Monday, June 1, 2020

Jew Academic Admits He Helped Write Common Core to End White Privilege

Is it anti-Semitic to point out that a Jude is behind the dumbing down of America?

That is David Coleman, Coleman was born in Manhattan to a Jewish family.

But it gets better!

In 2007 Coleman and Zimba together with educational analyst Sue Pimentel co-founded Student Achievement Partners (SAP). The SAP is partially funded by Bill Gates.

So Davey is going to end this so-called white privilege by making students dumber?

What would dumbing down Americans accomplish?
Bill Gates is a terrorist that should be sitting in Gitmo. His buggy, easily hacked, outdated when it arrived Windows carp was bad enough, now he's also one of the main players behind this Covid hysteria so we'll all get scared into getting a vaccine that will have G-d knows what in the damn serum, maybe even a chip to keep track of us Goyim.

Gates admits Common Core failure, then doubles down on it
Stuff this in your oral cavity David. An Arkansas Mom shows the stupidity of your STUPID Common Core. I love it when she presents a simple math problem, solved in TWO steps. But if you used the common sense approach, it would be marked wrong, since you had to use 118 Common Core (mis) Steps.

These Marxist cocksuckers have already ruined at least one generation of college students, now they want to forever ruin our kids.

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  1. Yes it is completely illogical and designed to confound the mind and destroy logic and reasoning! Back in the 1960s we learned arithmetic and doing practical problem solving calculations,which I was very good at. But then suddenly "New Maths" was introduced, using algebra, which didn't make sense to me. I ended up a failure at maths - a demoralising experience. Looking back, I can clearly see how this was all by design. However this Common core maths is the ultimate in insanity!


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