Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Mandatory Holocau$t ™ Psyops Bill Passes While America is Being Torn Apart

Maybe mandatory is too strong a word. What will definitely happen is that schools we be forced to push this nonsense into children's brains or the Dept of Education will remove their funding.
President Trump signs Never Again Education Act to promote Holocaust education

The act will authorize the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to create educational materials about the Holocaust to be used as education resources to teachers and educators.

"This Administration will always work to ensure future generations never forget the Holocaust, that they condemn racial hatred of all types, and that they always work to protect the right of all people to worship freely.”
Worship Freely? My religion teaches that there wasn't a holocost, so am I free to believe that tenet?

Let me break this down. Americans will be forced to pay for mandatory Holocau$t ™ lies to be pumped into our kids heads, starting at the Kindergarten level that is already being done in Florida.

Yes, never let a crisis go to waste. While America is being torn apart from pre-planned riots, the mandatory Holocau$t ™ lies bill passes into law.
How many other classes--like Civics--will have to be cut to make way for this nonsense? Since the bill lets private donors fund a large part of this propaganda, you can be assured that the most radical holohoax junkies will be represented.
Additionally, a Holocaust Education Advisory Board would be created at the Dept. of Education consisting of three finance directors with experience in non-profits to oversee fundraising, four national Holocaust education representatives, four regional Holocaust education representatives, and a chairman with experience in both Holocaust education and non-profit fundraising.
Here's the sweet part: All those trillions that were looted from Wall Street in 2001, 2008 and now? Some of that will be used to brainwash our kids.

The joke that an elephant is a mouse built according to govt specs is very apt here. Once this infestation is given the keys to the Department of Education, there's no telling how large this monstrosity will grow.

Wonder if they'll provide money and materials to teach school kids about the hate against Palestinians that has been ongoing since 1948? Hate being pumped into Occupied Palestine by the same ones who proclaim that this act will expose haters? Yes, I know, a silly question.
Like a comment said, "Grants for teaching about the holocaust should not be provided unless grants are also provided about other such historical events. The holocaust is just one of many genocides committed."


One Question? How come the looters and plunderers and arsonists aren't being arrested for breaking the social-distancing rule, used to distract Americans while this heinous bill was pushed thru Congress.
I'd pay some serious shekels to be in some 2nd grade class they day the liars teach about how Chaim was masturbated to death. That should be good for some laughs.


  1. Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

    Recognize the True Enemy and Join to Fight Him

  2. When's it gonna end, Greg, huh ?

  3. But you know what? Thanks to blogs like this, i know the truth about the holohoax. So it doesnt matter what my daughters are taught at school, they'll always know the truth. Screw the jews. I hate them with all my might


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