesses for businesses owned by whites, and black employers abandoned black workers to hire white workers, But at the same time the economic preferences of whites remained unchanged.
Plenty of fault to go around, but Whites have been scheduled for extinction, based on lies being propagated by a certain group of ethnic nationalists.
Jewish Dominance Of The African Slave Trade

Matthew Nolan: “If a slave auction fell on a Jewish festival, it was postponed due to lack of buyers and sellers.”
How Hollywood Jews Promoted Blackface and Let Whites Take the Blame For It

“For decades American blacks had served…as a kind of buffer for American Jews. So long as native hatreds were taken out primarily on blacks, they were less likely to be taken out on Jews.”
One more thought: For decades, at least until Wall Street created by MBS mess, banks turned down black house loan applicants repeatedly. So why isn't BLM protesting against banks?

And why does the Jew Holy books, the Torah and Talmud, tell the readers to own slaves? Shouldn't BLM be raising as much hell about Jew Holy books advocating for slavery without Jews disowning those books?

BLM terrorists taunt black cops. Now the terrorists are turning against their own people.

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